Доброе утро всем)))а у меня капучино☕️(в Израиле это кофе афух) с утра от любимого @kudrov_dnk_kudrova ❤️😘🇮🇱

- Что тебе нужно для счастья? - Мы... - И всё? - И всё... что в "мы"... @kudrov_dnk_kudrova ❤️

Wedding day ❤️🥂

41+4 , don’t you think it’s been long enough baby girl? Let’s just go for another coffee I guess.

hellooOoOoooOo, baby Uly.... it’s not so bad out here if you wanna come out and say hi today 😅 #41weeks1day #stillpregnant

Nog steeds met zn tweetjes💙💖 #Jens&;Amber #schoolfoto #41weekspregnant #wewordennieuwschierig

Morning colours as we go into our 41st week of being pregnant! This babe is having such a wonderful time in there. Hope it’s not another week of waiting to meet Clays baby brother! #41weekspregnant #toddlerlife #family #colours

A walk a day is NOT supposed to keep the baby away, but here we are anyway 🤬😅😬🤪😝😁😫 #41weekspregnant

My last belly shot. A few hours into actual labor. I was dialated to a 4 at this point. I really had no idea 6 hours later we would be holding our little baby GIRL 😮🎀. #thirdtrimester #pregnant #41weekspregnant #bump #bumpstyle #bumpupdate

Dear Baby: ☁️🌈🌞 41+1 😅 bumpy weeks little shrimpy! No bump photo because hey, a current photo of you is waaaay better than a boring old mom’s belly pic 🤰🏻😆. Yesterday was a long ass daaaaay. Our appointment at the midwives had me so emotional with the potential “medical induction” 🙅🏻‍♀️💀booked for next Wednesday if you are still being stubborn😩. So off to the hospital after our appointment there; we had to get a NST (non-stress test) to check on you and what do you know, you’re having a non-stress party 🎈👶🏻 (good thing it wasn’t testing me🤣🤪)! The nurse commented that you made her job way too easy and you are happy happy to still be in the womb! Later that afternoon we were booked an ultrasound to check on fluid levels and our awesome placenta, which checked out to be in perfect condition, and once again, you’re looking happy and healthy, just over 7lbs. So with that and if things keep checking out good I can deny an induction🎉. So we’re trying everything to start this labour naturally🌿! Did acupuncture last night and then saw our doula who did some rebozo and pelvic stretching, oh and she gave me a foot massage and did some acupressure 🙇🏻‍♀️💖. We are bouncing on my birth ball (making everyone watching me sea sick 🌊🤢😹), massaging clary sage on myself🍃, dates, red raspberry leaf tea by the gallons, and evening prim rose oil.
So please dish out any of your labour inductions and give us all the positive vibes as we try to work this baby out! .
#countdowntobaby #thirdtrimester #mommatobe #41weekspregnant #noduedate #homebirth #june2018baby #waterbirth #doulasupport #ultrasound #naturalinduction

Kazinha meu amor, foi mágico viver essa linda gestação aos teus cuidados (sim, já estou me despedindo da barriga). Te ter como irmã sempre foi a maior delícia da vida. E, agora, como obstetra, tem sido uma calmaria no meu coração. Em nenhum momento senti medo ou insegurança, simplesmente porque sei que tenho a melhor ao meu lado! Vai ser mágico receber meu filho pelas tuas mãos. Desde que a mãe partiu desse plano nos tornamos um pouquinho mãe uma da outra. E agora será um prazer dividir o papel de mãe do Ben contigo. Somos tão uma só que ele é nosso. Dizer obrigada jamais será o suficiente...nem o quanto te amo. De qualquer forma, OBRIGADA! TE AMO! #minhairmãéminhaobstetra #amordeirmã #41weekspregnant

41 weeks and straight chillin’. #sweatpink

Я и подумать не могла , что таааак долго буду носить пузик 🙆🏻‍♀️
Доношенная беременность считается с 37 недель . Много знакомых родили на таком сроке ~ 37-38 недель 😤🤟🏼Помню , как стукнуло 37 недель у нас 💭Сумки в роддом были сложены , все куплено, в квартире все готово к появлению нового члена семьи💭
Шли дни , недели ...и в календаре запиликало «привет, 41 неделя» «мам, рожай меня быстрее!» 🤭😁
• • •
#41weekspregnant #41неделя #41weeks #pregnantlife #pregnantstyle #pregnantbelly #pregnantphoto #maternityfashion

Waiting for my universe to be blown open and changed forever... #41weekspregnant; I know that Baby will choose the best time to come to us. No stress, no pressure; take your time, Baby ;)
Until then, I will keep on waiting patiently and using this time to enjoy these last few days/hours with myself and my man... This card I made for my midwife :) --bless those amazing people who do such important work! #midwivesmakeadifference

This is my last week pregnant, if my angel doesn’t make her debut in the next two days, I’ll be induced on Sunday, I can’t wait to meet her! This has been an incredible ride that please G-d will culminate in me holding her in my arms in a matter of days! 🙏🏻 #FBF to my tiny baby bump and to my full term “I’m exhausted” bump! #soontobemommy #fashionablylate

No baby yet. But my mama took me for a mani-pedi so now my feet are soft and my nails are pretty. 1 week and 1 day overdue.

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