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We were freshman in college when our good friends set up on a blind date before church, and from that day forward he was patiently persistent, I was stubborn and guarded. After a two year friendship 😅 he said "will you be mine" up on the railroad tracks, and that's when we began 3-years of writing each other letters on our type writers while we endured a long distance relationship. Our long-distance relationship ended in an unbreakable covenant on September 20th 2014, and since then we have continued to grow in oneness, Godliness, and more in love... always more. #3sentencelovestory
Will you join us by posting a photo of you and your loved one and sharing YOUR #3sentencelovestory this Valentine's Day?! Let's fill the internet with love stories 💕#beating50percent #stayingido @beating50

@Regrann from @angelalanter - Our three sentence love story: we were introduced by a mutual friend (thanks @courtmarie818!) and I knew almost immediately that I had met my future husband. We fell in love with +2,000 miles between us, but love knows no boundaries. June 2013 he made me his wife and that's exactly who God made me to be.

Wish my sweet friend @audreyroloff and her hubby @jeremyroloff many blessings and success as they embark on their @beating50 journey. Share your #3sentencelovestory today on #valentinesday! - @mattlanter @angelalanter #mattlanter

I first saw her picture on a friend’s fridge, and I believe my exact words were “dang that girl is cute, I want to get at her” 😑😂 I then met her at a wedding 7 days before she left to Maui for two years which meant the entire beginning of our relationship was long distance. After dating, then breaking up, then dating again I asked her to marry me and she said yes (this pic is from our engagement btw), and tomorrow marks exactly five years since the day we said I do. And that’s our #3sentencelovestory (thanks @jeremyroloff & @audreyroloff for the fun amazing idea!). So here’s the Instagram giveaway for today. Post your OWN picture on your own profile with your 3 sentence love story along with two hashtags, #3sentencelovestory & #lovethatlastsbook, and we will pick 5 of our favorite (ones that make us cry, laugh hysterically, etc) tomorrow night and send the winners signed copy of Love That Lasts. NOTE: putting your story in the comment section of this picture does not qualify and we won’t be picking winners from there. Love y’all! Can’t wait to read your guys stories!!

Hey friends!
I know we've been a little quiet lately and some of you have asked if everything is okay. It is! Thanks for asking!
We've just been taking a little bit of a break. I mentioned before that my word for this year is stewardship. Step one of stewardship for me is stewarding my greatest asset... time. So as I have been wrestling with this, inevitably I took a little bit of a break from social posting while I get control over the addiction.
On a second note. We are doing a massive $500 dollar giveaway over on @beating50! Go take a look to find out how to enter. #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory 📷: @brianschindler

I had a joke going into college that I'd meet a super handsome YoungLife leader, who was an identical twin, and we'd fall in love and that's exactly what happened.
Jared and I met on a YoungLife leader's retreat in the fall of 2014 and went on our first date just two weeks later.
Next week we celebrate three years of dating and on April 26th I get to marry the best man I know.
And that's our #3sentencelovestory
We'd love to get our hands on the #LoveThatLastsBook because we think it would go hand in hand with the premarital counseling that we started today. ❤

We were 8 years old, he was the boy downstairs and my first crush. 16 years later he found me on MySpace. One year after that he flew across the ocean to be in Hawaii with me and it’s been a faith filled adventure ever since ❤️. #3sentencelovestory

Photo: @nicole_marcelli

we met at summer camp when we were 12. then we were best friends for 5 years. I kissed him outside of Denny’s because I was done waitin around, 10 years 2 kids later, I’d still kiss him outside of Denny’s. #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlastsbook

From the beginning, it was your two incredible children that stole my heart, and getting to know their beautiful hearts helped grow my love and affection towards you. They have graciously shared you with me, and I am forever grateful. I now get the amazing opportunity to pursue you and desire after your heart for the rest of my life, as your husband, and as your best friend.
#3sentencelovestory #lovethatlastsbook

Our #3sentencelovestory :
While working at the Kids Summer Camp at our church, we grew fond of each other and next thing I knew, after making obvious hints like shooting rubber bands at me, Jared took me on the best first date- Brunch. Over the next 1 1/2 years, we became absolute best friends, facing all of life’s brightest and toughest days together until one day in November, he popped the question. We spent 15 months planning for our wedding and trusting God’s timing, and a little less than 8 months ago, on February 18th, we shared the most special vows, promising “Forever Like That.” (Which was also the title to our first dance song, so feel free to look it up.) #lovethatlastsbook
I truly do love you with all my heart, and I’ve loved the last 3 years standing by your side; can’t wait for decades to come! ❤️


I wanted to try the #3sentencelovestory game.
I was 14 and you were 15 on that 2004 summer day that I spent studying you as you tried to bounce a tennis ball off a roof and into a garbage can at the park. That day I approached you, asked if I could try, and sunk it on my first shot. Maybe it’s because we’ve never had to weather broken hearts but damn, it’s always been so easy for us.

Here's our #3sentencelovestory honoring the book #lovethatlasts. .
Our love story started in a bar, yep a bar, where this man was his buddies' "wing man"...in other words, I wasn't the one truly being sought after. I'm pretty sure I told him I was a few weeks out of a relationship (it was really a few days) but I didn't want him to shy away from me & I knew what I was looking for- we both did. He proposed 7 months later in Mexico and only 6 months later we were married!
Bonus. Still, to this day, he and I travel as much as we did before our 2 kiddos. It's a passion we share together. It's a time where we can come together and renew our love and bond for one another!

Share yours with me!

I met @tigerstyle2105 at my brothers 21st birthday. I was just starting a new college program at 30, and decided I was done dating. John and I discovered we both loved Country music while someone was playing gangster rap. During the party a stranger decided to silently rob the party goers, instantly John became my protector and hero. (Our engagement picture)
#3sentencelovestory #lovethatlasts

I saw him across the sanctuary at church and I wanted to invite him to the young adults group. Two weeks after meeting, it seemed like all of heaven wanted us to be together, so we started dating, and he made my sad eyes happy again. After seven months, a mission trip, a vacation, many adventures, countless laughs and episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, Nate asked me to marry him. That's our #3sentencelovestory . Hoping to be considered for the #lovethatlastsbook! We've now been married for six months and it feels like we were made for this life together.
#arnoldadventure2017 #husbandandwife #thisislove #adventure #marriage #togetherforever #jeffersonbethke #xenawarriorprincess

I needed a Homecoming date and asked him to go with me; He suggested a real date, too.

Dinner and a movie turned into "Do you want to try dating?" The trial must have went pretty well because 13 years of being together and 8 years of marriage later, we're still trying. ❤️ #3sentencelovestory #beating50percent #happyanniversay

We met at the comedy underground where I worked while my husband was in the navy and got married 4 months later on the Seattle Great Wheel! 5 years later and two kids with one on the way we wouldn’t have changed a thing! We are renewing our vows this Saturday with friends and family🖤💍🎡 #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlastsbook

I was from Ohio, he was from Wisconsin and we stood up together in our friends wedding. I didn’t know anyone so he “kept me company” all weekend before he asked me out for coffee. I had my doubts about anything materializing but he made it happen a month later when he drove to Ohio to surprise me for my birthday, 21 months after that, we were married 😊. #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlasts 📸: @aliciaburrowsphotography

I met this crazy kid who was walking through the steak and shake drive thru🙄, when I was on a date with someone else. A few weeks into dating he took me to a brad paisley concert and told me he was gunna marry me one day, I thought he was absolutely insane 🤷🏽‍♀️. 5 years later, 3 years of marriage, across the work living and a baby later and I wouldn't trade this crazy kid for the world 😘 #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlastsbook

We met at my surprise birthday a mutual friend was throwing. She didn't know me but knew there would be cake and her love of cake beat out her suspected awkwardness of being at a birthday party for someone she didn't know. She ate her piece of cake, left, and four years later we're months away of getting married. #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlasts #haveyourcakeandeatittoo

I don’t remember him much from camp that week other than my friends wanting a picture with him during the all camp relay, and I happened to be the one that took all the pictures. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I saw him again 2 years later from afar at solid rock and knew right then I wanted to marry him... But it took him awhile 🙄 we started dating 8 months later, then married 2 years after that (finally 🙌), now here we are; adulting and with a little babe! But really, we're still just two campers at heart loving this life we’ve been living and building together ❤️ #3sentencelovestory #lovethatlastsbook #beating50percent @beating50 #efcistheplacetobe

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