You see imperfections - fat rolls, thick arms, lumps and bumps. I see progress - slimming of the shoulders, the beginning of the arms showing definition from my weight training, the confident pose for this picture. Change your mind, change your vision. Essential pieces to continuously evolve.

Ronnie bought me a lesson on Creative Live by Mel Robbins. It was phenomenal! Little did we know@she would be the a key speaker at the RF Convention last weekend. She is inspiring, motivating and tells you the truth that can be difficult to swallow. I have listened to her talks several times and will play them over and over! Check out the 5 Second Rule book by Mel Robbins!
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Your mind is an unknown treasure trove #lifechoices #5secondrule #favouritesayings #womeninbiz #beyourownboss

Did you know that our bodies can't tell the difference between fear and excitement? I'm having a student showcase coming up for my voice students and some of them have never performed before and are feeling a bit (or a lot) nervous. Here's the advice I'm giving them:⠀
One thing you can do is reframe these feelings as excitement! When you hear yourself saying “I’m nervous about this.” or “I don’t know if I want to do this.” instead, tell yourself “Wow! I’m really excited to sing in front of people and share my love for music.”⠀
Use one of my favorite tools, the #5secondrule, and count backwards from 5 before you go out there to sing. It will ignite your prefrontal cortex and distract you from all those negative thoughts. ⠀
You've practiced. You're prepared. Be in the moment. You got this. ⠀
Do you have any favorite tips to deal with stage fright and performance anxiety? ⠀
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What it looks like when you’re only going to be gone for 4 days....but you’re constantly in pursuit of better. 💕📚 #moretopruv #knowbetterdobetter #personaldevelopment

The only thing you need to do to be ready is start. That 'right time' you're waiting for? It's now. - Mel Robbins - #5SecondRule
Posting for a “friend”! 👊🏻

Thank you, @melrobbinslive.... changing my life 5 seconds at a time!! 🙌❤ #5secondrule

Enough said!!! ⭐️🙏🏽

If you think you're interested in doing something, look for opportunities to take part in conferences, events etc. that are related to it. Just show up even if you're not 100% sure about it. Those little events, interactions you have with people could help shape your future. Just take action, do something, don't get stuck in your head thinking about it over and over again. Want to do it? Say 5-4-3-2-1 and GO TAKE ACTION #5secondrule ...I used the 5 second rule to make that phone call that inspired me to do the course that I'm doing now. ❣At age 14 I attended a STEM event at #schlumberger and thought I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer
❣ At age 17 I attended an Engineering Our Future Conference by myself and was inspired to do Civil Engineering. ❣A few months later I phoned MWL Consulting Engineers asking for work experience, fell in love with Structural Engineering. ❣A few months later I did work experience at #arup and confirmed my love for structures.
❣Afterwards I applied for a Nuffield Placement and was successfully granted a place but due to skin conditions AND also lack of belief that I could complete it, I decided not to accept the offer.
❣I then applied for Work+ apprenticeship and was offered by 2 companies, I thought I would take that path but after attending the #ice G&S #conference, something made me change my mind and now here I am studying Structural Engineering with Architecture. If I hadn't attended those events maybe I would've chosen different paths, but I am happy with the path I have chosen, although it may be challenging, it will be worth it.

Isn't this the truth?
How often do I toss and turn at night when my problems could be solved by action? I get it. On more than one occasion I have been paralyzed, unable to move forward. Overwhelmed. Lets be honest, it happens way more than occasionally. Each time it happens I have to figure out a way to keep going. To turn my fears into to goals and goals into tasks until finally I can achieve them.
One of the ways I do this is by helping people. Or at least trying to help people. It helps me more than anyone can know.
So here we go...I'm looking for 5 WOMEN to HELP ME!

If you are READY. 💥 READY to stop making excuses
🤩 READY to start unleashing more of their potential
❤ READY to live life to the fullest
🎉 READY to FEEL amazing and full of energy
🌈 READY to stop procrastinating, stop overthinking, stop holding themselves back
🙌 READY to get to work.

We’re going to work on our health (nutrition and/or workouts), but we’re also going to work a LOT on what’s going on between our ears 🧠😉 Most of all, we’re going to have some FUN and learn habits that will last a lifetime, not just change for a couple weeks and go right back. (ALWAYS striving to be better than yesterday 😁) (And because Mel Robbins motivated me this morning I hope she can motivate you! If you join the group I'll send you the 5 Second Rule!) This is all going on in a virtual group so we’ll have each other to celebrate with, lean on when we need it, and be in this TOGETHER! We start on Monday (the 24th) and go through Halloween 🎃

I know I’m READY! 🔥 How about you??? #5secondrule #justdoit

So you’ve been watching my journey, and maybe you’re a bit curious, but you’re thinking, “I’m not a sales person.” “It worked for her, but I could never do what she has done.” “I am too busy.” “I don’t want to bug my friends.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

I get it. I was a skeptic too! But I wasn't content in my life and I wanted MORE! So I took a GIANT leap of faith and I've never looked back. My life has been forever changed, and I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds. For the first time in my life, I can dream bigger than I ever thought was possible... because now it IS possible! 🌈

Stop watching, and at least give yourself the benefit of the doubt of at least LISTENING to what this is all about! 👂

There truly is no better time than now! With new products launching and HUGE bonus programs... you will be set up for success! 💰

Click the link in my bio and set up a time to chat, to hear all about our new innovative products, programs, and why the time is now! Zero pressure, but do yourself a favor and at least take a few minutes to learn MORE! 🤳

What's stopping YOU from having MORE in your life? ✨
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When it’s dull and windy outside, and summer seems a distant memory... But life is about ups and downs, sun and rain, hot and cold... You have to experience the snow to appreciate the heatwave. Life is short, don’t wish the days away... .
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It’s GO TIME! 💪 I started “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. Mel was our keynote speaker in New Orleans last week and she changed so many peoples lives including mine. Started reading the book and before I knew it I was dusting off the 21 day fix and committing to getting back into shape! Bodie had a much easier time than I did with the workout today but I finished it🤣🤣🤣 Thank you Mel Robbins #5secondrule #takingcontrol #goals

Oh. My. God. This is true truth if I've ever heard (read) it! How many hours have I wasted fussing and fretting over something that I needed to do... when, in point of fact, the doing of it was drop dead easy. 5-4-3-2-1 GO! Move into action and get it done already!

Thanks @melrobbinslive - #5secondrule

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