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i dont know if im ready for jonghyuns final album.. but im thankful that theyve decided to release it because its his last gift for his fans and he wrote it in order to comfort the people he left so.. yeah.

I’ve been listening to this podcast on the tram to work recently- makes me feel like I’m doing something useful with that time 🙌🏻
Really easy to listen to, myth-busting and lots of tips for beginners! Most recent episode: Why weights make you badass - not bulky 🙌🏻 @thegirlgains #fitandfearless #fit #fitness #health #motivation #podcast #thegirlgains #gracefitguide #5live #gfgchallenge #ufbg #goals #gains

‘It feels like a Chronic Illness’
Emily Maitlis is today’s Future Female, her 20 year ordeal of putting up with a stalker, now jailed for 4 years, shows extreme bravery, but it’s not over according to Maitless, speaking on the @5livesport @emmabarnett show yesterday. She also described her frustrations with the legal system and called for a new approach to treating stalkers.
Is this a gender issue? Are Women taken seriously enough when another human usually a male, invades their privacy with harassment? The perpetrator is a former friend from Maitlis’s university days, is this an added complexity, and works in favour of the stalker?
Why should Emily Maitliss be left feeling she will never be free of this man? Such a horrific thought.
Have you ever been stalked? And what’s your opinion, how can we change the system so Future Females don’t have to endure what Emily has or will?
Do listen to Emma Barnett, a Future Female championing women’s issues and celebrating womens achievements on her morning show over on radio #5live .
Join the conversation and tag a friend who you may know has been stalked. We are looking for Future Females to feature on our blog 👆🏻👆🏻 link in bio, promoting everyday gender equality so we can #beetgechange we want to see in the world. .
#wearefuturefemale #emmabarnett #genderequality #emilymaitlis #womenempowerment #feminist #womensupportingwomen #metoo #timesup #womansaid #equality #everydaygenderequality #selfcare #futurefemale

Season 2 of 5 Live Starts Soon - YouTube has give me 30 days to get 4k in hour views and 700+ subscribers - Time to start cranking out some content!!! I can see a 24 hour Live YT marathon in a few weeks.

Side 2 Execution Using the balance cam like a crane I now have a desk top shot. Next step make it purdy (heheh). Later today hopefully after getting it all purdy I will have a quick test for 5 Live.

Look at my boy oml -jazz

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