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Making amends ... I πŸ™„ lol xoxo Heyyyy #seattle I'm in town #pikeplacemarket #kymroc #455er

The synchronicity of light is instantaneous with our perception of life. Three dimensions of occupied space times the imagination of time well spent. This is my Pillar Of Consciousness symbolizing the evolution of that consciousness, from species to species, motivating and uplifting the genome to higher levels of omni-presence. Our rich mineralized bones of calcium being this root basis for soft electric awareness to congeal a body for mobility - Bone, Reptile, Phoenix, Cro-Magnon, Enlightened Being. Recognizing this connection life holds is key to having a harmonious experience. I sculpted this piece in 2011, 14x4x4' and it has been hiding in the depths of La Foundre, a place where creation thrives. Get ready to feel the #Awakening #EarthPeople #Sculpture #3D photo cred #455er

One of my favorite parts of yesterday at the @streetartfair. I'll be there from 11am-7pm today(Friday) and 11am-4pm Saturday. Come by and say hi, learn how to make a stencil with paper and fiberglass window screen, and or buy some artwork... You can also see some @clintonbopp artwork in the vid and of course @455er_cbs is everywhere. #teachr #455er



Making amends ... I πŸ™„ lol xoxo Heyyyy #seattle I'm in town #pikeplacemarket #kymroc #455er

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