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We’ve decided: Saturdays are for reading. What book are you reading right now? #amreading #igbooks #bookstagram #50bookpledge #igreads #booklove

I’m a little late with my review and mani for THE NOWHERE GIRLS, but I wanted to make sure I got it right. This is an important novel and its timing is downright astounding, considering what’s been in the media as of late. It’s the sort of humbling truth that we all need to read, and an example of why fiction is such an integral part of our culture. It’s all about empathy, folks. And if you’re in need of some, THE NOWHERE GIRLS is an excellent place to start. •

THE NOWHERE GIRLS follows three protagonists, Grace, Rosina, and Erin, as they form an anonymous group of girls to combat the sexist culture at their high school. Because the year before, a student was gang raped by members of the football team, called a liar, and then eventually driven out of town. Together, Grace, Rosina, and Erin (three very different characters) start to change their environment from the ground up. Powerful in more ways than one, THE NOWHERE GIRLS is a must read for everyone. But don’t think this is a vigilante sort of story because it’s much more than that. The thoughtful, raw delivery is full of wisdom and in the end, it’s a call for action that I hope the world is ready to finally hear.

Big thanks to @simonschusterca for a review copy!! •

Click link in profile for my full review. (I had A LOT more to say.) #jenniesnailsandtales 💅🏼📚

Art direction by Jessica Handleman, Front cover design by Alex Robins, Jacket photograph copyright © 2017 Daniël Douglas/Creative Commons 3.0

For this mani, I used:
@fingerpaintsfun Black Expressionism and Paper Mâché
@julepbeauty Roc Solid, Dawn, and Gayle,
@opi_products Red My Fortune Cookie, You Are So Outta Lime, Suzi Has A Swede Tooth, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Malaga Wine, and matte topcoat,
@chinaglazeofficial Trip of a Lime Time and Intelligence Integrity & Courage,
@mitty_burns Candy 00, Peachy 000, and Clean Pro Flat nail art brushes.

#thenowheregirls #amyreed #50bookpledge #mustread #chaptersindigo #indigofaves #bookishnails #bookinspirednails #freehandnailart #look_mitty #opiproducts #julepmaven #cgclique

Halfway there for the #50bookpledge I'm only on pace for 42 right now but I've got some vacation time coming up and I always get lots of reading time in the fall & winter. #icanstilldoit #books #bookshelf 📚📖📕📗📘📙

Do you keep a reading journal? I started in January after I took a fantastic bullet journaling course offered by @annebogel, and it's become my best reading companion. I keep track of the books I read, as well as my rating of them, but I also have several different sections for other part of my reading life. I highly recommend this way of tracking things (I still use @goodreads and #50bookpledge) and would be happy to answer any questions or give advice on what's worked for me. #mmdreadingchallenge2017 #readingjournal

#harrypotter and the deathly hallows - I sure do love this series. And it's fun to re-read. A bit alarming that I now sometimes side with the teachers instead of the adventurous young wizards... 17/50 📚
#50bookpledge #50bookchallenge #bookworm #bookstagram

When you start a book and they talk like this about books...it's probably going to suck you in. #amreading #50bookpledge #book26 #shiver

Somebody made me nail art!! 😍😍😍😍😍 #Repost @jennieshaw (@get_repost)
Earlier last week, a super awesome book made its way into the world. Behold THE LAST MAGICIAN!! People, this book was a bit of a slow burn and then it got so crazy, I'm surprised it didn't burst into flames. 🔥
Starting in modern day Manhattan, and then going back in time to 1902, Esta is on a mission to find an ancient book and save those who have an affinity for magic (the Mageus). But 1902 proves to be a dangerous time for the Mageus, and Esta must stop the Magician before he destroys the book. Like any solid YA fantasy, Esta meets a crew of magical misfits and while they kind of work as a team, there are deep-buried secrets and motivations that could ultimately destroy them. Yay for layers upon layers of conflict! Haha! .
So if you like rich worlds, complicated characters and high-conflict plots, you need to check out THE LAST MAGICIAN! 🎩
Big thanks to @simonschusterca for a review copy!
Click link in profile for my full review! #jenniesnailsandtales 💅🏼📚
Cover design by Russell Gordon
Front cover photo-illustration © 2017 by Craig Howell.
For this mani, I used:
@opi_products CIA = Color Is Awesome, You Are So Outta Lime!, Towel Me About It, and matte topcoat
@fingerpaintsfun Black Expressionism and Paper Mâché,
@chinaglazeofficial Sexy In The City and Chroma Cool,
@essiepolish Satin Sister,
@orlynails Skinny Dip and Makeup To Breakup,
@mitty_burns Candy 00 and Clean Pro Flat nail art brushes.
#thelastmagician #lisamaxwell #50bookpledge #mustread #chaptersindigo #indigofaves #bookishnails #bookinspirednails #freehandnailart #opipolish #look_mitty #orly #chinaglaze #essiefan #sallybeauty @sallybeauty

What's the first book you're reading this year? Our pick: Worlds of Ink and Shadow by #LenaCoakley! #bookstagram #yabooks #worldsofinkandshadow #50bookpledge

Been cocooning at home before the big adventure. If It's not boxes and cleaning, I'm reading or watching the Tour de France. Snapped a photo of my last 20 books read (of 31 for the year) on the #50bookpledge.ca site. Thanks for the awesome recommendation of This Is How It Always Is @annemmackenzie . @kristinsnaps If you read one novel, make it this one! Your reflections on fluidity kept singing in my brain as I read it ❤️


Loving my new bookmarks from @chaptersindigo! Here's a shot of one in my most recent completed read and my 100th read of the year, Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.

#reading #bookmarks #magneticbookmarks #turtlesallthewaydown #50bookpledge #bookstagram #books #bookblogger

Sunday morning. Curled up in my new #katespade blanket finishing my 80th book of the year! #bookstagram #80of100 #50bookpledge #currentlyreading #read150 #bookish #booknerd #booksbooksbooks #bookworm #RainbowRowell

🤣🍂🍁📖 Current read.

We’ve decided: Saturdays are for reading. What book are you reading right now? #amreading #igbooks #bookstagram #50bookpledge #igreads #booklove

It’s Friyaayyy, dress down day and I feel like Chandler, "Could I be wearing any more clothes?!"
Day 2 of the #8SareesInOctober challenge by @sareesandstories – a challenge to wear a saree for 8 separate days in October in an effort to get ladies to #embracethedrape more regularly.

So something fun about my mom is that she is my biggest supporter in anything I want to do – from my #50bookpledge to me wanting to recycle/reuse everything (I go to extreme lengths to do this) to cooking navarathiri colour vegetables. Except this saree challenge, she’s all up for the challenge just not with her sarees. And sadly for her that was my challenge – wear as much of amma’s sarees as humanly possible, well 8 in this case!

Naturally, she vetoed all my choices for today – she said she had to sleep on it (rolling eyes). But she was all game for helping me pleat this saree last night.
There I stood, watching her as she put the entire saree on the bedroom floor, pick it up and try to find the right side, drape it around herself, then STEP on MY saree – basically everything shy of her using it to wipe the bathroom floors.
Me: Are you kidding me right now?
Amma: What? This is the way to do it. It’s ok if the saree touches the floor.
Me: Just so we are clear, it’s ok to do this as long as it’s MY saree?

Again, no clue as to what material this saree is but my personal saree shopper (aka @homesbytheepan) bought this for me from @sareeladiez.
Hope you all have an awesome rainy weekend – I leave you with a #funfact: The fear of Friday the 13th is known as triskaidekaphobia (or the fear of triscuits as per Ross). I also suggest you all get on board with the Friends references 😉
#8SareesInOctober #sareesandstories #day2 #sareefordays #sareenotsorry #drapeaway #StealingFromAmmasCloset #saree #tamilachi #tamilponnu

@Regranned from @harpercollinsca - Which of these #50BookPledge featured reads are your favourites? Join the Savvy Reader’s 50 Book Pledge through the link in our bio to keep track of your reading all year long! #savvyreader #bookstagram #50bp #igreads #bookpledge #50booksin2017 - #regrann #mitzibytes

So I finished reading #daughteroftheburningcity by #amandafoody 📖 When I picked up this book is what described to me as something similar to #TheNightCircus and #Caraval which I loved so much. I wanted to love this book. I really really did. But honestly it just fell flat. Characters are dying right from the get go, So I've had no time to make a connection or care about them. And the whole story just dragged, I had to force myself to read the last 100 pages. This is one that you can probably pass on folks. #plumreview #50bookpledge #hamiltonreads #canadareads

👻 w h i t e b o d i e s 👻

this past weekend i wanted to dive into this psychological thriller about domestic violence. just released two weeks ago #whitebodies is about two very different twin sisters {one's a beautiful, blonde actress, the other is a bookstore working brunette}. the latter has lived her life obsessed with her twin - like in an overly creepy, hard-to-read way -and after meeting her sisters new boyfriend cum fiance, she begins to notice signs of abuse.

i give this story ⭐⭐. was intrigued to find out what the twist would be, but was hard to continue on when i didn't like the books characters. especially the lead who i just couldn't relate to. i found all her actions disturbingly cringeworthy and just didn't get the bond between the two twin sisters and some of the inappropriate contact they shared over the years. it was too much and made me scowl while i read even though i couldn't stop. #bookjunkielife

have any of you read it? what did you think?
#bookstagram #bibliophile #bookreview #thriller #creepyreads #igreads #instareads #instabooks #whitebodies #bookreview #bookreco #fallreads #bookish #bookstagram #creepybooks #creepyreads #50bookpledge #sisters #booksabouttwins #psychologicalthriller #octoberreads

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