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Dame Quentin Bryce speaks at the launch of the 50|50 for 2030 Foundation. #5050by2030 #genderequality

Tänä vuonna YK:n teema naistenpäivälle on ”Women in the Changing World of Work” – naiset muuttuvassa työn maailmassa. Työ ja sen luonne on käynyt läpi monia murroksia vuosisatojen aikana. Samoin on muuttunut naisten rooli kotitöissä, työpaikoilla ja yhteiskunnassa yleisesti. Kaupunginmuseon arkistosta löytyy paljon kuvia naisista työn parissa, joten tässä muutama otos eri vuosikymmeniltä. Ehkä nämä kuvat herättävät miettimään miten pitkälle olemme Suomessa tulleet mutta myös muistamaan, että paljon on vielä tehtävää – varsinkin jos planeettaamme katsoo kokonaisuutena. #naistenpäivä #5050by2030 #naiset #kaupunginmuseo

Kuvat HKM: 1. Signe Brander, 1907. 2. Foto Roos, 1930. 3. Tuntematon, 1955. 4. Eeva Rista, 1975.

Oh, the things you find in a mama's purse! 👜 My littlest came up to me this morning and told me "you take the bus to work today, ok mommy?" How could I say no to an offer like that??

Presentation face at IBI's patio design competition. Spoiler alert: we won! #IBIGroup #iwd2017 #BeBoldForChange #5050by2030

Happy International Women's Day! Thank you to all the women in my life that help me grow and thrive!! ❤️💪🏼#5050by2030 #cantwaittogobackpacking

Women’s rights are human rights. But in these troubled times, as our world becomes more unpredictable and chaotic, the rights of women and girls are being reduced, restricted and reversed. Empowering women and girls is the only way to protect their rights and make sure they can realize their full potential. Step it up for gender equality! 💗💗💗#beboldforchange #internationalwomensday #5050by2030

Wonderful performance by America's Got Talent singer @thejaynabrown 💁🏽🎤💕#WomenEmpoweringWomen #WomensDay #5050by2030 #ThisIsHowWeDo

Flowers left on the doorstep are the most wonderful surprise. Thank you Bernadette xx🌺🌸🌷🌹🌼 #harvard #harvardliveson #5050by2030 #flowers

Diplomacy for the Digital Age!
Great meeting "at" UN Women HQ in NYC this morning as part of the Task Force for the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on Youth & Gender Equality


Weekly review with my @michaelhyatt Full Focus planner - an invaluable resource and ally over the past year of growth and evolution in my personal and business life. There is no progress without intention - and it's easy to get distracted and fixate on small details that don't really support your goals.
Do you celebrate your goals every week, and reflect and recap? Or do you keep powering through to the next? What's your secret weapon of choice on this front?

Feel that. Hear that. Know that. - @oprah

The perfect afternoon, and the sweetest memories. ❤️ They won’t want to play ring around the rosie with us forever, which makes me cherish moments like these even more. #letthembelittle

#BTS over at @littlenestglenmills - we are so excited for fall colors! I love finding unique, hand-crafted sets, props and backdrops, like this Enchanted Autumn fall garland made by hand and heart by @katherinehallbergdesign down in Virginia.
Sure, we could probably save a dollar here and there by buying from a maker who mass produces their products overseas, but it just wouldn’t feel right. Each person that comes through our doors is unique, and they trust us to capture their most precious moments and memories. Creating an authentic experience for them is the least we can do to honor that trust. #aeiou🐣

Yoga with Noelle over at Little Nest Denver the week they launched this past summer - feels like yesterday!
Starting a business can be a lonely journey - that's where "we" come in. The Little Nest Family includes like-minded women from across the country. When new family members join, the flock rallies around them to provide support, lessons learned on their journies, and the group's insight into issues and opportunities.
When you join the family, you opt into a community that provides the support and counsel of a peer executive group. This, among all aspects of our approach, is perhaps the most influential when it comes to members' success.
Balance is key. Together, we'll help you find your footing. 😉

LinkedIn's Mike Gamson for a Forbes interview on the three ways men can champion women in the workplace. One of the most woke people I have ever met. Thanks Mike for all your work supporting women's advancement. Link in bio. ⬆️⬆️"I used to think that the world is fair. That it was a meritocracy. I no longer believe that. I think people who think it is an even playing field are probably like me - they have had it easy their whole life. They are probably a guy, they may be white, and they have likely been in the majority their whole life and they assume that it is like that for everyone else,” says Mike Gamson, Senior Vice President for LinkedIn Global Solutions. Mike shares how he got woke!
#LinkedIn #genderequality #diversity #inclusion #womenatwork #womensadvancement #workworthdoing 🌟#womenatwork #womenempowerment #unitedwomen #boldforchange #genderequality #womenatwork #advancewomen #5050BY2030 #feminist #equalityatwork #diveristyandinclusion #D&;I #workthatworks #worklifebalance #balancetheequation #womenleaders #glassceiling #futureofwork #womeninbusiness #workthatworks #makinginnovationworkforwomen

"good things come to those who #hustle" - anais nin

Love touches of green throughout the studio! These little mini-planters are perfect for tiny hands. 😉

Endless summer ☀️ Enjoying the last of these warm days with the boys at @longwoodgardens!

What an incredible day - hosted over 100 moms-to-be today at @littlenestphoto locations around the country for #showingandglowing🤰! It's such an honor to be part of such a precious and joyous time. 😍 (sign via @littlenestdenver)

Looking forward to the upcoming @shesummit featuring amazing speakers! Including the summit CEO Claudia Chan who recently published This Is How We Rise a truly fantastic read! Get your tickets quick https://shesummit.com
#shesummit #howwerise #genderequality 🌟#womenatwork #womenempowerment #unitedwomen #boldforchange #genderequality #womenatwork #advancewomen #5050BY2030 #feminist #equalityatwork #diveristyandinclusion #D&;I #workthatworks #worklifebalance #balancetheequation #womenleaders #glassceiling #futureofwork #womeninbusiness

Work can wait on a beautiful day like this. ☀️#endlesssummer

Quiet moment from a #throughthewoods🌳 shoot yesterday afternoon. Love getting outside our four walls, so to speak - nature really is the best studio! 📷🌿
Heads up local moms - Through The Woods Sessionettes with your little ones are $95 & includes session and one digital file at @littlenestglenmills, now through the end of Sept.!

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