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Healthy meals prepared on the fly + super cute set up. Yes please! 📷: @annagracenewell #4memphis

#bts Shooting for @4memphismag ❤ Super excited for the April issue to come out. #901 #4Memphis

Ramera looking gorgeous in the new issue of @4memphismag! #colors #4memphis #memphis #tn #model

Look what beautiful girl I found on the magazine racks walking through #WholeFoodsMarket #4memphis #shelooksamazing

feeling very spring like on set today 🌺🌸🌷 #bts #4memphis

Old Dominick might know the secret to a great Old Fashioned... but we also are behind the scenes of the latest Memphis fashion... 4Memphis spring fashion shoot at Old Dominick Distillery!
#4memphis #olddominick #memphisrooftop

They say "The eyes are windows to the soul"....and you, sweet Allie, are filled with nothing but light. It was an honor & pleasure.


Healthy meals prepared on the fly + super cute set up. Yes please! 📷: @annagracenewell #4memphis

Tonight's Twilight Tuesday free movie night series featuring 'La La Land' on the Beale Street landing. Come out to see great movie & beautiful sunset views! Starts at 8:30 PM #4memphis

//I wish Instagram's crop was a little bit taller, so that I can post a whole photo that I took sideways on my camera and didn't crop.// #firstworldproblems

Things change. Plans change. People change. Times change. And change is okay. It's really really good sometimes. I don't want it to change sometimes unknowingly. But then when it does I'm better for it. This grasp comes loose and I feel free when I didn't even know I was trapped. I'm glad change is here. I needed it.

Sharing some major interior design #inspiration - all work by local designer Jim Herbst. Check out our FaceBook page: 4Memphis for more photos from this home! #4memphis #choose901 #interiordesign

Today is the last Sunday we are worshiping God in our Church building. We're moving to a temporary building before we can afford our own place. I've been in this church since I was 11. That's 8 years I've been worshiping God with my church family every Sunday and every Wednesday. We are small, so it's literally like a family here. When I first heard we were going to have to move, I was upset and very emotionally distraught by it. I knew that meant a lot of changes were going to happen to our church. But I also knew, the building is not the church. The church is the people in it. People move, and visual memories are lost. Some of my closest friends were made at this place. And lost as well. I got saved while being here. Countless memories and sweet fellowship was made here over the course of these past 8 years. It's going to be hard to leave. But things have to change sometimes. For the better. For a Godly purpose. All glory be to God during this time of trial and change.

I really need to paint my room. I also feel this sudden need to have a more grown up looking room. Not a room with a paint splattered desk or a pink quilt on my bed that is currently on the floor with no frame. Times have changed. Friends have changed. Life is changing. All so quickly. I just hope I can keep up.

Check out these desserts @interimmemphis ! The heart & soul that goes into each of their hand-crafted dishes makes every experience at Interim that much more memorable. Visit our 4Memphis FaceBook page for more photos & our favorite dishes! #4memphis #interimmemphis #chefdavekrog #cheffranckoysel

Hey guys, it's Caitlin here for this week's #takeovertuesday! I'm the newest graphic design intern @4memphismag sharing one of my favorite summer trends: stripes & bandanas! For more trends, be sure to check out the fashion pages I designed in the July issue. #4memphis #takeovertuesday

Flowers make me happy. So does mint, unless it's taking over our basil in our garden. Then mint and I aren't the friendliest of friends. #basil

This photo was taken almost a year ago. It was the first month of me working at Kroger. I complained and didn't like it at times, but I've had three jobs now and I still think it was my favorite and the most memorable. I, like any teenager, thought I knew everything and I was set out to conquer the world. But then not 2 months later the world chewed me up and spit me out like a old piece of gum. I have been hurt and lessons have been taught. I've lost friends and gained them and lost them again. I've grown... Jobs have been dropped and hobbies have been picked up. I will be 19 years old in 2 months, not going to college, not making plans...and I still don't know what the heck I'm going to do with my life here on earth. But I sit here and sigh and continue telling myself, that's not for me to decide. God has it covered he has had it covered since eternities past. I could have had it easy in my childhood, and the worst is yet to come. Or It could go smoothly. I just pray I have a family one day I can serve and love. That's my hope. Alright I'm done. Thanks for reading.

As a teenager that is also in that beginning to be an adult phase, I am learning a lot about myself. As anyone would. One thing I've learned is I don't like drama. I don't entertain dramatic things that happen, I don't get involved. And I'm way less stressed for it. And I have a lot more happy times on my hands because I choose not to let it consume me. Drama is consuming and takes up time unreasonably when you can solve the problem with simplicity. Don't let drama take over your life. You've only got one here on earth. Make the best of it.

Rachel's Happy Hour starts at 4 PM today! 2 for 1 flowers from 4-5 PM every Saturday 🌸 #4memphis

//Always be a bagger before you're a cashier. Just do it.//

Be sure to grab a few chairs & join us out at the Levitt Shell! This weekend's line up: Thursday- Ruthie Foster. Friday-Cecile Doo-Kingue. Saturday- Liz Brasher. Sunday- The Grahams. 🎶 #4memphis

Be sure to go see our friends at Napa Cafe for their seared ahi tuna perfection👌#eatlocal #4memphis

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