Who was in Miami for Miami Curves week? The ladies were killing it! 😍

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid!

Два дня посвятила знакомству с ведущими испанскими фабриками керамогранита. Apavisa, Grespania, Saloni, Living. Это конечно фантастика! 🤩 Такие продвинутые технологии и стиль👍
Спасибо 4style за просвещение и погружение в продукт такого высокого качества. А Галерея дизайна на Кирова 27, одно из мест вдохновения😍

Ready for vacation!

Люблю электронные «штучки». Плитка рисунком напомнила мою сумку. 4Style молодцы! #4style

Vacation home goals 😊

Girls night out! Who doesn’t love getting glammed up to hit the town! Food, drink, dancing, men! What’s not to love?!

Congrats on your anniversary @estelleromeo! And what a gorgeous setting to celebrate!

Travel never gets old. Travel with the one you love makes it that much more special!! 😍

A T-shirt which has four different styles. You’ve never seen something like this ! 😀💥
4 styles in just 1shirt !
See all limited edition ( Link in Bio ) |La prima T-shirt al mondo indossabile in 4 modi diversi ! @uztzuclothing
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Ph: @andredtd_ 📸
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Stay safe this holiday! Happy 4th of July!

Coffee and a beautiful view while in Italy 😍

Traveling is all about the people you travel with and the experiences you have with them!
Beautiful photo by @lauraelng_ 😍

挑战下 一间房间画四个风格xD
#interiordesign #4style

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