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'checked out' flight club for a game of darts, one hundred and eightyyy ting #darkfruits #fruity #4percent

Look what dropped by for a visit this morning.

#vaporfly #4percent #breaking2 @nikerunning

Haters😂😂😂😂 #pulledmeoverfortintedwindows #80mph @mr_tanlo 1st thing he said.. Nice car. Lol.

YUM, I am digging this Piggyback Peach IPA @uintabrewing. ~~~~~~~ #uintabrewing #utahbeer #4percent

🍺🍻👌Best Ginger beer I've had since Bundaberg #speightsgingerbeer #4percent #speights

Shoulders today 🙌🏽❤️ #gymmotivation #gymlife #gym #squad #4percent

Come joint us for 11:30am workout 💚😆💪
You don't want to miss out on all the fun!! 👻Jerrica1224

Eskimo FaceTime with @cali_mamaa! 😹😹😹❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #latenights #LittleRedRidingHood #Saint #4percent


It is now frequently regarded as the best movie musical ever made.

And it was ranked as the fifth greatest American motion picture of all time.

It's with Gene Kelly and the movie is called Singin’ in the Rain . . .

The most iconic moment of the movie is when Gene Kelly is doing this whole dance in the rain wearing a woolen suit.

And what most don't know, only learned in his obituary, is that during that scene Gene Kelly had a 103-degree temperature.

Gene Kelly surely didn’t feel like performing that dance, but he surely did it anyway.

And you have to use him as an example in your day to day life.

You want to start your own business and say goodbye to the day job.

But something holds you back.

I can't know what it is.

But many times just taking the very first step towards our goals can move us forward.

You only need to be sure the first step is the right one.

For Gene it was getting up there and dancing.

What about you?

Do you know what's the first step?

What if you don't know what's the first step?

Go here to find it @all_in_chuck

Peter Thiel, PayPal founder, in his book Zero To One says: "If you want to change the future, you need to find an unpopular truth that you believe and live by it." Thiel is one smart cookie.

If you simply follow "popular" truths, you'll never achieve anything extraordinary.

You'll always be mediocre at best.

So, here's my question to you... When it comes to achieving your financial dreams, are you living by any unpopular beliefs?

Or are you just doing what everyone else is doing?

Are you doing anything that makes those around you at least a little uncomfortable?

Or are you taking the safe route like everybody else?

Starting your own online business can be unpopular.

When you decide to leave the 9-5, rat race, trapped-in-the-cubicle existence there will be plenty of people lining up to tell you you're crazy.

They'll tell you you're taking too big a risk.

Let them talk.

Don't try to shut them up, it's no use.

Instead, quietly do your own thing and follow the unpopular route to six figures right here @all_in_chuck
They'll be begging you to reveal your secret in a few weeks, I promise.

YUM, I am digging this Piggyback Peach IPA @uintabrewing. ~~~~~~~ #uintabrewing #utahbeer #4percent

Do you want to make over 100,000 per year?

Well, if you want to do it with a J.O.B, you've only got 8 choices.

And three of those eight require tons of schooling...doctor, dentist, lawyer.

And one requires a special degree...pharmacist.

And three more (IT managers, marketing managers, and financial managers) require specific college degrees and very advanced knowledge.

That leaves only one $100,000 career that does not require you to go back to school.

Sales manager.

Sales has always been one of the highest paying professions.

The best sales people make FAR more than the average doctor or lawyer.

Sales has always been the only high paying career option that does not require years of schooling.

So, if you want to achieve financial freedom, either go back to school…or start selling.

And the easiest way to start “selling” is with a proven system.

You get all the high-paying, high commission benefits of the top-paying sales jobs, WITHOUT HAVING TO DO THE ACTUAL SELLING!

Check it out here @all_in_chuck
Or start saving your money to go back to school!

Charles Kunstmann

We used to go to college to get an education and a great job.

Now we send our kids off to college to get shackled with debt.
And for what?

So they can pay it off when they’re 50?

Or worse – choke on interest rates serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

The irony is – you can get a job serving coffee and doughnuts without the steep credit card debt and use the 4Percent Group to excel faster and easier.

You won’t need 4-6 year college education.

No student loans.

No experience necessary.

Start here (risk-free) @all_in_chuck
Talk soon,
Charles Kunstmann

It's funny how most people are still stuck in the industrial mindset.

They want to work hard.

That's how they justified getting paid a lot.

But the irony is - those who get a lot, work only a few hours per day.

They live fantastic lifestyle, make 10X of what hard workers make and spend tons of time with their family.

All while hard workers slave away over time.

How to stop working hard to make other people rich?

Here's how @all_in_chuck

"You are wasting your time." "You will lose your hard-earned money." "Why not just get a job and work hard until retirement?" All the above statements were made by my family.

When I announced I was going to try online marketing, they went crazy.

You see, I come from a conservative background.

People in my family get married, have two or three kids and retire in old age.

Imagine their shock when I told them my plans of financial freedom.

When they gave me their opinion, I had to stay away from them for a while.

I was alone for a long time.

But as weeks and months went by, I began wondering.

Can I be angry at my father for wanting to protect me? Is it right to be annoyed by my mother for warning me? Should I hold a grudge against my siblings who worry about my future?


My family loves me.

They have done their best all these years to look after me.

Now they don't understand what I do, and they still want to protect me.

I have come to terms with their reactions.

I love them, even if they are their usual, stubborn selves.

This is why I am building something bigger than myself.

I have a big vision for the future and I want to include my family in it.

For my vision to become a reality, I need a vehicle.

A vehicle that will guide me throughout the whole journey.

And if you are going on your own journey, you need to make sure your vehicle is well-oiled and prepared for the road.

Find the vehicle you need today right here @all_in_chuck

Charles Kunstmann

Need some extra cash? Click @all_in_chuck for full details

Create your own economy... click @all_in_chuck to see how ✌🏻

#4Percent 😁🏝

''I don’t contemplate, I meditate, then off your f*cking head
This that put-the-kids-to-bed' #stylesteez #zoomfly #nikelab #breaking2 #DNA #TheMood #4percent

'checked out' flight club for a game of darts, one hundred and eightyyy ting #darkfruits #fruity #4percent


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