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This delicious pizza is from Indigo Delicatessen. It was papad thin pizza.
Would you eat something like this?

This is creamy spinach and 3 cheese and 3 paneer pizza.

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S矇 feliz, eso es lo m獺s importante.

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Ash had always known he was different from other kids, he just didn't know how.
At first, he though it was because of how he dressed, but he couldn't change that due to his mother and him being extremely poor. It took five jobs just for Ash to go to school.
Then he thought it was because of his so called powers, or what the kids call 'freakiness'. He didn't mean to, but for some reason strange things happen around him, like the time he threw a bully into the brick wall of the school in recess...without even touching him.
He then wondered, if it was because of his father.
He didn't hear of him much, since his mother won't say just what happened to him, he can't even remember how he looked.
Ash couldn't help but try and look into what could possibly be the cause of this, only to find nothing relatable to it, except magic.
He just shook his head in frustration, like that could possibly be real...if so, he could of used it to make his mother rich, making her not needing to overwork herself, let alone work at all.
He didn't believe in magic, that is until that Hogwarts letter came into the small, yet crooked mail slot on his and his mother's apartment door.
On the front was his address, but unlike most letter, it had his exactly location. It made him wonder if they were being followed or something, 'Apartment 101, near the door with a crooked mail slot'.
One thing is for sure, as he began to open it, he couldn't help but get some twisted, unknown feeling in his gut.
'Mr. Ketchum, you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. [ #pokemon #harrypotter #anime #hogwarts #slytherin #gryffindor #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #bunearyrp #bunearyfanfic #instagram #ashketchum #40likes #fanfiction ]

The blueprint period

Giacca rossa,
solita mani nei capelli,
piedi "a papera",
sorriso sgargiante,
vento per nulla favorevole.

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O alinhamento energ矇tico que acontecer獺 hoje 23 de Setembro ser獺 um alinhamento muito poderoso que servir獺 como um mega portal de um grande influxo de energia para nosso sistema solar inteiro.

Esse alinhamento promover獺 a entrada de grandes quantidades de energia que dar瓊o um grande impulso transforma癟瓊o global terrestre. Esse 矇 o verdadeiro significado do Apocalipse: N瓊o o fim do mundo, mas sim o fim de uma era de trevas e o fim da ignor璽ncia, para o nascimento de um Novo Mundo.
As grandes quantidades de energia e a chegada de altas cargas de f籀tons ao nosso sistema solar est瓊o impulsionando a humanidade inteira despertar, buscar uma nova Consci礙ncia. como se raios de Luz come癟assem a surgir em meio uma grande escurid瓊o que durou por muito tempo. o raiar de uma Nova Aurora no Planeta Terra.
a b礙n癟瓊o dos C矇us, do Alto, para o nosso orbe: a entrada em uma Era de Luz. Aqui, em nosso planeta somente permanecer瓊o as Almas que buscarem suas melhoras, que se sintonizarem com o progresso e a eleva癟瓊o. Almas que enra穩zam-se no ego穩smo, nos sentidos inferiores, na materializa癟瓊o exacerbada, na pr獺tica do mal, n瓊o ter瓊o mais vez na reencarna癟瓊o na Terra que, agora, come癟a a sair do est獺gio de um planeta de provas e expia癟繭es e passa, finalmente, a entrar em um est獺gio de Regenera癟瓊o.

O alinhamento ser獺 mais um dos grandes portais energ矇ticos que promover瓊o intensas mudan癟as na consci礙ncia das pessoas encarnadas e desencarnadas na Terra, um marco de in穩cio de um novo ponto na hist籀ria planet獺ria e solar.
Esse 矇 o verdadeiro retorno de Cristo, uma explos瓊o de energia cr穩stica na consci礙ncia de cada ser humano aqui presente.

Via: @soulequilibre

Interior #clozette

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