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How Moesha wrote in her Diary

Y'all can have y'all favorites. Guarantee she's your favorites favorite. Lol. Ok let me stop, I'm bias and careth not. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 Y'all know how I feel about Brandy THEE Norwood. 😍SING @4everbrandy SING. #4everbrandy #thevocalbible #brandyasroxiehart #brandynorwood #happycurlhappygirl

Looks like @syraismith did her thing yesterday. I'm soooo happy for her. Such a beautiful soul! Thank you for tagging me @scarlettlopezofficial ☺️🦄🦄 @4everbrandy #syraismith #4everbrandy

Wishing a warm, happy, and blessed birthday to my forever #muse @4everbrandy You have been an inspiration and blessing to my life. Have a wonderful day love. #weareateam #4everbrandy #happybirthday

#4everbrandy tried to teach us all how to Dab & Twek after my last drill with the best people ever! So much fun!!!

I can't believe saw & met my favorite singer @4everbrandy LIVE in my home city last night (Charlotte,NC). Vocals were impeccable, personality was sweet & personable, & I was completely blown away by the entire show. I just feel like I'm dreaming. She even gave me a compliment & interacted with me 😱😍😭😭😩. I can't take it...I'm shook lol. I'm the musician I am today bc of her honestly. I know all of her songs(even the unreleased music that you have to dig & research for lol). I will definitely see her again and I recommend everyone experience a concert of hers. You will not be disappointed especially if you enjoy R&B music and clean LIVE vocals. (Swipe to enjoy a few snippets of the concert) 😊✌🏾💙 #Brandy #4everbrandy #starz #charlotte (#brave music).

@4everbrandy I had an absolutely breathtaking experience with you. I walked away so musically inspired. The energy in the room was powerful and we were all there for YOU. I'm so happy to say that I had the experience of finally seeing one of my FAVORITE artists live. No one can tell me that dreams don't come true! ❤️💜💙 #brandy #4everbrandy #starz

One of my favorite B'Rocka headshots. Merry Birthday Queen. #TwoEleven #4EVERBRANDY


I'll keep the story up but but last half I didn't actually see so I am not positive it happens, it just felt like that's what was happening. I think Brandy was serenaded with a freestyle by Common on stage and didn't sing on stage like I posted! Anyways I'm waiting for facts............. story- We were standing on the side in front of the stage waiting for Common to start his set. A woman was yelling "woo-hoo," something you normally would do when an artist is performing, or lets say when the lights go out to start the show. None of that was going on though and then I heard her ask folk where the wine was! I had to look back to see who it was and "MO to the,E to the" just started playing in my head. She was close enough to me so I pointed to where the wine was. I knew it was her but waited for confirmation from a fan or someone. I didn't see the connection until I was leaving after the third song. Common played Red Wine off of his latest album Black America Again that features Syd from the Internet and Pinderhughes and Brandy got on stage to sing it with him. If I knew what was going down I would have only shot two songs to get her a glass. I got a selfie with Brandy but just ain't ever post it! #ispy #4everbrandy #brandy #legend #singer #golden1center #moesha #ascensive

This week’s #FandemoniumFriday goes out to @kevinrossmusic and his cover of @4everbrandy's "I Wanna Be Down".
#4everteambrandy make sure you check out his debut album #TheAwakening! #SupportRnB #Brandy #BrandyNorwood #4everbrandy #Starz #VocalBible #BrandyCover #IWannaBeDown #KevinRoss #KevinRossMusic

Hello Music Monday lovers. I'm so glad that we can be together again. This is my favorite @4everbrandy albums of all time. My favorite tracks on this album is Almost Doesn't Count and If You Ever. This is her second album, Never Say Never. #musiclovers #musicloversonly🎵 #neversaynever #almostdoesntcount #haveyouever #4everbrandy #musicnotes #musicmondays🎶 I'll see you all soon, Xoxo...

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