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Sweet D is the chubby one. #fosterkitten #3weeks #ginger

Weight somewhere between 139-180 bcuz who really cares how much I weigh lol 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #noweightclassesinthejungle #stillfat #cetcusopen #powerlifting #3weeks #jillsmirrorpose

Sending my love from my bestie vacation to yours 💋 Atlanta, Ga ➡️ Lima, Peru @raquel_pennington ❤️ #Iloveyou #Countingthedays #LDR #3weeks #MissYourSweetKisses

Last fling before the ring! Squad up! #3weeks

#DidYouKnow @SabrinaCarpenter is the voice of Milo's bestie Melissa? Swipe ➡ to meet more of Milo's friends!
Only #3Weeks to go until #MiloMurphysLaw ! #UhOhMilo

God bless Bo, who's always there to take photos🤘🏽 Lov ya #3weeks

My first Mother's Day and I couldn't feel anymore lucky to have this little one in my life💗#babyamberly #3weeks #blessed

Counting down doesn't help a bit BUT can't help it 😊 #3weeks to go 🙌 ! #thatmuchcloser #firstpregnancy #idooddlylovemybump #pleasecomeontime 👶 🙏


#3weeks #3kgmenos ahi la llevo 😎💜💁🏻

Under 2 WEEKS!!! until @brightonmarathon for @breast_cancer_care 💗 serious countdown begins.. just giving link in bio, every little helps 💗💗💗

Showing love to the men's collection as well. Get the original on 100% ring spun cotton. This navy with white colorway is clean, crisp, and can be worn with denim too. #original #otosco #oto #overtheohio #fresh #cotton #3weeks

Curso de perfeccionamiento en Maquillaje profesional
Separa tu cupo --> duración: 3 semanas, inicio martes 28 de marzo, cupos limitados, 2 veces por semana, valor $250.
Temas --> maquillaje de misses, maquillaje de raza negra, maquillaje de novias.
Team: @andreapaulson @carolinachangmakeup
info@cutyycaza.com / 042-385638 / 098-722-1631 / 042-883805 #makeup #pro #perfeccionamiento #3weeks

Today I am 3 weeks old! In the last week Aria has become so much more alert! She's awake a lot more during the day now (unless she's in her pram where she just sleeps and sleeps!) which is nice as so many people were saying they hadn't seen her with her eyes open before! She's starting to really look at things now and focus on things. She loves laying on her play gym and is really good at tummy time! She's still a milk monster and makes me laugh every time she latches on because she's like a rabid dog 😂 She is learning to make new sounds every day and they never go unnoticed. I used to describe her as my little mouse but now she sounds more like a baby dinosaur with some of the noises she makes! Every time she fills her nappy we can't help but laugh because she looks at us so innocently not knowing why we are in hysterics. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter who constantly makes us laugh. Her little personality is already starting to shine through and I can't wait to see it develop!

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