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Today is 17 years since the Columbine incident.
Ever since I started my interest in True Crime, Columbine is one of the cases that always stood out for me.
My thoughts are with the victims' families 💖

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The past couple of days have been some of the hardest yet. As Justin's birthday passed for the first time without him here, Easter the following day, and now the anniversary of Columbine, all of these days are a constant reminder to live life to the fullest, be thankful for what you have, and treat everyone with kindness. I thank God that he protected my sister that day at Columbine and look to him for guidance in moving forward through our recent pain. Remember that no day is guaranteed, live in the moment, and make memories... because sometimes, those memories will be all you have left. #neverforget #neverforgotten #columbine #42099

oh man dylan you sure had us fooled . {tags} #dylanklebold #columbine #ericharris #42099

The Birthday Man! #42099

Some people realized that E/D were victims to and they were forgiven and that was great that even tho they took the lives of these kids theirs parents forgave them and most of them have not only shared the light of their children but went on to become activists standing up on Changing gun laws and the care of the young teen society. I've even talked to Daniel Mausers father and he and I discuss this situation

When we're dead, you'll know just who we are... #columbine #42099 #ericharris #dylanklebold #bloodyapril #wrath #naturalselection

Gone but never forgotten ... #42099 #ColumbineMemorial #ColumbineHighSchool


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