TWO more days of shift shop and round 2 will be complete! I live the workouts but they have taken a toll on my knees so instead of starting round 3, I am either going to do 21 day fix or 22 minutes hard corps... haven’t decided yet.

I didn’t make it on the “whole20” and I was not be doing whole30 after the honeymoon either. Right now I’m on a mission to eat as much of the food in my house (healthy) without shopping very much before the honeymoon. Once we get back I hope to have the @idealshape flavors back in stock that I’m wanting and will be doing the following:
- Breakfast: shake
- snack 1: shake
- lunch: salad with chicken and avocado oil
- snack 2: ideal bar + fruit
- dinner: lean protein + 2 veggies
- dessert: apple + almond butter

On Oct 1 I am still planning on starting LIIFT4 so I’ll be doing short workouts until then. For each full round of a program I complete I will have a story for it, one of the best ways to hold myself accountable! I’m also going to make a story for my shakes, foods by meals, and any other supplements I take. Once we’re back from the honeymoon I’ll post a new before picture.

Das noites minhas na Minha Companhia ❤️ Se teve uma coisa que eu sempre tive bem resolvida é SER ÚNICA E AMAR ME CURTIR ✨🙋🏼‍♀️✨ Ir ao Show da Marisa Monte no Teatro sozinha. Cantar, me emocionar e aproveitar esse instante único, sem medos, bem resolvida com as minhas vontades. De sobretudo desfilando no tapete vermelho, foi...ÉPICO!!! Cada coisa na sua fase bem vivida é o segredo da evolução integral. Ser sozinha, viver sozinha, me encontrar, explorar a vida para só depois dividi-la com alguém foi essencial para sentir dentro do meu coração a plenitude do “tô pronta, tô inteira...próxima etapa”❣ Seria mais forte aquele que se reinventa por ter caído diversas vezes nos próprios buracos cavados? NEVER. Forte é quem nem quer saber como cavar por achar desnecessário perder tempo neste processo.
Fantástico é quem tem sabedoria para investir a sua energia em se manter constante no crescimento, apesar das oscilações e adversidades do caminho. Não precisa de aplausos para reforçar. A vida por si só, já é. 😉💫 #mindfulness #familyfirstbrasil #pensamento #familia # #psicologia #amor #motivacao #qualidadedevida #psicologiapositiva #5amstart #empresas #empresarios #sweetdreams #omilagredamanha #clubedas5 #5amclub #miraclemorning #highachievers #5am #mente #sucesso #napoleonhill #tbt

So as I was eating one of my meals today, I started to think about my goals. Short-term and long-term goals. I started to contemplate on all the sacrifices that I make, and all of the things that I do daily that I never feel like doing. Very rarely do I ever complain about the day-to-day tasks. The reason why is because I know what my future holds. I know that complaining or whining about the process won't get me there, so I just focus on what needs to be done and plan to execute. 💯💪🏾

Pra fechar o time de atletas parceiro da @SaladaDaBercot com chave de ouro, com vocês, @Lucaas.Luz .

Feliz demais por ter fechado mais uma grande parceria, com mais um atleta incrível. Bem-vindo, Lucas! Agora sim o time está completo ♥️ #SaladaDaBercot

From one suitcase into the next! ...
I have been a laundry machine this week! Thankfully I did most of the kids laundry from vaca before we came home from vacation 🤓 ...
So it was really just my own and Jim’s I had to worry about. (Lord help him if I leave him without clean clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣)
This next trip is just me flying out though and requires a little more thought than just a week at the beach. ...
Thank goodness for Amazon 🙌🏼, who saved me from having to go shopping for clothes for a photo shoot with the littles 😬
I’m definitely going to miss my little tribe but looking forward to hanging poolside at a mansion, soaking up the rays and the inspiration with my big tribe of fellow mompreneurs 💃🏻🧖🏻‍♀️
🤞🏻 I don’t forget anything major with the chaos of our week!

The look I give myself after a workout.
Let me tell you what’s going on in here, I was soooo freaking excited I can say today I felt accomplished this was my first win of the day.
Yesterday after my lovely 😊 and fun commute 😂 back and forth and working all day long at the ER I made to the GYM #maninja #wemadeit 😂 I finished these legs. I felt so proud, then this morning I was back up at 4:45am getting ready for my 2nd round like WHAAAAT!!? 😱😱😦😦 that was my face after like OMG I made it.
So yeah! Im allow to feel attracted by myself after all that 😂
Ps: Wheb you wish you have more time, SLEEP LESS and BS LESS. 😌☺️ it WORKS trust me.

I’m NOTICING my body CHANGING in such a way lately- feelin strong, lean & in control af (... & what’s crazy?! I’m working out less days a week for a shorter amount of time than normal!) Hell, I may just be able to button my super-duper skinny jeans for fall (WIN!) 😂

There are so many things out there; pills, wraps, juices, patches etc... but here’s what *I know* WORKS ⬇️
Smarter food choices 🍉. Staying consistent🤞🏼. Being active 👣. Keeping positive ➕. I am in charge of my own success.
The workout programs I do? They only work when I PUT IN THE EFFORT.
The shakes I drink? The results only come when I FUEL MY BODY right.

The key to get results my friends, is YOU. You can achieve your goals + dreams, you just have to START! And I’ve already got the fuel & map ready for you, I’m just waiting to hand you the keys 🔑. Now GO 🏁🚦

Training bike and biceps today. #5amclub #workout #taipei #台北

Um livro que com toda a certeza faz jus ao nome, ele ensina, mas é bom botar todas as dicas aprendidas em prática para maior sucesso.
Além disso, ensina também o que é ATIVO e PASSIVO. Com toda a certeza vai ser a diferença na hora de administrar seu dinheiro.
❤: o "MILIONÁRIO" não se resume só ao dinheiro, mas também em conhecimento, sendo um dos melhores livros sobre mentalidade que já li. -
#desafio #melhordesi #mood #meta #motivacao #read

Everyday wake up early... Build yourself up for a day activities

Prepare yourself, your body and mind,
gather your strength

Make Daily routines that will soothe up your soul

Mind and body.. Make this day a great one.. #dailyroutine #meditate #5amclub #preparedaily #dailygrind #motivation #inspiration #qoutes #beunconventional #theunconventionalmind

Go make that decision ✨
Whether it’s to quit your job, go travel the world, ask the guy out, take back control of your health... decide 🎯

Whatever it is I’m rooting for you 💞

@KXPilates ✔️⠀
Yoga cool down ✔️⠀
Snuggles with Percy✔️⠀
Veggie pack breakfast✔️⠀
@OxfamAustralia Fairtrade Coffee✔️⠀

With oils weaved all the way through of course.⠀

Ready for Friday 🙌🏼 👩🏼‍💻⠀

📷 @FairtradeAU

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Biscoito de aveia, banana, canela e côco. 100% NATURAL!!! A venda a partir de amanhã por apenas R$ 1 real.
Peça já a Salada da Berçot via Wpp: 96676-2962.
R$ 10,00 reais.
Ps. Molho incluso.


I finally have a good morning routine down, that allows me to eat breakfast at home and soak in the morning before starting the work day! 🙌🏽 I am working on getting my blog back up and running, but I will be sure to include a morning routine in there soon!

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