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‘m so sleepy and I want to sleep on someone’s lap. >.<

love, there’s no way your pretty little face and big heart will make it through this world. they will take you for granted and smash your heart into many pieces, trying to force you to be someone better.

‘m sleepy and I want someone to cuddle with!

this isn’t apart of my themeee buts i needs new friends soo comment hi for a dm and a super sweet friend!! :)

‘m so sad and I don’t likes it huffs¡! >_<

rosie m. alanis *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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heart of gold. only seventeen. five foot one. doesn’t care whats between your legs. christian girl. always coloring or stomping her feet around to protest napping. classic rock lover. obsessed with the office. a handful. little and sub! little age four to five. collects patches and pretty flowers. adores older men and women. will suck your fingers and may bite your ankle oopsies. has princess bandaids all over her scrapes. super, duper clumsy. secretly a kinky little girl. curious about people and the world. giggles about all the time. adores angelic poetry and old my little pony shoes. has dreams bigger than her heart. will make her way into your comfy lap somehow. probably has your dad wrapped around her pretty lil finger. doesn’t leave the house without mr.snuggles and her blankie. has a habit of sucking her thumb. and wants more cute and snuggly friends mwah!!

Hi I’m hacking your shit cause i love you. You’re my everything my favorite human being❤️~your angel

colten k. caverly🦇
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not as bad as you think. can be an asshole. dominant. bisexual. rich and adores spoiling his princess. gets turned on by serial killers. smokes but knows it will kill him faster. drinks whisky like water. a very kinky guy. can get aggressive. won't tell you about his past, and won't tell you his middle name. works as ceo of a top modeling agency and a club owner. addicted to nothing but horror movies and kinky sex. doesn't have many friends. don't be scared to dm him he won't bite, too hard.

10000 Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX thn 1992, hrg 75rb.

10 Dai Nippon, hrg 160rb.

Koin mahar ready stock!

1 rupiah Sandang Pangan thn 1961, hrg 45rb/lbr.

50000 W.R. Soepratman thn 1999, hrg 210rb/lbr.

Uang koin mahar 10 rupiah, hrg 30rb/koin.

10 rupiah Seri Sudirman thn 1968, hrg 80rb/lbr.

1 rupiah Suku Bangsa thn 1954, hrg 45rb/lbr.

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