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Well I we all know I wasn't going to be fosterless for to long lol. Some of you might remember this sweet momma who was rescued by @pricelesspetrescue with her pups about a month ago. Her pups are doing great and it's time momma to step back. Olive will be hanging out with my pack and I for some much needed R&R. She's spent one night with me and I can honestly tell you that Olive has nothing but love in her heart. You can tell by looking at her body she's had a rough past. She was basically someone's money machine pupping out puppies left and right. Her body tell us so much about her past. Every scare on her body has a story that will never be told but that's ok Olive. There's nothing I can do to change the past but you can be damn sure that both myself and @pricelesspetrescue will make sure your future will be nothing but rainbows and sunshine. You've been a great mother to your pups and now it's time for us to take care of you Olive. Everyone welcome Olive to the @pricelesspetspittiecrew ❤️❤️
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Candy's first time at restaurant. I was told that she growls and barks a new people but yet I haven't heard a peep. Who said that about you Candy girl? I would growl and bark at people to if I was scared. All you needed was some love and change of scenery ❤️ #adoptme #pricelesspetrescue #3pitsnobull #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram

She gets pissed when I don't wake up in time for her to chase the squirrels #whereisTheodoreat? #3pitsnobull #pitbullsofinstagram #ourpitpage

Lawd puh-lease let it be Friday!!! #3pitsnobull #pitbullsofinstagram #friday

That face you make when she calls you her girlfriend! 👭😳 #ithoughtwewerejustfriends #butilikeboys #3pitsnobull #adoptdontshop #sundayfunday

Everything is better in slo motion 😂 #3pitsnobull #pricelesspetrescue #pitbullsofinstagram


My mom introduced me to my new friends yesterday and we all got along so well. I could tell she's gonna be happy and at peace here. 🐕☠🐕🐕🐕 #penelopethepirate and #3pitsnobull #summervibes #summeraventures #2017

When your tennis ball is all covered in sand so you have to fake mouth at it 🙈😂 #rrJager #reversedrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #adopt #foster #rescue #ourpitpage #3pitsnobull #adoptabledogsofinstagram @3pitsnobull @reversedrescue

When you're trying to work on your "place" command and your buddy wants to be the center of attention 🙄 oh jäger 🙈. 😉😋🐾 ... Brewster and his Mom are kicking butt 💪👏👏👏#pricelesspetsalumni #rescuestrong #training #3pitsnobull #thebratpack #rrjager #rottweiler #pitbull

Love a bull, or two. These dudes ❤️🐾 break down of their day... 90%...lounging 10%....playing/eating/pooping.
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Those moments that make my heart extra happy 🙈😍 Brewster Update: Him and his mom are doing GREAT! And she is putting in some seriously amazing work with him. ❤️I fostered Brewster for 11 months. Potential adopters were interested in him but not interested in the training and the work they would need to give him initially, in order to build trust and keep him and others safe. As I worked on his social skills and basic obedience, God was steering Jess in our direction ❤️🐾 Brew dog is no cheap date. He came with a rap sheet that would worry most people...."what? he has a bite history?!?"😳 so many dogs are pushed passed their comfort zone and misunderstood as being "aggressive"... however, not Jess. ☺️☺️She saw him for the beautiful, loyal and trainable buddy that I love so dearly. And because she believes in him, he believes in her. I am so incredibly thankful ❤️🐾 #withgutsandgrace Thank you @3pitsnobull and @tyemohawk for being such great resources and advocates🐾❤️ #brewster #pawsitivePack #goodvibes #rescuestrong #BeWhatYouWishToSee #fosteringsaveslives #EAND #3pitsnobull #training #communication #bratpack #pricelesspetsalumni

Meet my new student Dash and his mom @heyitskhat! Kara reached out to me because she needed a little extra guidance in Dash's training. She adopted Dash 3 months ago from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter and has been doing an amazing job with him so far but has plateaued. Seeing that Kara is pregnant she wanted to make sure she has the tools and support needed for Dash when the baby arrives. It honestly warms my heart knowing that she adopted this guy from the pound and is supporting him with the training he needs. I don't normally take on training cases because my time is so limited but once I saw the dedication Kara is putting into Dash and his training I couldn't say no. Dash's biggest "issue" is toys especially balls! Luckily he's not aggressive over them but once he's see it he wants it. The ball is like his own version of crack for him. It creates so much excitement and anxiety for him that everything else in the world doesn't matter and he'll do anything in his power to get to it. We've already met once last week and the plan was to reinforce his "leave it" command. Last week we did basic exercises for him to learn and understand what I meant when I say "leave it". Today we advance it to the next level by using that command when he sees his triggers. Of course Big Mama Mia came out to help me. She's letting me know when Dash's anxiety and excitement is going up. If you notice every time he gets too excited Mia will come in to help out. Mia is like Dash's emotional barometer. We will also be implementing an E Collar to help reinforce the "leave it" command. In this video the E Collar isn't being used. I'm just gaging where he's at and reading Mia at the same time.
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Please help #3pitsnobull link to fundraiser! Pray for this baby🙏🏻🙏🏻 please go to their page and donate

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