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Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty. #psalm91
This was an original painting made back in 2012. This was #inspired by God leading me in his rest. And he still teaches me to be kept in his rest. Resting in him, is also trusting he will take care of you.
Psalm 46:10 also says;" be still and know that I am #God. "That he watches his word over us reference Jeremiah 1:12 and he #protects us as we dwell with him.
For this painting, this little girl is in sweet sleep resting next to the lion of Judah ( symbolic for Jesus) who is sheltering her from the #storm. He is not moved by what comes as it does not affect him. He keeps her warm,dry and safe as she rests in #peace next to him. Psalm 4:8 says, I will lie down in peace and sleep for you alone make me dwell in safety.
May he also be your Peace and cover you under his shadow.
#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #lion #lionofjudah #littlegirl #sleeping #inhisrest #devotional #devotionalArt #scripture #scriptureArt #dailybibleverse #acrylic #mixmedia #acrylicpainting #inspirational #instabible #instaword

Making a family tree painting for my grandma's 90th birthday this Saturday. I thought what is the best present you can get her at her wisdom age. And it was a lineage of her and grandpa. My Grandpa died in 2010. He, I know is with Jesus. He had Alzheimer, but his lasts days was joyous, he sang church melodies as he was a believer. My grandma now though has dementia in the early stages. So I value even more the times I'm able to see her. She has kept the family together at gatherings. When she passes, things will never be the same again. But I know she prays. She also believes. And one day, when it's her time, I know I will see them both again, this time young and healthy like this in their photo I used to make this current portrait.
I will update the finished painting and my grandma this Saturday.
#4himpaintings #artistjenpage #art #family #portraits #unfinished #original #mygrandparents #acrylicpainting #agift #honor #ILoveFamily #grandma #grandpa

Walk by Faith. This was another personal prophecy painting delivered tonight. Meant for a lady at my church. Her husband picked it up tonight. This is a word referring to both #Faith and #walking in miracles. This is a #gospelshoeofPeace walking on water with wings to fly added to it. And the picture I got also was the mother goose story of the shoe. As to why the door of faith is on this shoe.
God is encouraging us to take a #stepsoffaith forward and see him move through us. For this woman who receive the word, and for any of us who wants to grab a hold of this word. He will give us wings to fly as we move forward. ✈🌅👢🕊✈🛩 #4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #personalprophecypainting
#walkbyfaith #shoe #wings #wingstofly #walkonwater #original #acrylicpainting
#newpainting #paintedword #propheticart #christainart #prophecy #2corinthians57
#faithinhebrew #Hebrew #hebrewword

More Testimonies of the goodness of God. Gracie and her other friend joined in the fun tonight prayed for people too. As well as Donna and I went out prayed for Several tonight received healing in backs and one in the knees. A young couple now wants to come and check out the church.
As we have been stepping out, I've noticed it has become easier. I share to encourage anyone out their reading this that God wants to use anyone willing. These girls did. And want to thank both God who is the healer in all of this and Andrew for starting this group. If your local in Southern California and want to join in, come out to Newport beach every Saturday night at the pier from 6:30-10:30
You will see God move in the lives of strangers and meet on fire believers too.
#4himpaintings #backshealed #Godisgood #preachthegospel #mynight #Saturdaynight #newportbeach #thestandardoc #dowhatJesusdid #fun

Doing another prophecy painting. This still needs more details to it. Since one of my followers on instagram is a customer ❤
I am choosing to not post too much information yet. But she should get this by Sunday. Will update later.
Can you guess what the title is?
I can say it's a scripture title. :) #4himpaintings #art #acrylicpainting
#original #personalprophecypainting
#notdoneyet #guessthetitle #comissionwork #boot #Angelwings #bluedoor #NewWork #walkonWater


I have for a while now being having a God's heart and desire to see the body of Christ come together in a much richer and deeper #unity than beforehand or in any current state it is now. My mind is always heaven minded and I see things in a perspective that is much like a family. ❤

In heaven the people of God is like family to each other. They are celebrated, they Deeply Love God and they Love well each other. Although there is No marriage or given in marriage as the #Bible talks about. The people are like a family carrying #theheartoftheFather and respond in #hisheart towards each other, thinking and acting in God's Love toward one another❤

#Jesus in his prayers in #John 17:22-23
Prayed that we become one in unity that the world might know #JesusChrist and his Love for them.( summarize verses)📑
When we are praying the Lord's prayer, we are praying for thy Kingdom come ,thy will be done as it is in heaven to be manifested in the earth. We are praying in heaven culture, kingdom mindset and kingdom ways. Reference #Matthew 6:9

I look forward to the day when we are all fully walking in this way. 🔥❤🔥I ask God to change me often until I myself is fully walking in this way. I pray we all do. ❤

#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #dailybibleverse #devotional #unify #scriptureart #instabible #instaword #bibleverse #cross #Heavenminded #kingdomways #loveforeachother #revival

Happy Customers. Tonight delivered the paintings, the written prophecy words to accompany them and met these lovely ladies for the first time tonight. I'm told by them the words and paintings are accurate description for each of them. That blesses me each time I deliver the prophecy painting to a whom ever it was for. God knows and I love working with Holy Spirit. He reveals to me the heart of the Father for people. Tonight it was these ladies. Well actually paid a few weeks ago and painted recent with the word.
I give God all the glory for what he is doing in my life, that includes the arts 🔥🎨❤☝
#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #personalprophecypainting #prophecy #propheticart #getyourownoriginal #originalpainting #acrylic #oil #paintedword #happycustomer #accurateword #igiveGodtheglory #Jesusistheartistthroughme #acrylicandoilpainting #Harvester #bluedoor #keyofdavid #hisperspective #setFree #butterfly #Glasses

#unfinished personal prophecy paintings
Working on the next layer tonight which is oil finish. This is the look so far of both paintings. Will be done by tomorrow and delivered at my church Monday night worship. Will be meeting the buyer for the first time tomorrow night. Looking forward to their response. Will update the finish product and delivery tomorrow night.
I have now 3 paintings I'm doing after these are done. 2 paid paintings and making an oil painting for my grandma's 90th birthday in a few weeks. Love the challenge. I will also post those works too.
If you want one of your own. Message me and I'll get you info you need to be in order of painting.
#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #personalprophecypainting #acrylicpainting #getyourown #original #originalpainting #personalwords #godsheartforyou #IpaintHISheartforyou
#butterfly #setfree #harvestfields #propheticartist

These girls , Grace in the blue and Kendal in the pink only 7, and 5. Stepped out tonight and prayed for strangers in Newport beach. They prayed with authority. Leg got healed. Hip and back got healed, prayed for a baby with a tumor and seizures in a group that to just know God healed, they prayed for a headache to be gone that was in that group to increase faith for that baby. They also prayed for a man to get his little girl back as this guy was not sober prior and afterwards walked away crying. I'm told later when we got back from the pier praying for people, this man came back in his right mind and peace.
The girls counted with excitement how many they stepped out and prayed for to which was about 12 people.
God is looking for anyone willing.
Although I did manage to lead a lady to Jesus tonight and yes that was fun. I must say as a parent watching my girl pray along side her little friend pray for strangers and seeing God move was so rewarding. ❤❤❤❤❤ And they also shouted a few times Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Teaching these kids that it's Jesus who gets the glory. Amen. !!!!! #4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #teachthekidsearly #jesusheals #testimonies #proudmom #evangelism #funtimes #Saturday #touchinglives #thankyoujesus #radicalfaith #nojuniorholyspirit #kidscanpray

Making new personal prophecy paintings this weekend. Will be delivered this Monday night at my church with people I never met and their first time coming to my worship Monday night. These are pure words as I love doing these new works and paint a new thing every time. The one on the left is a harvest fields with a blue door and little girl having a key to enter in. And the one on the right is seeing a deep perspective. Being able to see others in their freedom and releasing freedom to them. When I'm done painting these words I'll then have a typed written prophecy word to go with each with just a name given to me.
With each one I've made in the past, I'm told by the receiver that they are accurate words.
If you would like one, message me or comment below. And I'll send you details how to get your own original painting and word. 🎨

#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #unfinishedpainting #original #personalprophecypainting #acrylicandoil #getyourownoriginalpiece

#timewiththeking #songlyrics #fillmeup
Inspired to make this as a reminder of what is important daily. Time with the King. We bring the wood and #sacrifice that is our time and service before him. I look for ways to spend with him whether morning,afternoon or night or more than once. I need him for all things to be a better mom, better wife, business, revelation, art, and fill up in his Love so I can Love well others. #Love well strangers and family and church family. Moses back in the day often spent time with him as this is a picture setting of the tent of meeting. #Moses glowed with his presence and God said he was his friend. What a statement to be a friend of God. ❤🔥 #Jesus our example daily spent time away in prayer. He filled up with the fathers Love to pour out to many. Spending time with #God releases the Power, the Love, Peace and authority.
Heidi Baker, I heard once in a testimony that she spends hours before him even though much was on her plate of things to do. When all was said and done, her busy large plate of things to get done was done and worked itself out. God took care of those things because she put him first.
#Matthew 6:33

Seek First the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added to you.
#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #tentofmeeting #consumingfire #Power #Peace #devotional #devotionalArt #scripture #scriptureArt #instabible #instaword #Bible #inspire #bibleverse #artword #FireofGod #seekfirstthekingdom


For I will pour out water on a thirsty land And streams on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring And My blessing on your descendants;
This was made several years ago with watercolors and pen. With just recently revised digital look. Felt lead to share now because I'm seeing this take place in my now season with my friends, family. The Holy Spirit is on the move with outpouring. And as you notice the circle is shaped as a heart. The outpouring is what God is, Love.
When I was feeling dry and thirsty for more of him, I pursued him for he satisfied me according to #MATTHEW 5:6 And to keep that place in my heart filled up with overflow, I keep pursuing him for more. I then become like a sponge and pour out unto others the Love of God. My boldness to step out has increased and I then see lives of others changed because I rely on God to move on the hearts of people he places in my path. And it's so rewarding to see the lives of others touched by the King. If you desire him, to move forward in your walk, to step like this, my encouragement to you, is pursue him. Purpose to find ways to spend with Jesus. He will pour His Spirit on you and cause a fresh boldness of his Love to step out. A purpose to walk out Mark 16.
Just this year alone I have seen kids touched by God. The strangers on the streets and market places touched by the King. And continue in church circles. It's his Love through me. ❤❤❤ Anyone can. Just pursuing him activate this❤❤❤ #4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #heart #livingwater #GodisLove #pourouthisSpirit #revival #revivalbeginswithyou #JesusLovesyou #dailybibleverse #bibleverse #scripture #devotional #devotionalArt #pouroutHisLove #instabible #instaword #inspire #inspirational #activateHisLove #HolySpirit #watercolor

In anything amazing that happens in my life or through me, I give him all the glory and honor and power and give him my praise. For I canNOT do without him!!! He heals the sick through me, he delivers the oppress, he opens doors of favor, he protects me and so on. God is the one who shows himself off through his people. He wants to bless us as well and reach the lost so that all might be saved.
We cannot do these things without him. He also says in his word that he promotes and places people in authority of their position or removes them. I praise him for all things!! May he continue to receive the glory🔥 May people recognize him in each of us as we go out being sent ones for him and walking out #Mark16.
.......They cast their crowns before the throne,saying, " Worthy are you,our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created." _____________
#4himpaintings #artistjenpage #art #crown #givehimtheglory #honor #heisworthy #devotional #devotionalart #Bible #bibleverse #scripture #scriptureart #instaverse #instabible #inspire #inspirational #GlorytoGod #KingofKings #Jesus #Glory #power

Feeling Loved and honored. My friend Crina treated me and the girls to #yogurtland this past week for a late birthday quality time together. One of the best ways to get to know people is purpose to take time out and spend time with them. We gave each other treasures encouragement and testimonies of what we overcame and where we are headed.
Another Love language I adore in relationships is time with them.
You gain wisdom from their experiences and Loved by gifts they bring to you. Crina is a gift to the body of Christ and worth getting to know. She is humble and strong in the Lord. She has a generous heart and a quiet trust in the Lord, who is honorable in conversation as to not Gossip and the like, someone you can trust. We all need to find a friend like that. ❤
#friends #sillygirls #buildingkingdomconnnection #chooseyourfriendswisely #ilookforwisdom #fathersLove #qualitytime #feelingLoved #4himpaintings #mygirls

God has great plans for you!!! Your yesterday is not your landing pad. God has his plans yet to manifest in you today and tomorrows that are better than your yesterdays. No matter your past, that does not determine you now. God is in the business of full filing dreams, giving you a future with Hope filled with his goodness unimaginable open doors of favor desires and dreams to see come to pass.
We weren't made here on this earth to just get by, but rather #Thrive. For his Glory!! We are sons and daughters who represent the kingdom. And God is bringing on this hour his time to show off to the world his kingdom people. His promises are still for today, a yes and Amen to each one. Here is but a few that you can be encouraged today to take for yourself and see God at work in your life while you seek first his kingdom according to #Matthew 6:33

#Isaiah22:22 #Jeremiah2911 #1Corinthians2:9

#God wants to bless you. He has purposely made you to be a blessing. And to be #blessed.❤🌈❤ #4himpaintings #artistjenpage #art #doors #keys #butterfly #freedom #opendoors #favor #godwantstoblessyou
#devotional #devotionalArt #dailybibleverse #scripture #instabible #bibleverse #godplans
#inspire #forhisglory #seekfirstthekingdomofgod #glorytoglory

You can find God's promises in every book of the Bible. ☝This is another great one to #memorize and one I practice often. #Praying in the Holy Spirit and keeping myself in God's Love. ❤
My faith has increased dramatically over the years as I have purpose to practice the word in practical application. 📑In praying in the Holy Spirit🔥🙏, he prays through me perfect prayers and prayers that prophecy to come to pass in my life. My faith grows, the Love in me grows and I step out more. I see also more of my prayers answered for both my family and the lives of others. I desire God more in the process and he fulfils the desires of my heart. ❤

I encourage anyone reading this that hunger for more of truth, more of God, and want to step into the next level, to ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. (Another way to say Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God) To experience this new level of #prayer life and begin to see a much deeper working taking place and breakthrough come much faster than before. Seek those to whom have this already to first get saved asking Jesus Christ in into your life, and second to get baptized in the Holy Spirit for the next powerful level in your life. You will begin to see and experience a difference and new freedom like you've never experienced before. God's power and Love at work in your life🔥❤🔥❤. #4himpaintings #artistjenpage #art #scripture #dailybibleverse #bibleverse #instabible #artword #devotional #devotionalart #faithgrows #inspire #prayerlife #Jude1 #GodsLove #nextlevel #prayerupgrade

Greater Love has no one than this,that one lay down his life for his friends.
Was inspired to make this tonight and reflect on this new season God is taking me through on LOVE. Tonight all I did was cry after just receiving a genuine Hug from a member at my church in class tonight from one of the teachers to which carried the heart of the Father. It was like getting a hug from God. And God uses people to pour his love on others too. Not just his presence in worship that I feel often.
I love to love on people in however I learn they receive. And when someone who is sensitive to God in his Love pours back into me, all I could do is cry. I mean I grow fast with LOVE. My love language is simple. Just pour the fathers Love out. Now I give out all 5 love language often, I was made flexible to beware of how others receive. Jesus I believe gave hugs often. He gave his life as the best gift to us all. He spent quality time with both his followers and God his father, he gave words to encourage and healing words, and he was the greatest servant. He was and is LOVE.
I'm learning to LOVE others that God put on my heart for,even if they don't respond the same way back. God has a way to give me what I pour out to others when he extends Grace for me to Love those who can't respond the same way back yet. We all need Love. We all need people who carry the fathers Heart and be Jesus to someone else. Allowing Jesus to Love through us. Forgiving those hard to love, is another way to Love. Purpose to Love others through Jesus. You will reap a harvest of God's Love in return. And I felt that tonight. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ #Jesus laid down his life for us. What can we do to take up our cross and lay down our lives for Jesus ? The answer, by simply showing Love to others, even if they don't respond the same way back. Let Jesus Love through you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ #4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #Lovingothers #feelingLoved #ThefathersLove #GodisLove #LoveistheGreatist #JesusLovesYou #Jesuslovesme #IneededthatHug #beJesustosomeone #scripture #instabible #inspire #devotional #devotionalArt #dailybibleverse #bibleverse #purposetoLove #whatdoesLovelooklike

My bestfriend aside from Jesus of course. And my prayer partner🔥🙏❤ We have been on a newlywed journey in our second wind of our marriage since July of 2017. God has brought so much healing and restoration in much needed areas of our life. We pray more often and Go to God more now than before even in any problems or concerns about each other arrives, we go often to the cross. God has strengthened our children in the process too. And I've noticed more positive changes in me. As we are one in unity now with the Spirit. And I'm forever grateful🔥❤🔥🙏 My husband has become a more powerful intercessor to. And I've deepen my Love for him and my heart expanded towards others. God is in the business of healing relationships. And putting a new fire in relationships. I pray for anyone reading this and they feel they need this in there relationship, that cry out to God. Pray for your spouse or family or friends in the whom ever you desire and seek to have a healthy relationship. Intercession for them. Bless them. And their will be a time they will run into the LOVE. Jesus. I prayed for God to change ME in the process. And prepare me for the next levels. God has been faithful. Keep the fire alive by going into his presence and spending time with your spouse, etc. God will restore what the locusts have eaten as he has for me and continue to do so.❤❤❤ #4himpaintings #testimony #marriage #datingmyspouse #datingmyhusband #restoration #powerofaprayingwoman #lovemyhusband #powerinprayer #dontgiveup #godisgood #prayerpartner #Godblessmymarriage

Your attitude belongs to you and it's your choice if you want to have a good one. #joycemeyer

I have chosen to Love more this year. To shake off the past, to change and corporate more through those changes. And to make peace with others and peace with myself more often then beforehand. To Love what God loves and Love people better and myself well.❤❤❤ To be more patient and trusting God more for my life. To reflect on the goodness of God in the land of the living. Choosing to be thankful daily ❤❤❤
I choose to have a good attitude!!! ______________
#4himpaintings #art #artistjenpage #haveagoodattitude #walkinlove #lovingonpurpose #changingattitudes #inspire #inspirationalquotes #character #belikejesus #lovewhatgodloves #devotional #devotionalart #instaword #choosetohaveagreatday #bethankful #joycemeyers #artword

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