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This is the only way to get to Sadhana at Women's Camp at 4am! Put my child in a wheel barrow. Good times! #sadhana #kundalini #3ho #satnam

Over 800 people showed up for the Winter Solstice. These are a couple of friends I made today! Today was a beautiful experience, I learned and practiced 5 hours of White Tantric Yoga👳🏽🙌🏾✨ #KundaliniYoga #WhiteTantricYoga #Sadhana #3ho

Karena and Dharm after leading a workshop at Summer Solstice, with the brilliant musician and light being, Guru Ganesha, and Karena's effervescent daughter Gabriella. One light.

#summersolstice2017 #kundalini #kundaliniyoga #3ho #guruganeshaband

#YogiBhajan Lecture: Uplift Others "No man can give a man anything other than love. No man can give a man anything other than hope. No man can give a man anything but service. The only thing you can do is act like a forklift—go into the dirt and lift the other person and put him on track, so he can proceed." Read more>> http://tinyurl.com/zuuyoh3 #3ho

Who needs sleep when you are on your way to 3HO Summer Solstice Gathering?!
9 days of meditation, kriya, prayer, and community in the desert, here I come!
#kundalini #3ho #solstice #newmexico

You're at that perfect age where you're old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.We started the hustle way back 🙏🏽⚽️🙏🏽🔴⚪️🔵
#Happy Earth strong day @joemens12_official #TeamHighSpirit
#3ho nso y3 me f3
#Cheers 🎉🎊🍾

Live with tolerance. Day 14 of the Global Kundalini Meditation with Snatam Kaur, Spirit Voyage and #3HO.

"On Yoga Arquitetura da Paz". Filme dirigido por Heitor Dhalia mostra a trajetória do renomado fotógrafo e praticante de Kundalini Yoga, Michael O'Neil, os registros de sua busca pela autoconsciência e de seus encontros transformadores com grandes mestres contemporâneos de Yoga.
Imagens inesquecíveis, encantamento, inspiração.

#kundaliniyoga #3ho #yogibhajan


Our story began #9yearsago - I was #blessed with #kundalinirising - I had no idea what was going on I thought I was #goingcrazy - I was so #lucky to meet @greatlyrandom who introduce me to @3hofoundation and @goldenbridgeyoganyc that saved me and created a #yogastudio where I taught #fairies #jedis as well as #adults that they are #ok - they just need to go #inside when they #forget who they are in #all the #chaos of our #everyday lives.
#bodyelectric #yoga #yogi #instayoga #yogapics #kidsyoga #yogainspiration #inspirational #3ho #kundalini #kundaliniawakening #kundaliniyoga

Holiday Pop UP Shop
Crystal Trunk Show with Tobias and Alysha
Saturday 12/16
20% off Crystals from Tobias and Alysha Tobias & Alysha Crystal Co.- they will be bringing extra stock of beautiful and magical crystals!
20% off class passes
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10% off dōTERRA
Join us!
Winter Solstice with @wahegurukaur_ to follow at 7:30pm AN AWARENESS CENTER HOLIDAY TRADITION
Walk the labyrinth of light and spiral into the center of yourself.
A candle lit ceremony...marveling in the peaceful joy of the season together. ❄️
The Winter Solstice is a magical time . . . one that marks the journey from this year to the next, journeys of the spirit from one world to the next, and the magic of birth, death, and rebirth. The longest night of the year is the start of the solar year and symbolizes the energetic rebirth of the Sun. 🌞#wintersolstice #crystaltherapy #holidaypopup #crystalenergy

Breath of Fire is the foundational breathe technique used in #kundaliniyoga. 🙏🏻 Breath of Fire is rapid, rhythmic, and continuous. It is equal on the inhale and the exhale, with no pause between them (approximately 2-3 cycles per second) from @3hofoundation 🌟Its benefits are: Releases toxins and deposits from the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels, and other cells and increases vital strength to name a few! ✨ It can be quite a challenge to do while arms are raised 60 degree for long periods of time. #yogibhajan reminds us to keep up and we will be kept up!! #kundalini Picture from @wahegurukaur_ Sunday 9:30 am class.

SPECIAL GUEST OSHRI HAKAK @oshrihakak with the band TONIGHT!!❤PRACTICE PEACE❤SUKHA SUNDAYS at YOGA WEST @yogawestla 7:00PM - 8:30PM. KUNDALINI Yoga, Live MUSIC, MANTRA & SOUND Bath!! Come and celebrate life, love and CommUNITY at the Home of Yogi Bhajan with Sukhmani @hummingsukhmani and the band. ❤ Art by A. Lawrence
#grateful #kundaliniyoga #musicisyoga #chanting #mantra #practicemore #soundhealers #commUNITY #santamonica #igyoga #layoga #yogawestla #layogamagazine #laweeky #sunday #meditation #sukha #sukhatheband #Soundbath #reset #3ho #practice #peace #love #compassion #satnam

Kundalini Sisters at @awarenesscenteryoga Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level One graduation. 💜👳🏻‍♀️ Join us for a powerful personal transformation at our level one @kundalini_research_institute KYTT in 2018! Sign up now for savings! See link in bio! #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #kundaliniyogateacher #kundaliniyogateachertraining #kundalini #yogibhajan

The greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come. ✨
Vibrate the cosmos. The cosmos shall clear the path.✨ #yogibhajan #satnam #keepup

Ready for Gurdwara

Blessed be the ones who serve others. They are the ones who find heaven on earth. 🌻💦 ~ Yogi Bhajan // Thinking of all those affected by the fires in Southern California right now 🙏 Stay safe and hold each other close with love wherever you are 💛 Lakshmi Lotus Meditation pillow 📿pic by @keithbersonphoto styling by @lisajannone @shabadatma 🌸 #inspiredyogis #healtheworld #starwateryoga

#YogiBhajan taught us that wearing all white clothing expands our auric radiance by at least one foot. That is a good thing. A strong aura gives us a strong and solid identity and projection, and negative influences are automatically filtered #3HO .
#thepresenceof #kundalini #yoga #rajyoga #white

Holiday Pop UP Shop
Crystal Trunk Show with Tobias and Alysha
Saturday 12/16

20% off Crystals from Tobias and Alysha Tobias & Alysha Crystal Co.- they will be bringing extra stock of beautiful and magical crystals!
20% off class passes
20% off retail products
10% off dōTERRA

Join us!
Winter Solstice with Wahe Guru Kaur to follow at 7:30pm #wintersolstice #crystaltherapy #holidaypopup #crystalenergy

Did good with 1200 pounds of tools #toyota4x4 #snapon #gottasendit #toyotaholics #3ho #shesquats

Все делают день открытых дверей. Но есть и другой вариант - День ЗАКРЫТЫХ ДВЕРЕЙ. За ними будет происходить что-то интересное не легкое и не простое.
Время и место не известны.
Что будет за закрытыми дверьми вы узнаете только там. Все вопросы в директ.

#йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

Today's Women's Wednesday Chat and Chat will be with @sukhdevjackson of @aykanna at 3pm EST on 3HO’s Facebook page. Make yourself a cup of tea and join her for her talk on "Woman, Living In The Flow Of The Divine"! #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #3ho

Our magical meditation pillows make beautiful gifts 🌟💦 #inspiredyogis #meditatemore #starwateryoga

Perfect time of year for miracles. 🌟✨ "I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them."
~ Yogi Bhajan #yogibhajan #ibelieveinmiracles #kundaliniyoga #kundalini

Numerology for December: Your Visionary Heart

The month of December is a time of rest and introspection, balanced with a bold plan for the New Year of 2018. The 12 of December is the number of tribes, and we need to regroup and socialize with our tribe of choice. This connectivity is essential now, as the New Year is going to start off with a super-blast of creative force and momentum, and alignment with your spiritual birds of a feather will lend the best results. Read more >> https://tinyurl.com/y9tqug6j
#3HO #numerology #kundalini

Photo by @mayarosebird

REAL LIFE. Watching Dr. @ramdesh Kaur - Women's Chai + Chat Wednesdays on 3HO's fb page. I'll be joining her on January 24th. 🕊❤🕊 #3ho #householderyogi #ramdeshkaur #candid

Your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle and your soul is your residence. -Yogi Bhajan

Рвсписание классов на неделю.
На этой неделе - 6.12.2017 (среда) начало в 19:00 и 8.12.2017 (пятница) начало в 18:30 на классах Кундалини Йоги продолжим работу с изучением энергии нашего электромагнитного поля (ауры), различными аспектами его усиления, в том числе через работу магнитного поля, создаваемого вибрациями гонга.

Адрес: Центр развития "Дар" (г. Тюмень, ул. Володарского, 14, 5 этаж, вход со стороны ул. Кирова). #йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

Dropping my Christmas album... what should I call it!?
#allidoissleigh #throwedandsnowed #3ho #milkncookies #jinglemyballs #sauvage

Yogic science says that there are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects in meditation. Thus, meditations (and exercises in a kriya) are held for a specified period of time.

3 minutes: Affects circulation (blood) and electromagnetic field.
11 minutes: Changes glandular system and nerves.
22 minutes: Balances and coordinates the three minds.
31 minutes: Affects all the cells and rhythms of the body and all layers of the mind’s projection.
62 minutes: Changes the gray matter of the brain. Integrates the subconscious “shadow mind” and the outer projection.
2 ½ hours: Holds the new pattern in the subconscious mind by the surrounding universal mind.

#3ho #meditation #kundaliniyoga #bethechange #bigchill #anandakanda #🙏🏻 #yogaeverydamnday #neutralmind

🌒🌓🌕🌗🌘With today's full moon in the Air sign Gemini, and Mercury gone retrograde, along with the fire of Sagittarius showing the way to our spiritual light, thought this was a perfect meditation:
"Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos will clear the path." ~Yogi Bhajan's 5th Sutra of the Aquarian Age
The Spiritual planet, Neptune is in its home sign Pisces, bringing a deeper awareness to the collective unconscious. We are given an opportunity to align with projective power within the collective versus being engulfed or diffused by it. Chanting mantra clears our mind, sets our intention and adjusts our vibrations to higher frequencies. Harness this full moon energy for the benefit of yourself and all sentient beings, send blessings to Planet Earth and honor its place in the Cosmos. 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍The Empress card reminds us of our Earthly existence and Mother Earth's nurturing energy and creative abundance. We are all a part of this whole thing that keeps turning and turning. Happy Full Moon-as it is our last in 2017, give thanks for all our countless blessings and abundance this year has given us. Tune into the vibration of the Divine Mother and go to link on my profile to listen and chant to Mantra Girl's "Adi Shakti". 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#fullmoongemini #mothergoddess #mantra #shakti #kundalini #yoga #kundaliniyoga #love #nature #harvest #tao #unity #oneness #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #aquarian #aquarianage #newage #newearth #crystallinegrid #5d #ascension #3ho #yogibhajanquotes #yogibhajan #labradorite #bluegoldstone #sodalite #chyroprase #larimar

A radiância da quarta turma de professores de Kundalini Yoga de Brasília!! Parabéns a todos esses corajosos guerreiros da paz!
Parabéns Abaky Brasília por servir com maestria e com sincera abnegação!
Wahe Guru! Sat Nam!!
The radiance of the fourth class of Kundalini Yoga teachers from Brasilia !!
Congratulations to all those brave peace warriors!
Congratulations Abaky Brasilia for serving with mastery and with sincere abnegation!
Wahe Guru! Sat Nam!!
#kundaliniyoga #kundaliniresearchinstitute #3ho #kundaliniyogabrasil #abakybrasilia #abakybrasil

Bitches got Christmas ☃️❄️❤️ #3ho’s

Сегодня, 01.12.2017 г. На классе Кундалини Йоги, продолжаем работать с электромагнитным полем (аурой), влючаем в изучение вопросы осозннанных коммуникаций.
Умение осознанно и эффектно общаться с людьми необходимо нам в любой из сфер нашей жизни - начиная от построения отношений с противоположного пола до энергетического взаимодействия со своим Высшим "Я". В процессе занятия:

1. Изучим теоретические и практические основы осознанной коммуникации, а также влияние сильной ауры на ее эффективность.
2. Выполним крийи и медитации на развитие и укрепление электромагнитного поля.

3. По традиции, исследуем пространство своих ощущений под вибрации гонга.

Начало класса в 18:30.
Адрес: г. Тюмень, ул. Володарского, 14, 5 этаж (вход со стороны ул. Кирова). #йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

"Working by heart means using your feelings and emotions to lead you to your spiritual sense of existence."
~ Yogi Bhajan #yogibhajan #kundalini #kundaliniyoga

It is amazing to see my soul sisters and brothers living the teachings! This group changed my life forever they held space for the most amazing transformation experience I have ever lived in my life 🙏🏼✨ #bayareakundalini #teachertraining #sanleandro #3ho #happyhealthyholy #waheguru #yogibajan

Создание необходимого магнитного поля в пространстве класса с помощью гонга.

#йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

Deep Sadhana Meditation at @3hofoundation Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration. Join us there December 16th-23rd ❤️ www.3ho.org/winter-solstice #longtimesun #3ho #wintersolstice #morningsadhana #aquariansadhana #meditation #whitetantric #kundalini

Lets meditate more!💕🙏🏻“The mental intrigues that come from your attachments and fears limit your projection and block your vision of what is possible. As soon as you oppress your mind as if it is fixed under time and space, you will feel depressed and cut your self off from your intelligence.” #3ho #spiritvoyage #overthinking #clearmind #youcreateyourownreality #kundaliniyoga

WHITE ROSE CRYSTAL 💎 created with high vibe crystals , sacred white roses and a nine pointed star made with sunshine 🌟each our mat designs are constructed to carry a specific vibration. this one is PEACE 🙏see the full design and all 9 intentional yoga mat themes on our website link in bio ✨ #consciousdesign #starwateryoga

Сегодня, 29.11.2017 г. проведу класс Кундалини Йоги, посвященный работе с электромагнитным полем (аурой). На классе будут даные основы практики усилением ауры, её взаимосвязи с физическим и тонкими телами.

Будем получать опыт расширения и ощущения электромагнитного поля, а также возможности его использования в различных жизненных ситуациях.

Сильное электромагнитное поле позволяет быть успешным, здоровым и интуитивным, вести эффективные взаимодействия с людьми в различных сферах нашей жизнедеятельности.

Указанные аспекты работы с аурой прочувствуем под вибрации гонга.

Адрес: г. Тюмень, ул. Володарского, 14, 5 этаж (вход со стороны ул. Кирова). Нначало класса в 19:00.
#йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

В СУББОТУ 02.12.2017 г.
В Центре развития "Дар" (г. Тюмень, ул. Володарского, 14, 5 этаж) продолжаем классы Кундалини Йоги, посвященные укреплению мужской силы.
На данном классе будем работать с пищеварительной и эндокринной системами. Будет данна практика для выведения токсинов из организма, очищения крови, улучшения кровообращения в областях 2 и 3 чакр.
Данная практика будет также полезной и женщинам для работы с репродуктивной функцией и профилактики некоторых заболеваний.
В заключение класса- гонг-медитация.

Стоимость: 500 рублей.
Для записи обращаться в Директ или л/с https://vk.com/id23157498

#йогатюмень #кундалинийогатюмень #зож72#3ho

@3hofoundation is the global Kundalini Yoga Community (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)! It is a great resource if you want to learn more about this practice. The 3HO website has excellent information on anything you want to know. The name of the Foundation stands for "Healthy, Happy and Holy." 3HO's mission is to inspire everyone, everywhere to live a Healthy, Happy, and Holy life through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West from India in the late 1960's. However, he did not simply share yoga exercises and meditations. Yogi Bhajan infused every aspect of life with the beauty and grace of the Kundalini. His teachings include a comprehensive lifestyle that allows the radiance of the soul to shine in every facet of life.

Founded in 1969, 3HO has become a vibrant, dynamic community of leaders, teachers, students, and seekers of various faiths, persuasions, and cultures practicing the time-proven technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, grounded and centered in a philosophy of compassion and kindness.

When you raise your Kundalini and change your consciousness, every aspect of life gets transformed. The lifestyle teachings of 3HO are designed to support you through that transformation. In this way, you can live healthy, happy and holy; bountiful, blissful and beautiful; as a whole, healed and sovereign human being.

Enjoy this beautiful resource and community >> https://www.3ho.org/ ♡

#3hofoundation #3ho #community #kundaliniyoga #yoga #meditation #mantra #happy #healthy #holy #yogibhajan #integrity #calibre #campbellriver #vancouverisland

Sat Nam. Have you been considering Kundalini Teacher Training? Teacher Training starts in February 2018.
Join @wahegurukaur_ for a Kundalini Yoga class and information session for free.
Dec 3rd 11:15am - 2pm Sign up and pay for training by Dec 6th and receive a free 1 hour healing session with @wahegurukaur_
Jan 14th 11:15am - 2pm 🌟
The Six Principal Components to Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training:
Kriya and Meditation: The foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®
The theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga kriyas (yoga sets), asanas, and mudras. Explore the nature of the mind and its training through Kundalini Yoga meditations, mantras, and pranayam (breathing techniques). #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #yogateachertraining #kundaliniyogateacher #kundaliniyogateachertraining

#ascension #bodhihealingstudio #consciousness #cosmicdisclosure #deepmeditationtribe #enlightenment #fifthworld #goddess #hiddenmesseges #highervibes #infinite #kundaliniawakening #3ho @Regranned from @suitestpee - <🌲We need the matrix of thoughts, feelings, and sensations we call the ego for our physical and psychological survival. The ego tells us what leads to what, what to avoid, how to satisfy our desires, and what to do in each situation. It does this by labeling everything we sense or think. These labels put order in our world and give us a sense of security and well-being. With these labels, we know our world and our place in it.

Our ego renders safe an unruly world. Uncountable sense impressions and thoughts crowd in on us, so that without the ego to filter out irrelevant information, we would be inundated, overwhelmed, and ultimately destroyed by the overload. Or so it seems.

The ego has convinced us that we need it – not only that we need it, but that we are it. I am my body. I am my personality. I am my neuroses. I am angry. I am depressed. I’m a good person. I’m sincere. I seek truth. I’m a lazy slob. Definition after definition. Room after room. Some are in high-rise apartments – I’m very important. Some are on the fringe of the city – just hanging out.

Meditation raises the question: Who are we really? If we are the same as our ego, then if we open up the ego’s filters and overwhelm it, we shall be drowned. If, on the other hand, we are not exclusively what the ego defines us to be, then the removal of the ego’s filters may not be such a great threat. It may actually mean our liberation. But as long as the ego calls the shots, we can never become other than what it says. Like a dictator, it offers us paternalistic security at the expense of our freedom.

We may ask how we could survive without our ego. Don’t worry – it doesn’t disappear. We can learn to venture beyond it, though. The ego is there, as our servant. Our room is there. We can always go in and use it like an office when we need to be efficient. But the door can be left open so that we can always walk out.> ✨ #RamDass VIA: ramdass.org

Please support the #3HO nonprofit mission to share #Kundaliniyoga around the world. Donate today on our website! #givingtuesday

GURU RAM DAS 🌹patron saint of kundalini yogis, 4th Sikh Guru, exalted heart center in human form, 'Lord of Miracles' and my absolute favorite 🔆 this new collage has some very personal elements to it maybe I'll write about some time but I do want to tell you that the bottom vintage rural landscape is WEST HOLLYWOOD about a hundred years ago ! Subtle nod to the heartfelt devotion that is @9treasuresyoga 💞 brand new art print available on @starwater.yoga and matching acccessories on @1111enterprises ⚜️ #miraclesarereal #guruguruwahegurugururamdasguru

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