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A while ago @pup_named_elsa tagged me in the 5 Things About Me Challenge! I'm finally doing it now!❤
1.) I have a passion for fashion and love to steal my Dad's socks (to nibble on) and my Mom's large hair clips (to snuggle with).
2.) I'm a huge cuddle bug and especially love having my tummy rubbed after a meal!
3.) Playing fetch outside is my jam, and I'm always surprising strangers with my speed!💨💨
4.) I can recognize my grandparent's voices on the phone, and will 'boop' my Mom's cell when she's chatting with them on speakerphone!
5.) When on walkies I will sometimes boop my Mom's leg so she will give me pets! This is an improvement from nipping her ankles as a puppy😁
🌟 🌟 🌟
I'm tagging @arn3ng , @mycorgiernie and @penelope.the.corgi to join the challenge. And anyone else who wants to play!!🖒💞 #5thingsaboutme
High quality reversible pet bandanas made by my Mom @a_round_of_a_paws
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🧀 or 🍕face? 🤔 So I was tagged by my sweet furfriends @charlie_the_chap_ @cavalier_sebastian @diggly.mylife.myrules @ourlilman.lucky and @coky_weimaraner for the #5factsaboutme & #5thingsaboutme challenge! 1. I have 3 sisfers and 2 brothers! (Momma has a habit of taking in unwanted pups without a home!). 2. When I first came to live wif Mom I was scared of everyone so the first thing I did was jump up and lay down in a bar stool at the counter! Ever since it's been my chair! And.....I also have easy access to the counter!😁😉. 3. Have I mentioned that I like to eat whatever is on the floor? Dust bunny?🐰I'll eat it!😂. 4. I have finally allowed my Dad to pet me....but he can't look at me while he's doing it and he has to be sitting down or in bed! 5. I have a strong dislike for: white tennis shoes, brushes, baths, blow dryers, and being by myself! Tagging a few furfriends but everypawdy is invited to play along!❤️😘

I was tagged by the gorgeous @hope.after.heartbreak to do the #5thingsaboutme and I must say, girl you are one strong woman ❤ I am super boring but... 1. I'm a natural blonde. No one believes me but yes. As I grew older my roots would get darker so I kept up with it because I loved my hair platinum blonde. One day, I got purple in my hair and I loved it. Then risked it and went ALL purple. It was amazing. I rocked it but then had to quit my job cause of it, but then my new job led me to my fiancé ❤and now my newer job at the hospital, I went back to a normal color for. Sadly getting the blonde back won't be as easy. So now everytime I show my ID people think it's a fake because I have blonde hair. As you can see in all these pictures I attached lol!
2. I dealt with a lot of crap during my school years. I was bullied, didn't have many friends and was talked about a lot. I loved how I looked, I loved my body, my smile and all. I loved being risqué and of course that was always taken the wrong way. Also I was very popular online. For my tattoos and helping promote small businesses. My old Instagram I had over 15K followers. Honestly, I had a ton of random people from all around the world steal my photos and use them for fake profiles too. It was crazy and did effect my life but if I were to look back now on all the drama and wanting to be risqué, I wouldn't regret any of that. I did what made me happy, I felt great and I shouldn't let anyone get to me by their words. The depression and suicidal thoughts that took over me then will never beat me today as of who I am. I am a mature women with an optimistic mind and powerful dreams.
3. I have two sisters. One has three children. She's the fertile myrtle haha. My other sister sadly passed away at age 19 due to a car accident. She had too much swelling and was pronounced brain dead.
4. I have 21 tattoos! Most resemble my life, my healing of things and my sister.
5. I'm not as spunky as everyone thinks. Im goofy and fun don't get me wrong lol but I'm afraid to just open my front door or even talk on the phone. I feel like I'm horrible at conversations! I used to go to speech classes and I'm always clumsy with my talk 😂

|| On m'a lancé le défi des 5 facts about Me dernièrement (...faux, v'la un bout déjà heyhey). Ça m'a pris un peu de temps, mais voici donc 5 choses que vous ignorez peut-être sur moi 🙈

1- Je me brosse les dents au minimum 5 fois par jour. J'ai des brosses a dents partout et mon dentiste m'avertie à chaque rendez-vous que la prochaine étape est la greffe de gencives 🙊😬 2- Je n'ai aucune (...AUCUNE) volonté devant une frite-mayo 🍟

3- Je suis pas pire claustrophobe, genre que je suis déjà partie en courant d'une visite de grotte pour attendre seule dehors pendant 2 heures. Tu m'oublies pour les grottes 🤷🏽‍♀️ 4- Je déteste magasiner des soutiens-gorge. Vraiment. 🙅🏽 (heureusement que @sokolofflingerie existe)

5- Plus jeune, j'ai été suivie en ophtalmologie pour ma vision spéciale. Je fais le focus en regardant comme on le ferait avec une caméra, moi qui gère ça. Call me weirdo. Comme je suis hypermétrope-astigmate et presbyte, je peux ne pas forcer mes yeux (et ne voir que des couleurs) sur commande, ou forcer et voir à la perfection 🤓

Xxx #5thingsaboutme

So although my new quilt is at market in Houston, I'm home in sunny Melbourne! Here are my #5thingsaboutme #missingmarket.
1. As a child I used to daydream about inventing a new colour, I guess this means I was always creative!
2.I almost always wear skirts and dresses.
3. I often dream of events before they occur, can't explain this, it's a bit weird!
4. I never feel lonely, like ever, which means that I can be a little anti social.
5. Yesterday my grandmother told me that my great, great grandfather was the engineer for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 1920s.

1. I have always loved horses and I took riding lessons in high school/college (jumpers)
2. In high school, my best friend and I showed our dogs obedience (I had an Australian Shepherd, she had a Belgian Terv)
3. I went to Austria when I was 6.
4. Before I did this, I worked in pet stores for 14 years. I worked at a record store in high school.
5. I went to college for art and advertising. My favorite class was printmaking.

I'm also #MissingMarket so figured I'd join @gogokim & @thesewingloft ... here are #5ThingsAboutMe

1. I love to travel, I've been to 24 countries and 47/50 states just missing Mississippi, Alabama & Alaska so if you live in one of those states and want to host me for a quilting weekend just let me know 😉
2. I have a tortoise and hare for pets, Stew the bunny 🐰 is more photogenic so that's why you see him more than Ahmed the tortoise 🐢
3. I've quilted my entire life, my Nana started me out as soon as I could sit on her lap I would put pins back in the exact hole the cake out of the pincushion from.
4. I was born in the PNW just outside Seattle but have also lived in Virginia & NY
5. This past summer my husband and I drove from NYC to Seattle and that's when this photo was taken, Ohio had lots of fun quilt shops as well as great history.. I love visiting presidential homes and got to visit James Garfield's house the same day I visited this quilt shop.

We were tagged a little while ago to do the #5thingsaboutme challenge by our little Ozzie friend🐾🐾@derekpnewton and #5funfacts by gorgeous girl @lifebybeau_theblacklab 🐾🐾. 1. I LOVE 💙eating paper and look out if anyone dares put down a tissue or kitchen paper cause these are my favourite flavours! I'm always on the lookout and am off in a flash up the backyard with said paper in mouth 😡(that's mum's face). 2. The car is my favourite thing and no matter how hard Dad tries to pretend we are not going in the car somehow i just know and cry till we get going.
3. Duckie as in pic, is my second favourite thing. I've had Duckie since I was little and always slop all over Duckie until completely saturated. (Mum speaking, Like every good Mum I found a complete twin of Duckie and have hidden it away in case Duckie just disintegrates one day). 4. When I eat my morning biscuits I eat a couple at a time and walk around in a circle and then have another go! This continues until I finish them. (I'm actually psyching myself up to eat the boring biscuits as that is all that's on offer!!! 5. I kiss Dad a lot but Mum has to kiss me. 😡mum's face again!
Thanks guys for the tags and sorry it has taken a little while.
If you get the chance check out this great little crew:
@dukkie_and_daisy 🌞🌞Have a happy week everyone as we head towards the next weekend 💙💙Hugo🐾🐾. Tagged a few 🐾furfriends🐾to join in if they would like to ❤


A while ago @pup_named_elsa tagged me in the 5 Things About Me Challenge! I'm finally doing it now!❤
1.) I have a passion for fashion and love to steal my Dad's socks (to nibble on) and my Mom's large hair clips (to snuggle with).
2.) I'm a huge cuddle bug and especially love having my tummy rubbed after a meal!
3.) Playing fetch outside is my jam, and I'm always surprising strangers with my speed!💨💨
4.) I can recognize my grandparent's voices on the phone, and will 'boop' my Mom's cell when she's chatting with them on speakerphone!
5.) When on walkies I will sometimes boop my Mom's leg so she will give me pets! This is an improvement from nipping her ankles as a puppy😁
🌟 🌟 🌟
I'm tagging @arn3ng , @mycorgiernie and @penelope.the.corgi to join the challenge. And anyone else who wants to play!!🖒💞 #5thingsaboutme
High quality reversible pet bandanas made by my Mom @a_round_of_a_paws
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A quick intro in 5 bullet points for those who don't know me:
1. I'm Sara. I'm 40, optimistic (even when times are tough), and don't take myself too seriously.
2. I am ridiculously, happily married to this dude for 19 years and counting. We have 3 sons and 3 rescue dogs and have fostered many dogs over the years.
3. I love all art but crochet and fiber art is what makes my heart sing.
4. I love the Grateful Dead!
5. I have a full time corporate career to support my family but have big art dreams so I am up at 5:30 every morning and take my yarn everywhere with me.

Nice to "meet" you!

#artist #artistsoninstagram #scartist #charlotteart #Sarasimpsonart #intro #5thingsaboutme #family #crochetart #gratefuldead #deadandcompany

Happy Monday! I finally found some clothes for my capsule wardrobe I am building! Do you like my new plaid? I thought today I would share 5 things got may not know about me!
1. I’m a lefty.
2. I ran a marathon in 2014.
3. People tell me I am a spitting image of my Granny (miss her every day!) down to her blue eyes.
4. I am vegetarian, but closer to vegan.
5. I had the worst teeth & smile growing up! Thanks be to braces, headgear & elastics for almost 3 years!
I hope you had a great weekend! Tell me something about you or your weekend? 💜❤️💕 .
#momlife #dailyvlogger #youtube #5thingsaboutme #5things #sixkids #largefamily #largefamilymom #minimalist #minimalistmom #gapfactory #capsulewardrobe

Good morning all 👍 I have been nominated by @royalwhittlesco to do a 5 things about me, thanks buddy 👍
1, I used to be a wall and floor tiler.
2, I have been married for 15 years
3, I love skateboarding, been doing it for 30 years!
4, I drive a really uncool bright yellow car.
5, I am a bit of an introvert and have slight OCD.
So theres a little bit about me, have a great monday everyone 👍
#5thingsaboutme #hootcornwall #ringmaker #woodrings #handmaderings #etsymakerscornwall

I've been nominated by @_aglimpseinside to list 5 things about myself and seeing as it's a slow Sunday, here goes.
1) I broke my neck when I was 17, split a vertebrae in half horizontally and now have titanium and carbon fibre holding my head on.
2) About the only thing I won't eat is cucumber... It's disgusting and wrong.
3) I've never completed Zelda: Ocarina of time, only ever got as far as the Forest Temple.
4) Metalwork is not actually my full time career, I'm currently an IT guy. Although that will hopefully change soon.
5) I did a one year photography A Level (when digital cameras took a floppy disc) and have wanted my own darkroom ever since.
And I'll nominate @alshackshack , @the_redsmith and @philmakesthings

Picture by @alastairandisabella

#blacksmith #maker #5ThingsAboutMe

@luckypete10 nominated me for a 5-thing post, so here goes:
1. Like most of you, woodworking is only a hobby for me. I have a PhD from Texas A&M in muscle biology, and my expertise is studying the reasons why muscle does/does not grow under certain conditions. A great deal of my research has been NASA-related, as we need to better understand how the human body responds to spaceflight. @elonmusk, I have a current resumé ready for you whenever.
2. I need to get back into running. @em_schmitt3 tricked me into the sport and I have about a dozen marathons under my belt, including a 3:04 best, but I haven't run since getting bumped from Boston (missed the cutoff by 26 seconds) and then getting sick. But it feels close to my time for a comeback.
3. Yeah, Crohn's Disease. I never wanted to be defined by a condition but it definitely took about 3 years away from me, including a brutal 2017. But after 2 surgeries and a 10 month recovery, I'm close to normal again, and I'm grateful.
4. My ultimate goal with woodworking is to furnish my home with things I've made, and to be able to create unique gifts for friends and family. My current IG inspirations are @guyswoodshop , @ljgraubner , @txheritage, and @woodwhisperer. .
5. My perfect day would be an early morning hunt in Millican, coffee and bagels with my two favorites, going somewhere new, trying something new, and learning something new, and then I'd get to build something in the shop with my dad. And my future good friend Paul Rudd might stop by.
I'm going to tag @simplecove because I want to know more about his day job/life (is he Batman?), and @rondepewwoodworking, @kevin0611, and @joshhescott because more people need to see their work.

It was suggested by Mr. @tyson_moore that I give the community a little insight to who I am. Who says no to Tyson?

The first picture is me and my people, dropping it like it’s HOT. Seriously I’m not like this around anyone else. I am a introvert, not a huge people person, but I love hearing my family laugh. So this is what we do.

Second picture, my wife....... She balanced me out. When we met I was to uptight. I took life to serious (maybe the Leo in me) and in that process you loose so many days, miss so many moments. She taught me to let things go. I’m still working on that.

Pic #3 I suppose legally this is my step daughter Taylor. But to anyone I speak to, this is my daughter. I met her when I was 18, she was 3. She use to kick the back of my seat in the car then say she wasn’t after I’d holler at her. Cynthia took her side...... Love this kid.

Pic #4 This is my daughter Hunter, my mini me. She is just like me, but much better. She use to watch UFC with me, her favorite fighter was Chuck Liddell, mine was and always will be St. Pierre. Now she is off to college leaving my wife and I with a empty nest 😢 I miss her terribly.

Pic #5 This is my hero, my old man. He was a competitive body builder and house flipper for his hobbies when I was young. The courage to go up on stage and compete motivates me to this day. He is why I take care of myself. He is why I’m not afraid to try something new. He is why I wanted to be a great dad.

Pic #6 This is my momma, my inspiration. She never hates, and always loves. She can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time. In fact we can’t take her places without her starting up a conversation with some stranger. I’m socially challenged at times, so I think about her and challenge myself to open up.

I hope this let you in a little. I nominate @cyclocrosscutter @dnr_woodworks @starkindustrias Maybe you’d like to share 👊🏻

Hi friends! 🙌
Since I'm new here I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Marguerita, but everyone calls me Rita because 4 syllables in a name is just too much 🙊
1. I'm a home decor addict with a passion for moving furniture so often my husband is always on the verge of a breakdown.
2. We're not actually married, good things take time.
3. I have big plans to launch a shop through this account when the time is right, so I hope you'll wait patiently with me for a curated collection of heirloom quality goodies!
4. I have a pug who snores louder than a whole room of husbands I also have a German shepherd who is loud in her own way #mylifeisacircus
5. You can follow along with me and my little guy Bauz, at @northernwildwoodblog and at my personal blog for past and current DIY's and recipes! ❤

Let's see.
1- I love to knit colorwork
2- I have always loved horses since I was a kid
3- One of my shih tzu's, Katie, is my service dog.
4- I have a wonderful husband that supports my knitting and yarn addiction.
5- I have just recently discovered I like collecting knitting project bags

I'm gonna tag @verdegrisgirl @ndakkatie @jackyd968 and @gloriaerickson Come on ladies and share the fun!
#5thingsaboutme #5thingsaboutmechallenge

This is me, Nicola. In my Holistic Massage Studio at the end of a rewarding Friday.
Here are 5 things you may not know about me.
1. I have 3 kids aged 14, 10 and 3
2. I started and did not complete a degree in Commerce, then a Diploma in Marketing, then a Diploma in Business and dropped out of all 3, opting to train as a Massage Therapist, FT for 2 years, way back in 1999.
3. I love spicy food 🌶
4. I enjoy wine, especially Champagne...and I mean real Champagne from the region in France, not sparkling wine.
5. I am going to publish a book. I don't know when or what on, but I've always enjoyed writing and communicating in this medium and the same way I felt the energy of my 3rd baby hovering around my left shoulder for years, I too feel the energy of a book. It's getting closer!
#holisticpractitioner #holisticbodywork #thisismyrandomlife #friyay #fridayselfie #5thingsaboutme #remedialmassageperth #pregnancymassageperth #massageperth #relaxationcoach #wannabeauthor #manifest #lawofattraction #bodymindsoul #intention

So I have been nominated by Nick @keywoodworks to share 5 things about myself that you may or may not know:
1) Ulysses S. Grant is my great-great-great uncle, but my parents did not know that when they named me. They were going to name me Anthony, but my loud mouth cousin said he would call me Fat Tony so they went with a name with no easy nicknames. My middle name is Anthony so sometimes my friends call me Granthony
2) I have visited 47 states and 4 continents, and am dying to get the rest by the time I’m 40
3) I bungee jumped at 8 cause I weighed 85 pounds, the one time in my life being fat was a huge advantage
4) I have a bachelors degree in sociology, a masters in art history, and I work with farmers.
5) I am 33 and have been married for 7 years to my lovely wife Jacki, though we have been dating since we were 21. We have two kids,Ben 3, and Emmett 1.5. We also have 2 dogs, Wrigley and Sprocket.
That’s it, other than this picture was taken under the Eiffel Tower and the look on my face is because Don Johnson jokingly grabbed my butt at the exact moment the picture was taken. I would love to hear from @mf_woodbutcher and @ebonyandbirch if they are down to share!

Ok so I was nominated by @titowilsondesigns to share 5 things you don’t know about me. Well here goes.
1) I married my incredible wife @ben_lilly_mum on 12/12/12. She blessed me with two beautiful children a boy who is 7 and a girl who is 2.
2) I LOVE the outdoors. I’m not talking about just being outside, I mean out and off the grid far from civilization.
3)Woodworking is not my full time gig. By day I work for Budweiser and specialize in draft beer. I received my cicerone certification two years ago.
4) I am actually really good at voice impressions. I have a range of different voices that I can mimic.
5) I’m a stray dog magnet with a soft spot. I really don’t have a count but we have rescued a lot of Dogs. My wife is very patient.....

Ok so the super cool Tamar @3x3custom got me on the “5 things about me wagon!
1) I’m Puerto Rican —- Don’t speak a lick of Spanish - one day - one day I will

2) My husband is my complete opposite - Caucasian (green eyes and all) but he is pretty awesome 6 1/2 yrs and going strong ❤️
3) I hate selfies - ironic huh lol I feel@stupid and awkward taking pictures - just not comfortable in front of the camera at ALL

4) I grew up on The Green Bay Packers —- I have family in Altoona WI & packer life is serious!! 5) I have to learn a new thing every yr - I secretly challenge myself - last yr was build a table - this year was build more than just a table it pushes me further. I’m a firm believer in always striving to learn more I get an cilia the minute I feel stagnant!! Yay for being a nerd lol alright so let’s get @buildandcreatehome @rustic_wooden_kreations @overallsandpowersaws @superbcurbrefurb @bambooserie_vintage to see if they want to play along!! #coolchicks 😝


1️⃣ I’m from Vermont, went to college in Albany NY, and recently moved to Long Island NY

2️⃣ I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember with paper being my favorite medium. Along the way I found the art of quilling and haven’t stopped finding my own style

3️⃣ I have a knitting mom @nana.knits, a lettering sister @the.letter.em, and a baker sister @alittlesweetsomething

4️⃣ I am an aunt to two sweet little twin girls @thea.and.ivy, who just turned one yesterday

5️⃣ I’m looking into selling at my first craft fair next year. I’m excited to take the next step with my quilling and would love advice if you have any

1️⃣ I've recently begun to consider myself a maker. After 30 plus years of creating, I am in the flow of me and my creativity.
2️⃣ I love music, especially #matthewjwest I have attended #thesoulfest for the last three years and love my Soulfest family!
3️⃣ I like papercrafting, creating with felt, and I dabble in sewing. Knitting is my favorite craft as it is so portable.
4️⃣ I have a yarn SABLE - stash amassed beyond life expectancy- although I hope to be a centenarian (my Gram is 92!) and knit forever.
5️⃣ I make my own toothpaste! Hubby bought orange oil for the latest batch and it's delicious. Interested in the recipe?
Tag you're it! @the.letter.em @alittlesweetsomething @quilledesigns

Hi Everyone!! 🙋‍♀️ My name is De-Arne and I have big dreams!! 💫 Welcome to Babes, Bubs, and Beauty!! 💞 Thank you all so much for the support so far!! I thought I might let you all get to know me a little more!
This is a throwback photo of myself and my love from after we went whale watching for our 1st Anniversary! (We've been together 3 years now) He was so composed I didn't even know he was seasick the whole time! I love you baby!! @__dalei
Anyways, here are 5 things you may not have known about me!
1. I'm an Aquarius (Explains my love and need to be in or around water as much as possible!! Water Baby!!)
2. I will not touch Mayonnaise!! Unless of course I'm drowning my sushi in it or I'm stuffing my face with potato salad! Is anyone else the same?? 3. I have the most irrational fear of worms! I am legitimately petrified! Like I would rather hold a snake or go swimming with sharks than be within 10metres of a worm!
4. I love trivia! So much so I used to download apps just so I could learn more! How else am I supposed to know what an Aglet is?! (Tip of your shoelace)
5. I was born and grew up in a town called Lae in Papua New Guinea! That will forever be my home and I have so many things I want to achieve to give back to the place that raised me!
That's my 5 things about me that you probably didn't know! Tell me something about yourself and then tag someone!!
@ddavey_95 @__dalei @babesbubsandbeauty #babesbubsandbeauty #babes #bubs #beauty #5thingsaboutme #betyoudidntknow #tellmesomethingaboutyourself

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