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Took Muma for a run and she hates me lol she's going so well and trying to get healthy...I'm just trying to help her. exciting times for her and I'm a really proud son #loveyoumum #4weeksdown

Missin' this guy πŸ”₯ #4weeksdown #2weekstogo #wildlandfirefighter

All work and no play makes seb a happy boy ✌ #4weeksdown #10togo

presence isn't always correlated with the ability to touch ☝🏽 #4weeksdown #1togo #whataman

Cheers to 4 official weeks of cutting 🍻✨ this includes tracking macros 6 days a week (eating in a deficit), 1 non tracking day that I use as a refeed day to keep me sane, 3 heavy lifting days, 3 hypertrophy lifting days, LOTS of water &&...... wait for it... only TWO cardio sessions a week. Yup, only two. You don't need cardio to get lean guys...just eat at a deficit and throw a few sessions in each week. Us regular joes out here who aren't on prep or anything don't need to be doing cardio every day! Keep your diet straight, drink a lot of water and lift heavy πŸ‘πŸ½ Thank you to @theswolefessor for keeping me on track, always educating me and keeping my mind right at all times! #4weeksdown #6weekstogo #thenitshawaiitime

Loving every minute! β€οΈπŸ’™βœˆοΈ #flightattendant#AA#trainee#4weeksdown 😊

Can't wait to have him back so soon! @sjmil #4weeksdown #finally #hurryupandcomehome

First taste of freedom, with a slight shock to the lungs. Jack Nacho was equally as stoked on this long overdue family adventure... #4weeksdown #rehab #ferniestoke @fernie_runs

After a great cross fit work out this happy healthy meal is about to disappear πŸ˜‹ #4weeksdown#2moretogo#fitmom


Love being back on track ❀️#4weeksdown #healthyeating #lowcarblifestyle

When you try to take a screenshot because his face looked silly but realize yours looks more ridiculous. #facetimedate #4weeksdown Ps. He's totally gonna hate me for this one πŸ˜›

Day 29 (April 21): Well, I've now been hiking out here for 4 weeks now, which is hard to believe. I also hit, 300 miles today, which is great. I'm starting to get my trail legs and continue to increase my average mileage. I've met some really great people in that time, some that I've been seeing for a couple weeks, some for just a couple of days. Some days have been very hard, either physically or mentally (or both), but I continue on for that dream of one day standing atop Mount Katahdin in Maine.
I got started around 7:45am this morning and made good time to start. The highlight of the day was getting to meet the @ellieontheat crew. Ellie was fast asleep in her carrier, but I talked with them a couple minutes before heading uphill some more. I've been following them on Instagram since before I started the AT and had a feeling I'd see them soon, as they posted they'd be in hot springs this weekend while I was staying in hot springs for my nero and zero on Tuesday and Wednesday. Really neat to see them. I wish them well!
Other than that, the trail was the same as usual with constant ups and downs. It started raining in the afternoon and I got to use my umbrella today for only the 2nd time since I started, so at least it's getting some use. I'm staying near jerry's cabin shelter. It was raining and thundering when I arrived so I waited till it was lighter to pitch a tent. The rain stopped after awhile and I took pictures of a cool camo moth on a super mossy tree. It's amazing how much moss is here on both the living and dead trees. Really green.
#at2017 #appalachiantrail #thruhike #hiking #georgiatomaine #nobo2017 #4weeksdown

Healthy eating chicken in coconut oil, broccoli and brown rice. #stayingstrong #notgivingin #4weeksdown

Deep in the hundred acre woods #4weeksdown #CAlbventures

I sure am missing my man, especially with the holidays. Tomorrow will officially be 4 weeks since he left, which means I'm that much closer to seeing him again! #mcm #militarylife #4weeksdown #manymoretogo

PΓ₯ske og familiehygge med de bedste jeg ved πŸ₯🌼 Klar til #bachelor og #sommer β˜€οΈ#perfect #lovelife #optur #sun #rehab #staypositive #4weeksdown #8weekstogo #cantwait πŸ’«πŸ™ #love ❀ #familiydays 🌸🎊

Happy Easter! Happy to celebrate with my friends and family. #easter #broken #smile #4weeksdown

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