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I was challenged to write down some facts about me....I’m quiet but can be wild and crazy... my mind is always racing... I hate small talk. I dumb myself down for most conversations. I’m secretly creative, but embarrassed to show anyone, if I show you I truly trust you with every once of my soul. If music didn’t exist I would no longer exist. I love water, it centers me. I hate bananas and avocados. I’m an empath which means sometimes feeling everyone’s emotions makes me shut down. I was called motor mouth Mary as a child. I do not like being told I’m to loud it truly hurts my feelings. I refuse to cry in front of anyone. I once had a kitten named hub cap motor motor. I always know more then I’m willing to let on. I’m learning about me everyday. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I think I’ve hurt your feelings it will haunt me every night for weeks. I do nothing half assed. I love alone time. I spoil people in my life to a fault. I have the most bipolar playlists. I know what I wanna be when I grow up most days. I also never want to grow up. I can’t stand confrontation. I’m trying to learn to not put others happiness above my own. #5daysto30 #whothefuckamI #challengedtopostthingsaboutme

#birthdayweek #5daysto30 #dirty30s ... I'm so spoiled it's ridiculous ... #crazylady surprised me with an early birthday gift and I can't wait to get stuck in , we may fight like cat and dog and man she can be that typical annoying mom but in her own little ways she pays attention and gets it right ... If you don't know about the awesomeness that is @heygorgeoussa you seriously need to check them out or head to a store they have absolutely phenomenal products all organic and beauty without cruelty approved and have absolutely no nasties in their products like alot of other "organic products" have... And to top it off Robyn at the willowbridge store is seriously friendly and knowledgeable😍 thanks to mom for all the early birthday spoils my skin thanks you #bwc #momspoils #skincare

Spending my last week of my 20s sorting out all my photos and finally doing all my frames for the new house , I have been really blessed with some amazing humans to walk along side me in the great journey of life and have accumulated some epic memories, deep scars, wounds and fine lines in the last 3 decades , looking forward to the next 3 #5daysto30 #toblessedtobestressed #favouritehumans #dirty30s #nostalgic

We’ve had #Adventurous #Supportive and today #H... I could have gone for #Hunky, #Handsome, or even #Heroic 🤢
But today I want to thank you for being #Home (go with me here...) Thank you for building a home with me (even if you make it messy) and for making me feel like I’m at home when I’m with you. I love you @ash_087 #Home #BirthdayWeek #5daysto30 #WordsOfAffirmation

Cheers to more years of friendship! Advance Happy Birthday!

Pre-bday celebrations with those most special to me ❤️ shout out to my squad, everyone made sure this night was memorable and turnt up bashment style lol .
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5 days to 30... I'm a little bit crazy

I wouldn't say I'm an adrenaline junkie, but I do certainly enjoy the thrill of scary experiences (of course only those where I'm unlikely to die) - sky diving, roller coasters, and today...bungee jumping! The first rollercoaster I ever rode was the Anaconda at Ratanga Junction when I was 12. I remember feeling absolutely terrified, but so accomplished afterwards. I then rode Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris, and the Cobra at Gold Reef City in between.

I went Skydiving in 2010 after Dewet organized it for my birthday. It was absolutely exhilarating. Sitting on the edge of the plane, way up in the sky where the land is just green and brown blocks like on maps was just so wonderful and so scary. And then you're out the plane, enjoying the free fall, struggling to breathe, and then you're floating down in the parachute. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Next stop: solo jump!

Today Paula bought her and I a one way ticket up the Orlando Towers to bungee jump for my birthday. 100m doesn't look so high on the ground, but from the top it's insane. My instructor guided me to the edge and it was like I was frozen. I somehow managed to move, was told not to look down, and the next thing I was in the air, mute, plummeting to what felt like my death (for approx 6 seconds), and then I was screaming in excitement and bouncing around in the air. It was insane, and I'm still a bit shell shocked. It's quick, but such an adrenaline rush! Next stop: Bloukrans!

And there's another tick off the ol 'Before 30' bucket list ✔️

#30daysto30 #selfexploration #turning30 #countdownto30 #5daysto30 #bungee #orlandotowers #crazy

#7daysto30 #thankful #allGod #CherishthephenomenalmomentsThesemomentsmakeyourlife.
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Gearing up for my birthday like... 💪🏾✨👑
4 coaching slots away from 30! Inbox me if you want to fill one. Big testimonies coming already. Can't wait to hear even more results! ✨beccabak.com✨
Thanks to all who've supported and inquired!
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Early birthday cake from the bookclub ladies 😍❤ 3 layers of funfetti deliciousness from Bunners #spoiled #5daysto30 #happybirthdaytome

reflections | last week of my 20s and I'm having lots of thoughts and feelings about it...not really ready to let them go yet kinda ready for what's next.... | "there are moments which mark your life. moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts - before this and after this." #5daysto30 #geminiseason

อ๋ฮ แบบนี้คือ edm นี่เอง #5daysto30

Lema de semana... #5daysto30 #romanorte #type

Hubby's birthday week! I love that he provides a home for me and the boys. Proud to be your wife boo. 😘

Carbing up with a free birthday bagel. I'm a big believer in listening to your body and that once you train your body to know what it needs, it will tell you what it needs. Over the last few days while being sick, the usual things like protein, fats, and ruffage sound heinous, and I've been craving fruit and bread. I can hardly stand to drink coffee and chocolate doesn't really sound good, so I know something is up. :P I'm thinking my body just needs a little carbing up, so without going psycho, I will indulge. Anyway, it's free bagels for my birthday month, so why not take advantage. ;) #5daysto30 #carbup #refeed #panerabread #postworkoutrefuel #birthdaymonth

Yes please 🎈💛☪️ #5daysto30

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