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"IN MEMORY. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. A part of us went with you the day God took you home. If tears could build a stairway, and heartaches make a lane, we'd walk our way to heaven and bring you back again. In life we love you dearly, in death we love you still, in our hearts you hold a place no one could ever fill." ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Bukas nakahulma ang ikatlong taon ng inyo pong pagpanaw. Nakatatak man sa lapida ang iyong buong pangalan, petsa ng kaarawan at hanggang sa dulo ng yung pamamaalam. Pero nakaukit naman sa puso namin ang iyong nakaraan at ang walang kasing ganda mong larawan. Kayo po ang tunay na Ina na buong-puso na nagmalasakit at nilabanan lahat ng pasakit. Ikaw na nagpatibay at nagbigay kulay sa aming buhay. Nanay, alam namin na lumilipad ka kasama ang nag gagandahang mga Anghel sa kalangitan. Isa ka sa tinuturing at nirerespetong ilaw ng tahanan. Anghel ka na... na tagapagligtas sa aming paglalakbay upang makita ka naming muli. Masaya at ikinagagalak po namin kayong dinalaw para kayo po ay aming mabati. Mahal na mahal po namin kayo Inay! 🙏😚 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #celebratinglife #weloveyou #wemissyou #nanay #corazonhatten #3years #restinpeace #inlovingmemory

#tbt Bana hergün doğumgünü🙈 #happy #happybirthday #3years

Dán chặt ng trên giường, buồn & lười, tới nhấc ng dậy đi vs thôi cũng k muốn
#motngaybinhthuong #3years

We had a blast celebrating Ellie’s birthday today! 12 straight hours of Disney Fun! The kids enjoyed every minute of it. Ellie’s favorites so far: Meeting Minnie Mouse and The Little Mermaid Ride! #ellieannrichards #3years

💥Special Financing Available for #3Years in @grimaljewelry 💍⌚️⛓💎 Tel 786-354-2343

💥Special Financing Available for #3Years in @grimaljewelry 💍⌚️⛓💎 Tel 786-354-2343

Happy Anniversary to my amazing man. So many exciting adventures these past 3 years and I can’t wait for all the upcoming ones! #3years #mybestfriend #anniversary #love

#Repost @pitties3 (@get_repost)
TO BE DESTROYED 01/18/2018💔
Publicly #Adoptable
Hello, my name is LUNA 🌺
My animal id is #17824
I am a desexed female white dog at the #Brooklyn Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about #3years 1 weeks old.
07-Jan-2018 - surrender reason stated as person circumstance- #MOVING 😡
AT RISK - #CIRDC - #uncomfortable currently with touch and novel stimuli - ADULT ONLY HOME recommended
Luna is a #timid LITTLE #lovebug with the sweetest doe eyes who will steal your heart💘 within seconds of meeting her. She’s #uncertain when I come to take her out, but she still gets up and comes over to meet me, tail #wagging. It takes a few treats to coax the leash on, but it’s obvious she does want to come with me, and once outside she shows off her #excellent leash MANNERS😊. She’s a #dream to walk, but does #startle at some of the LOUD truck noises in the neighborhood. When I crouch down to offer some treats, instead of taking them, she snuggles💓 up next to me for REASSURANCE🙁 in this scary loud world. How #sweet she is!! So it seems like she’s #fearful of loud noises and new environments, but not people! She actually #craves AFFECTION😍. Luna would probably like a #quiet home in a not-so-busy neighborhood and with humans who will take their time with her and let her get comfortable at her own pace. If you are that patient person looking for a total #sweetheart with a puppy face, but not the rambunctious puppy personality, then Luna is your girl!
. ***CONSIDER #fostering, ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL helpdogs@urgentpodr.org if you're local to NY/NE USA & can #adopt/#foster THIS pet.

#Repost @pitties3 (@get_repost)
Hello, my name is BELLISSIMO 💙
My animal id is #17937
I am a desexed male white dog at the #Brooklyn Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about #3years 1 weeks old.
💔#ABANDONED as a #stray on 09-Jan-2018.
AT RISK - Bellissimo has began to #deteriorate behaviorally. He has become reactive on the leash 😩
Basic Information:: Bellissimo is a white and tan large male dog that was TIED UP AND LEFT OUTSIDE of the ACC.🤬
When meeting the staff at the ACC for the first time he was #friendly and #outgoing. he allowed the counselor to pet 💓him with NO problem.
INTAKE - Bellissimo allowed the counselor to collar him and take his picture with NO problems😊.
SAFER Summary:: Bellissimo came into the room loose and wiggly, he was #friendly and #social towards the handlers but very #distracted in the room with the smells.
PLAYGROUP Summary (1):: 1/10: When off leash at the Care Center, Bellissimo at first #greets with a #loose, #wiggly body. However, once he is let into the pen he becomes persistently #sexually motivated and is difficult to interrupt😨. 1/12: Bellissimo continued to be persistently sexually motivated; ignoring all interruptions.
. ***CONSIDER #fostering, ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL helpdogs@urgentpodr.org if you're local to NY/NE USA & can #adopt/#foster THIS pet.

Rest In Peace, ASAP Yams
November 13, 1988 - January 18, 2015

January 18th 2015
The day that marks our 3 years
Theres been lots of ups and downs, falling apart and getting back together stronger than ever.
I know it may not mark 3 years we have been together, but it sure marks three years ive known the most amazing man ever.
I love you with all of my heart and even though there are some rough patches i will always love you from the bottom of my heart.
Today marks the day where two souls became one - where nobody can or will defeat us.
Zachariah howard- im happy to have made it 3 years knowing and loving a wonderful, handsome, caring, patient man like you. I hope there will be many more years to come my love.
Cheers to 3 years!! 🎉😙💕 #anniversary #3years #relationship #boyfriend #bonding #love #excited #happy #cheersto3years
#redhead #redheads #redheadsdoitbest

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