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Sense the Alfa Romeo grip with the #4CCoupe.

Thoughts? Trying my hand at making my own center exit exhaust. Not set on the tip - I just bought a cheap one from the local auto parts store to see if I could even do this. Next up, version 2 and if I still like it I'll order a nicer tip!

#Alfa #alfaromeo #AlfaRomeo4C #4c #4ccoupe

This beauty 😍😍
#4ccoupe #alfaromeo #yeg #ca

Descubrí en #4CCoupe el distintivo diseño Italiano, que encenderá todos tus sentidos. Conocé más en nuestra página web. #AlfaRomeo #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, watch the rest of the Walkaround on YouTube. #alfaromeo #alfaromeo4c #4ccoupe #alfaromeoofmanhattan #italiancars @italian_cars_ @alfaromeoofficial @alfaromeousa

Sexy little Italian at #bimmerstock2017 today! #alpharomeo #4ccoupe #turbo


Let's be honest, all Italian sports cars sound good. This one however...prepare to expierence sound perfection.
#AlfaRomeo #4CCoupe #Akrapovic

Alfa Romeo 4C - Флэш!
Огонь и больше нечего мне сказать! Учитывая тот факт, что к ней мне просто не дали подойти, это 4С привлекла внимание всех, ведь как ни крути Alfa Romeo это бомба! И как говорил @jeremyclarkson1: вы не можете считать себя автомобильным задротом, если у вас не было Альфы! Да, он прав, я например вообще не понимаю Alfa Romeo 4C, но она мне безумно нравится!
Ваше мнение?
Alfa Romeo 4C - The Flash!
It's hot and I've got nothing to say more! Counting the fact that no one let me take a good photo of it, this 4C attracted people, cause you can't bear the fact that a 4C is a bomb! Like @jeremyclarkson1 said: you can't count yourself as an automobile nerd, if you haven't owned an Alfa Romeo! He is right, I don't understand the Alfa Romeo 4C, but I love it!
Your thoughts?

Christmas came early here at Alfa Romeo of Richmond! Two 4C Coupes arrived this morning, we can't wait to unwrap them.
#AlfaRomeo #4C #NewArrivals

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