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Counting down the days until we get to meet our princess! #48days #babygirl #BabyClark @matt_clark22

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Karaas ❤ #karaasbryllup #48days

This is haaappeniing! 😃💌🌷 #48days #hugsandchises

i'm getting married & that's no April fools joke 🎉 thanks to all my best girly pops for showering me with love & goodies today!! #48days #HusKEYtomyHeart

My future husband!!!! #48days#edelmanandwife


Today my wonderful Aunt threw me a Bridal Shower and I got to spend the morning with lots of different families. It is so special to get to bring so many families together and I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate with them. I didn't get a picture with everyone but here are a few. (I even got a hug and picture with my big brother and three cousins!) #48days #brandandalsayido #bridalshower #familyshower

Bachelorette party made for the best weekend! Love you girls 💗🎉😋 #almostaulds #48days

My fiancé is so rad. And so is @brianneheinerphotography ☺just got back out engagements and I am in love!! With the pictures too😘#engagements #48days


Counting down the days until we get to meet our princess! #48days #babygirl #BabyClark @matt_clark22

Write out "I have a message to share and an audience to serve." Brian is rocking it in pushing us all to create something with what we know. We can get stuck comparing ourselves to others, but we need to look at our beginning- not where someone else is further down the road. Look inside and remember that YOU have a message to share, and that can make a powerful impact on others that need to hear it from YOU. #entrepreneurlife #mamasaysnamaste #beintentional #cwe2017 #48days

Feeling amazing and making amazing progress in my weight loss journey thanks to Advocare and thier amazing products!! So in just 48 days I Iost a total of 15.8 lbs, 3.7 % of my body fat, and my BMI went down by 2.5!!!! AND a total of 14.75 inches around my body!!! #48days #advocareresults #iloveadvocare #lostfatandgainedasmile #gamechanger #lovingmybody #15poundsdown #yes

#AtenaDaemi (Persian: ‫آتنا دائمی‬‎‎) is a 29 years old civil rights activist, children's rights activist, human rights activist and political prisoner in Iran.
Daemi was arrested on October 22 of 2014 and was kept in solitary confinement and interrogated for 86 days. She was then transferred to the women’s wing of Evin prison. Her trial was on March 15 of 2015 and this social activist was accused for propaganda against the regime, conspiracy against national security, insulting the supreme leader and insulting the founder of the Islamic revolution and was sentenced to 14 years of prison.
She was bailed out of prison on February 15 of 2017 and her sentence was reduced to 7 years in the appeals court.
Atena started a hunger strike on April 9 of 2017 up until now as a protest to sentencing of her family members. A letter has been written by Amnesty International on May 17 of 2017 asking for transfer of Atena from prison to a hospital and describing what has happened to her in prison. The letter says Atena Daemi, who has been on #hungerStrike for #48days, has been coughing up blood, suffered severe weight loss, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure fluctuations, and kidney pain. Doctors have warned that she requires immediate hospitalization. However, the authorities at Tehran’s Evin prison have refused to authorize her transfer to a hospital outside prison for medical treatment. #humanRights #islamicRepublic #iran
#٤٨ روز است كه #آتنادائمي در #اعتصاب_غذا به سر ميبرد. جانِ او در خطر است. صدايش باشيم... كنارش باشيم... #all4atena

#missyou 🌸🌸🌸
#48days ❤️

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