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Thank you for bringing so much happiness & contentment in my life pa. For lifting this relationship to an amazing balance of romantic love & responsible partnership. I love you so much pa 😘 #june19 #42nd #3yearsAndAhalf #blessed #thankyouLord

ลูกดูตั้งใจเรียน ดูมีสมาธิ ดูดี เลอค่า มากค่ะ ✨👏 #สู้ๆ #ชินาเอ๊ย #ขอบคุณภาพจากกรุ๊ปไลน์พ่อแม่1/3ค่ะ #shina_sastrawaha #3yearsandahalf

My first baby ❤️ can't describe how much I love her ❤️ #liva #3yearsandahalf #loveforever #babygirl

People in relationships often declare they are in love after dating for 3 months or even 5 months and rush into it all without knowing because they are excited. I totally am guilty of that. I Honestly did not understand the meaning of the word "love" and what it means to truly love someone unconditionally, until just a little under a year ago.
Saying " I love you " is easy. It is the easiest part until you unravel all of each other's habits, likes, dislikes, passion, sadness, etc. You unravel each other's souls, you unravel the unique truth of each other. It becomes the most beautiful passion and feeling to be completely imperfect in front of someone. To be able to connect with or without words, to be vulnerable beyond belief, to let it all go. Love is much more than the exciting impulses you get while falling for someone's smile. Love is making sure they are loving themselves before they love you. Putting their needs first before your own and not resenting them for it. Expecting them to do the right thing and forgiving when they don't. RESPECTING EACH OTHER is a big one!! Appreciating them for the little things they do even when the big things out shines the little things. The inspiration that you both give each other to wake up and get out of bed in the morning because you are loved by so many. No anxious butterflies because that person makes you feel 100% comfortable and safe. Strong Communication and without hesitation to tell each other what's on each other's mind and telling each other what needs to be said even when it hurts. From Sharing the loudest laughs to the best shoulders to cry on. Supporting and cheering for every failure and every success. I believe there is more to a relationship than just love however showing them they are loved is super important ! Love is there when you are at your best but also at your lowest mess.
Often people go looking for a relationship and look for that companion high and low but not us. Both of us were not looking for anything and we found each other by pure serendipity. We make each other better people. I will always be happy to walk along the dark side with him until we find some sunshine. #3yearsandahalf

Je sais pas d’où ça sort
Je sais pas d’où ça vient
Je pourrais pas te l’expliquer
Et je comprendrais que tu me prennes pour un dingue
Je t’en voudrais pas
C’est juste que quand je te vois
Il y a des flashs dans ma tête
Il y a des images qui se répètent en boucle
Et j’ai besoin d’en avoir le cœur net
Je nous vois danser au ralenti sur du rub a dub
Et toi tu me déposes des mots précieux au creux de l’oreille
On se regarde droit dans les yeux
On veille jusqu'au lever du soleil
Je nous vois sortir marcher boire et partir sans payer
Tirer des plans sur la comète
Et faire l’amour les fenêtres ouvertes ≠
#fauve #3yearsandahalf

Alkis lutfen 👏🏻 🐳 #3yearsandahalf #mylittlebraveheart bir de koseye bir nazar boncugu birakalim 🌀 #damlayankaya 💦

A vida é um filme com começo meio e fim.... Atue da melhor maneira possível e encontre a companhia certa para dividir cada cena, para que o "felizes para sempre" não apareça apenas no final, mas no decorrer de toda a história.... Mais um ano juntos.... E que venham os próximos..... #HappyValentinesDay #luvU #pretty #MaGirl #3yearsAndAhalf #FromTheBeggining #2yearsOfDating #KLB #OurHistory #SheAndMe #couple #fotoRodrigoScarpa📷

You are my dearest friend, my deepest love, you are the best of me💗💗


Sempre modo piu rapido per addormentarlo ovunque siamo

Thank YOU @zumba @zumbahomeoffice Celebraring 3years and 9 month of MOVING THE WORLD! 💃🏻🌏🌍🌎 since I became Zumba Instructor Network #iamzin ...my first 1 & a half years in Shanghai, China dancing with friends all over the world: New Zealand, Germany, UK, Spain, South Corea, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Holland, Mexico, Marruecos, Madagascar and so On... Amazing and Interesting first 1 1/2 years and the second half of my ZIN years in Orlando, Fl. FUN, DIVERSE, LOVED, UNFORGETTABLE years as ZIN! #thankyou #zumba #zumbaworld #zumbacommunity #zumbafriends #zinversary #3yearsandahalf #letskeeprocking #learning #shaking

You are my dearest friend, my deepest love, you are the best of me💗💗

Alkis lutfen 👏🏻 🐳 #3yearsandahalf #mylittlebraveheart bir de koseye bir nazar boncugu birakalim 🌀 #damlayankaya 💦

ความคิดถึงทำให้เรารักกัน :) #distancemeansnothingwhensomeonemeanssomuch #3yearsandahalf #andstillcounting 💕

Happy anniversary to us! ❤️ @bradlmoreno
半年で区切っていくスタイル(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶🎉🎶 仕事頑張ってるかな、Bさんも…👶🏻💭 #3yearsandahalf #anniversary #3年半 #初心忘れべからず #国際カップル #purikura #snapchat

Lui il regardait le paysage, moi je n'avais d'yeux que pour lui ❤ #vireeaquebec #quebeccity #jelaimetellement #monmec #myman #3yearsandahalf

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