Last island of the cruise, followed by a bitter sweet adios to the Carribean life ✌️🏝️. Ventured around St. Kitts 🇰🇳, but only after a solid breakfast 😋.
#stkitts #basseterre #royalcarribeancruise #freedomoftheseas #partoneoftwo #nationalflower #poinciana #400yearoldtree #samantree

Century old balete tree and fish spa.💋💙 #wheninsequijor #400yearoldtree

The boy wanted a coast trip so a coast trip he got. #oldgrowthforest #400yearoldtree #siuslawnationalforest

A bit of tree-hugging going on here! No, I haven’t gone round the twist, honest! 😜All part of our lovely yoga teacher training and connecting to nature through the 5 elements.
Having a “wood” day here with the 400 year old tree🌳 in Ibiza absorbing its creative energy!
Time will tell if our intentions spring into manifestation! 😉🙏😊

Connecting with the “wood element” 🌳 at a 400 year old tree!
Wood signifies creation – birth, life and evolution; the link between Heaven and Earth, the phase where new lives take form and become something.
Trees embody the Wood Element, they link the sky and ground; a symbol of creation, growth and expansion.
Their survival relies on flexibility and overcoming obstacles in their environment. They need to be balanced, able to stand firm, be grounded yet flexible to change, adaptable.
Wood energy rears up as anger and aggression, emotions can be triggered when things don’t work out or we lose control of a situation or when our individuality and ego are threatened.
When Wood rears its head as frustration and resentment it is a message to pay attention to our inner intuition. (And do some hip openers!😉)

its a change of plans when the 400 year old oak falls. i'll try to get a pic of the base later but the chainsaw crew is up there now... #tree #oak #400yearoldtree #oldoak

So fucked up that as a human race we think we have any right to cut down a tree that has more history than any human could ever wish to carry in their life.
They've spent years building roads and shops around these trees yet now they want to cut them down.
Imagine all the things this tree has felt and seen throughout those 400 years, it is a living, breathing piece of history that should not be cut down.

Yesterday I got to see and gently touch the 400 year-old Angel Oak in Charleston, South Carolina. The tree is magnificent and so large it was hard to photograph. The second photo has an arrow pointing to people who look so small under this huge tree. Moss and resurrection fern live on many of the branches. #naturephotography #nature #angeloaktree #angeloak #angeloakcharleston #angeloakcharlestonsc #400yearoldtree #charleston #oak #liveoak



This tree is located in Barbados and was gorgeous! We were told it was over 400 years old. Had to have a pic taken in front of it. Beautiful spot. #barbados #carribean #400yearoldtree #ilovetravel #beautifuldestinations #happytravels #cruising

Angel Oak #400yearoldtree

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