Good Morning! I hope everyone is doing great today. I just thought I'd post a photo of hubby and I. We spent this past Monday out together. We did some Christmas shopping, watched a movie and enjoyed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We honestly didn't get much shopping done, it's hard for us to get our kids to do Christmas lists. Our kids never ask for much for Christmas, they're not materialistic kids. We love that about them but it does make shopping hard.

My middle child literally has zero toys and it's been that way most of his life. He has always loved his video games and computer though. My youngest really only likes gaming and Lego sets. My two youngest are home bodies, which means they don't typically hangout with kids their age. Yeah, weird right!? What kid wants to be home with Mom and Dad all the time, ours! I'm totally fine with that but I still think it is important for them to have friends but evidently they don't think so, they don't try at all to go out and make friends.

I guess we are a family of loners, perfectly content with each other. Believe me I want my kids to go out and make friends but this isn't something that can be forced, well not in my opinion. We specifically moved in a neighborhood so they would have access to other kids, turns out we didn't need to live in a neighborhood. We would have been perfectly fine living more rural. Honestly I wanted to live in a neighborhood to make friends too, lol. We've been here since about 2011 I think and none of us have made any close friends, oh well. Like I said we are pretty content with each other. Any other families out there consider themselves loners?

I'm probably the most social in our family but still struggle to find and make deep rooted friendships. I guess you can say my husband and kids are my world. Anyway, enough babbling. Have a great day! #mylife #myfamily #mybff #ootdfashion #ootd #mylove #mystyle #40andfabulous #momlife #momover40 #myworld

Had a great time at Christina Aguilera. Getting back to myself. #40andfabulous #musicislife #feelingmyself #newmom

Happy birthday to my work bestie @astcktn !!! Blessed to endure the daily craziness with you ! Not sure who was crazy enough to move us into the same cubicle, but hey, it’s welcome! 🤪 #workbestie #40andfabulous

The only Artist who can get my behind back in gear w my workouts these days lol almost 30 days since posting but I’m back—- 🎤Elevate your level.. on another level... graduate your level... 🎤 when you fall down.... just get back up again 🎧🎧 Imma hit you w a dose 🎧 🥁🥁🥁🥁 it’s been a chAllenging few months which I’ll get into in later posts but Thanks To Jesus; He gives me all I need !! ♥️ if you’ve followed me before, you know I Will focus in on that healthy life.... Thank you Lord !! If you have tunes that get you in workout mode; pls share! I listen to almost anything LOL Anyone else in the same boat?? 😬 #backontrack #transformationtocome #thanksCiara #Thisisforme #Thisisformyfam #thisisformyLord #MyBodyHisTemple #Instagram #ThankyouJesus #6monthspostpartum #instagramposts #40andfabulous #40andfit #ageaintnothingbutanumber

Sole Bliss Founder on BBC Radio London! 🙌Founder & designer Lisa Kay discusses all things bunions, comfortable heels for women & the progression of Sole Bliss with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London. Listen now and catch up on the Sole Bliss chatter! (link in bio - Lisa speaks from 2.10hr mark!) #bbcradiolondon #shoedesigner #womeninbusiness

Come to go within. Come to connect on a deeper level, come to rediscover who you were born to be, come to heal the pain of patterns, come to build new relationships with women with similar desires, come to let go of what’s hurt you, come to step into your true power, come to love your body, come to adventure back to your true self. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
➕come adventure with us in Sedona - Feb. 2019➕⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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🖤Kathy’s 40th🌷 Have you ever seen a plinth look this sexy! Shout out to @npm_events for these gorgeous custom wrapped matte black and brass plinths. I’m obsessed!😍Florals by @bellinoandco take my breath away. Absolutely love the textures, colours and mix of moody flowers 🖤❤️ Concept, design, custom props, styling @jo_kalivas_events_styling
Stationary, signage, backdrop designs @starfruitdesign
Cake @sinfulcakes_sydney @sweetillusions
Florals, balloons @bellinoandco
Desserts @sydneydessertco
Drapes, plinths @npm_events
Backdrop, black velvet furniture @thetreasureroom_
Partyware @stylishpartyware
Cake topper @lettersbyloulou
Printing @cleverfoxprint
Marquee light K @thebigbrightletterco
Venue @allawahhotel
📸 @zoomimages

Wednesday may be mid-week but don’t forget your goals and why you started! Go get those dreams and ambitions!! 🙌

My brothers...Abalangira...Abaana be Mama...my day ones..nsiima nnyo nnyo! Alhamudililah!
@owekyitaro @mela_the_story @mkagga1 .
#family #kinship #brothers #soldiers #kings #loveandsupport #chroniclesofnana #blackphoenix #40andfabulous

At rødvin er fantastisk, det visste eg, men at det og hjelper mot rynker og aldringsprosessen! #likeitalot
#redwine #loreal #aldringsprosessen #40andfabulous

Att prioritera sig själv en stund, bara för 30 minuter eller så kan göra underverk i en sönderstressad kropp och knopp. Det är bara det att man sällan tar sig an tiden. Man har inte tid, tusentals ursäkter. För mig handlar det mycket om att jag känner mig onyttig när jag sitter i soffan, vill helst förena nytta med nöje. Annars är det ångestladdat. Jag försöker lära mig att det är okey att bara sitta på en kudde och blunda, lyssna på avslappnande musik svagt i bakgrunden. 20 minuter fick jag ihop idag. Letade reda på mina utskrifter från nätet och avslutade med yoga och lyckades bli svettig. Nytta med nöje, faktiskt. Det kändes härlig efteråt och på ett sätt fick jag ett mini gym pass på köpet. Ha en fin dag, glöm inte bort att andas. 🙏
#yoga #vinyasa #meditation #mindfulness #yogainspiration #yogabeginner #mindfulnessmeditation #enjoylife #utmattningssyndrom #detsynsinte #återhämtning #exhausted #recovery #anxiety #ångest #breathe #andas

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