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Staying consistent and true to what drives the results is what it’s all about. We love what we do! 👊❤️
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Sup. Just making some gainz and intimidating faces, nothing else. 🙋‍♀️😅

Another Stellar Arm day, powered by my good friends at @5starnutritionwarnerrobins make sure you stop by and see Brett, Jonathan and the rest of the team to help you reach your goals, by the way they have a new Secret Weapon over there that will give you incredible Laser focus and concentration, stop by and try it out! #5starnutritionwarnerrobins #nootropics #focus #mypals

If your shirt doesn’t look like you just got out of the pool did you really put in work......? Also Carnicut helped cut off .3% of my body fat in a month doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a process...trust it.... #feedthebeast #5starnutritionwarnerrobins #anabolicwarfare

It’s Monday night, it’s been a long day, the weather is a little rainy but still need to make time for the gym
We all have those days where we don’t feel like doing anything. After a long day the gym is probably the last thing on your mind. But those are the time you tend to have the best workouts. If you set your mind to a certain path your body will find a way to follow
When you have those days where you lose motivation look back at why you started. Look at the progress you made since then and get that motivation back.
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Love getting a workout in with wifey.😍

Spring Shredding workout #3! For those of you who are champs and workout through hangovers, give this a shot today 😅But for everyone else, might want to save this for tomorrow 😂
Back, Shoulders, Bi’s:
Lat pull downs 4 sets of 8-12
Lateral raise machine 4 sets of 8-15
Dumbbell OH Press 4 sets of 6-12
Barbell curls 4 sets of 8-12
Seated row 4 sets of 8-12
Rear delt flies 4 sets of 8-15
Shoulder press machine 4 sets of 6-12
Preacher curl 4 sets of 8-12
Dumbbell side raises 4 sets of 8-12
Single arm cable curls 3 sets of 8-12 +1 set to failure

MRE(Real whole food) is a non dairy supplement. This can be taken anytime during the day to implement more calories, protein, carbs and fats into your meal regimen. Flavors we offer are key lime pie, Dutch apple and Blueberry😬
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Get in the gym and wreck some heavy-ass weights!!!💪💪💪 Also happy Friday!!!

When you finally hit the #300club ❤️🤙🏼 well 305lb specifically! .
Thanks to @5starnutritionwarnerrobins & @metcon for my awesome preworkout and @fulltiltcrossfit for helping me grow and improve in my fitness levels! .
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Have you noticed a lot of people that are into fitness eat Chipotle a lot??? I will tell you why: First, it is in fact, DELICIOUS. But also, it is considerably low in calories for the volume of food you are getting. This is something you should always be looking for when choosing food from out or at home. The higher the volume of food, the more full you will feel and the less HANGRY you will be😂 when you are trying to lose weight. If you track macronutrients as well, you can build a bowl to essentially match the macros you need. Most restaurants have a nutrition table on their website that you can use to calculate the calories and macros of your specific order. Use this, and don’t be afraid to eat from out! BECAUSE (Pro Tip) our body doesn’t know where the food comes from.

This month will be 7 years since I joined the Army. There’s been challenges and struggles along the way but I enjoy what I do and wouldn’t change it. I have been able to provide for my family and take them places/do things we may not had the chance to do. I still have a ways to go before I hang the uniform up so I’m going to make the most of it while I can. -
This pic was taking right before I graduated for AIT school. I was 21 when this was taking back in my prime days😂😂😂. Time really days fly by
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Thanks for stopping by Nick! 🤙
Let the journey continue👊
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Is Intuitive Eating good??? Judging by this picture you’d probably highly doubt it. Before anyone gets offended, there is more than 1 way to diet and there are many ppl out there who are successful with both intuitive eating and flexible dieting. I just happen to be one of those ppl intuitive eating did not work for haha My problem is, I can comfortably eat 6,000+ calories in a day without feeling deathly full. So for me, I can’t simply listen to my body and eat what feels right (intuitive eating). Instead, I have had success with tracking all of my meals and reaching caloric as well as macronutrient goals (flexible dieting). If you want to know more about flexible dieting, then DM me or comment! I will show you da whey. How do you guys feel about intuitive eating vs. flexible dieting??? Comment below👇

So 3 things: I started a cut yesterday. 😱 I’m planning on doing a show this year maybe around July. 😱😱Aaaannndd I’m really not a Steelers fan, I just really really appreciate Antonio Brown. 😂
PS: is there anyone out there who would want to do a show with me???? Plz Halp🙏

If tomorrow isn’t promised then why keep living like it is. People tend to keep waiting for the right moment but never seem to find it. There is no right moment. It’s about what you do today not what you plan to do tomorrow.
Don’t just keep pushing things off as the days going by. Those days will turn into years and you’ll look back wishing you did it when you had the chance. Make each moment count and live your life to the fullest. This is no tomorrow the time is now. Be better then you were yesterday
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The holy grail of Bangs!!! So in case your wondering why I drink Bangs every day, I will tell you.🙌🏻 1. They are ZERO calories, yet taste delicious.
2. They provide you with a mix of caffeine, creatine, and BCAA’s(see my previous post on BCAA’s). This is the trifecta of fitness supplementation!!!
3. They are carbonated and help keep you feeling full-which comes in handy during this spring cutting season!
You can find this holy grail of a fridge in only 2 stores that I know of- @5starnutritionwarnerrobins and @totalnutritionaugusta
Stop by and mention my name for 25% off your order at either store!!! Also, the black cherry vanilla tastes like cherry 🍒 Coke. (Might want to try that one😉) If you already drink bangs, what’s your favorite flavor??? Comment below👇

Get in the gym and make some GAINZ!!! Sunday Fun-day!!!
Rock workout jam:
Artist:Anup Sastry

“If you can’t get all the groceries in one trip, then do you even lift???”

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