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Our #3sentencelovestory.
We met in college after our mutual friends set us up (even though they still deny it to this day). Steven was all in and I was all out, until he somehow convinced me to be with him. After 1 year of dating long distance (1,031 miles to be exact), getting married, moving to Houston, buying a house, and loving every minute of life together, we’ve been married for three years and give God all of the glory for bringing us together.
I love this man. He pushes me, encourages me, and challenges me in ways I never thought possible. God has been faithful in every season we’ve endured and I can’t wait to continue pursuing His will for us while serving His kingdom together.
What’s your 3 sentence love story?

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The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall together after watching everything fall apart. ❤️
I used to have everything. Now, I have more. .
#GaliosHouse #MadeforBrave .
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It wasn’t very long ago that this guy was just some long lost friend of my late husband’s, that I hadn’t really liked that much... 😏
It blows my mind the way God brought us together... & to see how far we’ve come is more mind-blowing still!! ✨
Ever grateful for a husband who makes me better, laughs with me (& at me, which I need sometimes), sees the good in me, eats as much as me (that’s a first), forgives quickly, dreams & plans with me, & loves unconditionally...
No matter what else we face in this life... Right now, I’m just so glad to call you “home.” 💕
#MadeforBrave #GaliosHouse
#3sentencelovestory #beating50percent #marriedup #marriedlife #marriedaf #stayingido #marriagematters #secondfirsts #wifeandwidow #solovelysofree #boldbraveyou #mommyhood #ohheymama #mommoments

Not too long ago, it was just us two girls. 👩‍👧
How crazy to think that we are soon to be a family of FOUR!! SO OBSESSIVELY GRATEFUL!! 🙏🏼
When you start EXPECTING them, the miracles NEVER cease. ✨
#GaliosHouse #MadeforBrave
#3sentencelovestory #beating50percent #marriedup #marriedlife #marriedaf #stayingido #marriagematters #secondfirsts #wifeandwidow #solovelysofree #boldbraveyou #mommyhood #ohheymama #mommoments #marriagematters #familylove

Anyone else have a kid that asks ENDLESS questions of strangers? I take Austyn to the grocery store now and she wants to know everyone's name, if they are having a good day and where they live. 😂

I remember one day when Austyn was just a baby, I went to the grocery store and, by the time I left, I WISHED the people I came into contact with had asked ME a question.

Nick was alive, though very unwell at home. I normally NEVER took my rings off... but that day, I had so that I could slather my little girl’s broken dry skin in a new lotion, trying to get her constant eczema to calm (took me years to find a REAL solution you guys - she doesn't have the issue anymore) and had forgotten to put them back on!
During checkout, an older lady in line behind me was cooing at Austyn, who I had strapped into the cart. I was grateful for the distraction while I placed our items onto the conveyer belt. I thanked the woman and turned around to pay, but not before hearing her whisper to her partner, “It’s sad how many young girls you see these days... walking around with sweet babies but no husbands. Pity.” To be fair, she was quite a bit older, from the generation of people who didn't have to deal so much with 27 year olds dying from terminal cancers at "random." ANND.... I might have looked a bit like a crack addict at this point. The nights of endless interruptions made me look tired as ever (because I was.... between endless feedings for Austyn and medications for Nick, I barely got an hour’s worth of sleep at a time... for months). 😵

I remember being appalled at the judgement. But, moreso, knowing that soon, her statement would be true. I would no longer have a husband. I would be a widow. And... What would be assumed of me then? When I went to birthday parties alone with my daughter? Registered her for schools without a father to enter on their forms? Took her to a new church or a new town without a man by our side?

What if, that day, instead of assuming, this woman had asked me instead?

The story she would have gotten would have been a far cry from the one she assumed. 💕 (continued below.)

Late Valentine's Day post!
I love you, Riley!

God told Riley to wait 3 years for the woman he is preparing to be his wife, Riley ignored God and married someone quickly, but had a beautiful baby girl out of it. He met me 3 years later, both of our marriages ended, and we did what everyone calls a "wife swap," we made mistakes that lead us to each other. So much has happened in our 1.5 years of being together, the best part being that we have a beautiful daughter, Phoenix Ember.

Quite a week! You guys, it was awesome reading through your 3 sentence love stories. ❤️ thanks to everyone who participated! And congratulations to the winners of the giveaway! If you haven’t yet, read through some of them - so good. #3sentencelovestory.
Here are this weeks #weekendidos!

180 days-6 months-half a year of being yours and saying yes everyday. I’ll take 30,000 more days of saying yes with you anytime, babe. Love you more, most, and mostest. #wearethebozzos #6monthsofmarriage #3sentencelovestory #timeisflyingandIaintlying

We've met by chance and kept buying airplane tickets to see each other ever since. Lived one ocean apart for three years before getting married. You came from Sweden, we met in Brazil and now we live in England: We make the world our home. #3sentencelovestory @beating50

He pursued me with great patience and respect until I finally committed myself to him. Our road was bumpy, but he continued to show me the love of Christ and His forgiveness washed over me. I committed my life to Jesus, then a few days later we said I Do and now we've been married 8 years doing ministry together. ❤ @beating50 #3sentencelovestory #beating50percent

Two sweet people met on MySpace, exchanged numbers, really enjoyed chatting with one another, and agreed to meet in person for a movie and a tour of Christmas lights. 7 months in he asked a great question, she said yes; 2 years later they walked down an aisle in fancy clothes with grins on their faces. 10 years have passed, they have 2 beautiful children & they still enjoy chatting, movies, and Christmas lights. 😉❤️

#3sentencelovestory He was quietly sitting in the back corner and I called him out, “Hey, quit being a loner and come join us.” There was something intoxicating about his presence, something about him I needed it in my life, but when it came time we weren’t ready and with tears streaming down my face we parted ways. Five years and couple lifetimes later I called him out again, “Come be in my life again?” and this time it was the right time. 💕

Three and a half years ago I started talking to this guy on Tinder and after about a month of talking (all the time), we met up for our first date in his hometown. On our second date, he asked me to be his girlfriend and very quickly, I fell so in love with him. We dated long distance for four months, seeing each other when we could, the long distance was hard to take, weekends went by too fast and we never felt like we had enough time together so after about five months of dating we took a leap of faith and I moved in with him in his hometown, now 3.5 years later we are working on our own little home and facing life everyday together. #threesentencelovestory #beating50percent #valentinesday #throwback #babies #mylove #couple #fourthvalentinestogether @beating50 #3sentencelovestory

#3sentencelovestory We grew up 4 hours away from each other on VERY different paths but both of us moved over 1,000 miles out west and ended up being interns at the same church. About a year after meeting we were married. He is my strength and my very best friend. @beating50 @daniel.w.warren #wonderfullywarrens

Valentines Day,

We are in our fourth year of marriage & oh how the tides have changed. Our first Valentines together was full of un met expectation & unrealistic ideals of romance. We were coming off of a not so mutual break up prior to engagement, both shells of broken people trying to find satisfaction in one another. We argued the entire day, I couldn’t believe he hadn’t made dinner reservations...and I was disappointed. .
Each year I’ve seen growth, we’ve spent Valentine’s Day from Boulder Colorado to New York City. We’ve chased glamour & culturally accurate portraits of V day and we’ve never “hit the mark” of our expectations. .
This year was different, though. It was better. I let go of that and just treasured every moment—the making of a homemade fort with mismatched curtains from apartments before (oh if those curtains could talk of our seasons past), $3 Aldi wine, first attempts at Pinterest worthy charcuterie boards, sloppy chocolate covered strawberries, and 99 cent burgers from Hardee’s (ok don’t judge the last ha!). All of it.
And I see now that the problem previous years was that I made the day about ME. How I felt, what I wanted, what he did for me, and the Instagram worthy posts to show what “life behind the scenes” looks like for us etc. .
When I focused on what I lacked, or the way my desires weren’t met, I sucked the whole purpose of love out of the day. .
See, when I look in the Bible and consider the words God uses to describe love, I see words like: sacrifice, patience, compassion, obedience, unity, action, faithfulness, and forgiveness. .
Words I don’t find? dinner reservations, candy & flowers, romantic trips & cocktail dresses, or boyfriends, or the search for the “perfect spouse” or even feelings. .
Look, those things are nice and have a place. But joy isn’t found in them. .
So here’s a little secret I’ve learned that has resulted in not only a better V day, but also a marriage more focused on sanctification rather than circumstances.

*continued in comments

Our day was spent laughing, building snowmen and acting like kids.
Since we first met one of my favorite parts of our relationship is how comfortable it is to be my goofy silly self around him.
Each valentines day (and all the holidays) get better as the years pass, as I learn more about this man and fall more in love with the life we have together. ☃️❄️❣️🤗
#ballantinesdaymiracle #snowday #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory

I didnt get to this yesterday but here is our #3sentencelovestory..... we met online in 2003 and decided to go see a movie together in 2004. After 3 months of spending as much time together as we could we realized God was calling us to spend our lives together. We finally made it down the aisle November 1, 2006 and God has truly blessed our lives with 4 kids, one of which is a cancer fighting warrior, and a path that we never would have thought to pick for ourselves. #love #myvalentine

Almost one year since this day. Nothing tests your patience more quite like a season of waiting. In light of choosing a date and venue this month, FINALLY, I’m taking on the @beating50 three sentence love story challenge.
We met my senior year of college and his first duty station in 2013. It was the classic love story, a date at @chimyssanmarcos 😂. Me 21; Him 22. Six months into dating he left overseas while I finished undergrad. We did a year of long distance, and then two more after that, before I took my unofficial welcoming into the Army by saying “yes” on March 11, 2017. Since then we’ve laughed, fought, traveled, celebrated, and still have a bucket list about a mile long. We are far from perfect and disagree often, usually about pretty silly things, like when we are going to get married😅. Only 465 more days of waiting, babe. Let’s do the damn thing #beating50percent #3sentencelovestory 📸: @amydecostaphotography

There was always a comfortable warmth between us, but never any talk of love. And then, one day, all at once it was realized. And I will never look back. #3sentencelovestory #beating50percent @beating50 .
#valentinesday #valentine #husband #love #longwalktoforever #picoftheday #photooftheday #home

So I know this was for yestersay but I wanted to still do it.
Two small Oklahoma town people both just missing meeting eachother for years, fresh out of long term and unhealthy relationships stumble across eachother on MYSPACE(yeah remember that place?). Instant connection , after jumping head and feet into this relationship we tackled everything that came our way, including packing all we owned into his car and starting over in Texas. Coming up on 10 years together in June, 2 more kids (4 all together) and every day he brings light and laughter into my life.
Life with you makes perfect sense❤
#3sentencelovestory #beating50 @beating50 @stress316

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