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We were freshman in college when our good friends set up on a blind date before church, and from that day forward he was patiently persistent, I was stubborn and guarded. After a two year friendship πŸ˜… he said "will you be mine" up on the railroad tracks, and that's when we began 3-years of writing each other letters on our type writers while we endured a long distance relationship. Our long-distance relationship ended in an unbreakable covenant on September 20th 2014, and since then we have continued to grow in oneness, Godliness, and more in love... always more. #3sentencelovestory
Will you join us by posting a photo of you and your loved one and sharing YOUR #3sentencelovestory this Valentine's Day?! Let's fill the internet with love stories πŸ’•#beating50percent #stayingido @beating50

Hey friends!
I know we've been a little quiet lately and some of you have asked if everything is okay. It is! Thanks for asking!
We've just been taking a little bit of a break. I mentioned before that my word for this year is stewardship. Step one of stewardship for me is stewarding my greatest asset... time. So as I have been wrestling with this, inevitably I took a little bit of a break from social posting while I get control over the addiction.
On a second note. We are doing a massive $500 dollar giveaway over on @beating50! Go take a look to find out how to enter. #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory πŸ“·: @brianschindler

Jer and Auj launch there blog today that they have been working hard on the past few months! Go to www.beating50percent.com and see what they are doing to inspire and encourage married couples to give more than 50 percent to their spouse, and to beat average! Follow them onΒ Β @beating50 and tag your Valentine's photos with #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory #valentinesday

Tori is the greatest teammate I will ever have. She compliments me the best and pushes me the hardest. Keeps me motivated and reminds me of my goals. Love you babe-uh ❀❀ #3sentencelovestory #beating50percent

Our #3sentencelovestory πŸ’• we believe whole heartedly in what Jeremy and Audrey are doing! So proud to watch them do what they are called to do. @beating50 #beating50percent #storyofzachandtori

Willingness; an attribute that definitely describes my wife. I think back to when we lived in the city, with every convenience within a few miles drive. My wife was willing to give it all up for the sake of fulfilling a life long dream of mine: to raise a family in the country. Her heart, patience, faith and love have carried me through the struggle that comes with isolated living. With her by my side I am constantly reminded I am loved, supported, and trusted. Feeling very thankful today and everyday for this awesome mother and wife. πŸ™πŸ»β€πŸ™ŒπŸΌ love you @dessmuel #3sentencelovestory @beating50

8 years ago we met on the set of a Disney show. His humor and kindness won me over, my ability to make a good situation out of a bad wowed him. On September 19, 2015 we vowed our forever. #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory #andrewjadephoto #triunfocreekvineyards

We met the night before the start of the 2009 Fall Semester at the University of Virginia- I was entering my first year while Matt was beginning his third year. We started dating a few weeks later and it's been a whirlwind ever since. Despite being long-distance for 4 years due to college/grad school, jobs, and sacrifices made to achieve dreams, we learned the value of patience, commitment, and communication, which prepared us for the years beyond our "I dos." Happy Valentine's Day to my first and only valentine!
I highly recommend ya'll to check out @beating50. It's an awesome community that inspires healthy relationships πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory

We met on a blind-double-date where we barely said two words to one another. A week later, we decided to meet up for coffee at Old Crown-this time around, though, we couldn't STOP talking and ended up visiting over cold coffee for 4 hours-it felt like we had known each another our whole lives, as if we were only picking up where we'd left off. Three years later we bound our lives together forever in marriage; we have since continued our 4-hour-coffee-talks pursuing oneness, God's adventure for our lives, and 1 Corinthians 13 love. Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend; my forever love ❀️ #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory #stayingido


In honor of three years, our #3sentencelovestory β™₯️
I met him for the first time on Easter weekend 2013 in the driveway of my childhood home. I was immediately attracted to him - still am - and after Ole Miss baseball games, long talks in a stadium, one "Hey Amanda, This is Charlie" text, FaceTime calls spanning 600 miles, one move to place us in the same city, and 6 months of knowing each other, we got engaged. On July 5, 2014 we made a holy covenant and promised each other our lives... and we've spent every day since learning how to better love God, each other, and others well - especially the precious gift of the daughter we now have.
#stayingido #beating50percent #theburchfields

@Regrann from @angelalanter - Our three sentence love story: we were introduced by a mutual friend (thanks @courtmarie818!) and I knew almost immediately that I had met my future husband. We fell in love with +2,000 miles between us, but love knows no boundaries. June 2013 he made me his wife and that's exactly who God made me to be.

Wish my sweet friend @audreyroloff and her hubby @jeremyroloff many blessings and success as they embark on their @beating50 journey. Share your #3sentencelovestory today on #valentinesday! - @mattlanter @angelalanter #mattlanter

It started as a late night drive with no conversation at all, which eventually led to all night heart to hearts. Before we knew it we were best friends waiting to marry each other, expecting this amazing bundle of joy, planning our forever. On December 10th, 2016 we vowed our eternitys to one another, which in turn led us to this beautiful being right here πŸ’™ #3sentencelovestory #candid #liveauthentic #foreverandalways #marriage #candidchildhood #littlehuman #childhoodthroughinstagram #childhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #bestdadever #4monthsold #babybraxtonelijah

I got this from #beat50percent and thought I would share.
Here is my 3 sentence love story: We met in Hays, KS at a house party and played beer pong against each other, which we normally don't do but I fell in love with him right then. It was a long distance relationship at first which allowed us to have complete trust in our relationship, communicate on a deeper level, and appreciate more of the little things. It was fate for us to be together and we enjoy sharing our passion for farming.
You can follow our adventures at @keelingfarm
#3sentencelovestory #june2nd2018 #keelingfarm

"Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite." (Not sure who said that first, but I love that quote!). 😍😘✨ Also, I blogged about our #3sentencelovestory. Go check it out #ontheblog. #adventureswithmeeblog #linkinbio
#beating50percent #weekendidos #stayingido

From @seekingafterhim | The first day we met we spent 8 hours together walking around & already falling for each other. The most humble, intentional, loving, hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, patient, amazing communicator, & an incredible leader of a man asked me to marry him after 300 days of knowing each other. We got married on October 22, 2016 at my childhood home & Damon got sick a few days later in Colorado over our entire little honeymoon, but we are so excited to travel Europe together this coming summer! ❀️ #3sentencelovestory | February 14, 2017

#3sentencelovestory We met November 2013 and our time together was never enough! We made promises to each other one year later that we would never have enough. Because together our love was stronger than enough!

It's not that feeling of butterflies anymore. It's not sweaty palms and nervous giggling. Its not extravagant but it's perfectly simple. It's the sense of ease I feel sink into my chest when we're together. The moments I reach out for your hand when I feel overwhelmed. The looks we give each other and only we understand. Loving you is better.
(Nope, this isn't the post/announcement you thought it would turn into. We're still psyched to be dating each other.)

He met me at my front door in Dorchester on June 19, 2015, for what was supposed to be a few drinks downtown. He smiled and gave me a hug, and stole my heart. 20 months, 1500 miles, 5 jobs, a puppy and an engagement ring later - I cannot wait to be his wife πŸ’— #3sentencelovestory #iloveyou #thekoeblins #040117 #mylove

It's Friday Date Night! My husband and I have a tradition. No matter what, we do something on Friday night together. We send each other cute texts all day planning what we will do and getting excited. Some Friday's it is only dinner at our favorite taqueria and then cuddling on the couch. Other days, we get all dressed up and hit the town. It doesn't really matter what we do. We both work really hard all week and sometimes barely see each other. Date night keeps us connected. Gives our relationship a space that is just about us. I still get butterflies every Friday! πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

Here's our #3sentencelovestory-
Josh and I met when we were 15 and 12 (I'm the younger one as I'm quick to point out 😜) and I had a crush on him but he didn't notice me because he was waiting for his wife. Fast-forward to 2007 when we were 19 and 22-we met up again and it didn't take very long for us to become best friends. Two months later we were dating, two months after that we were engaged, 6 months after that we were married and it's now 9 years, 2 children and one goal of building the local church later and God has been so good to us. #beating50percent
Oh, and it's 9 years TODAY since we got engaged! Yay! 😍

You may know what the purpose of marriage is and that you should persevere, be patient, always be forgiving and so on- but it can be really hard at first to actually live those beliefs out into actions. This can feel overwhelming and make you feel like a failure because you can't seem to forgive fast enough or you get picky or emotional when you know you shouldn't be. Don't let that stop you from continuing to "try" to live out love in your marriage. We all have moments of weakness and failure where we can't meet our own expectations. But the good thing is you know the bigger purpose of marriage, you know that love should be patient and kind- you know. So don't give up pursuing that in your marriage, if you fail today, try again tonight. With time these can become our spiritual disciplines, and those take practice and time! #hopefor2 PC @ilona.go #marriage #beating50percent #love


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