Day 1 was yesterday. Today we push through the sore muscles and burning eyes from not enough sleep.
Workout was done before 5:10 AM both days. Arms are shaking, my core still hurts and my workout gear is soaked with sweat.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we can't find 2 hours in our week to get it done. Look ahead into your future and make a decision about how you want to feel and how strong you want to be. 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Who's coming with me for the next 8 weeks?

these helped me sidestep a sugar craving and avoid a binge yesterday so just thought I’d share. 1/2 cup serving size- 120 cal, 28g carb. Pair this with LOTS of water and sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing for about 10 minutes. A true lifesaver, considering evenings are when unhealthy food cravings and ways of eating hit me the hardest. #emotionaleating #stresseating #bingeeating #myfitnessjourney #momfitnessjourney #fit40s #fitmom #fitmomof4 #3girlsandaboy #momswholift #momstrong #chicagomom #doctormom #healthandwellness #barebananachips #glutenfree #cleaneating #mindfuleating #sugarcraving

It’s been a week of high emotion in this household! For those wondering, YES! Brody is back at home! 😂
My heart is still racing though, because as of yesterday, I made one of the scariest "clicks" of my mouse button that I have ever made. I booked a 3 story, 8 BR beach house that has 20 beds, gorgeous views and a gym (of course) for a retreat I am rewarding the top leaders of my team to attend in January 2019. 🤗💯🙌🏻 I’ve been inspired by Mark Batterson, who wrote Chase the Lion; which has (hands down) been my favorite read 📚this year......in a different kind of way than Girl, Wash Your Face..... Here is one of my (favorite) quotes in the book..... "What sets lion chasers apart isn't outcome. It's the courage to go after God sized dreams." OK-time to put what I read into action and not just think to myself- "wow- that's a really good quote...." This decision to host a retreat of this magnitude scares me to my core. ❓I am not sure if I will have enough people to fill this house.
❓ I am not sure if I will make the required income to pay for it.
❓ I do not necessarily feel equipped to lead them through a weekend of inspiration, encouragement and training.

But I do know this.....through lots of quiet time, prayer and discernment- God showed me this house..... "Here.....create lion chasers in this house.....help women learn what their individual purpose is in this house......use your God given bodies in this house to pour into each other and provide soul food.........in this house, GO and be Faithfully Fit....." So with great clarity, I pushed doubt aside; swallowed hard and with a racing heart beat I clicked "submit payment." I am going after this dream and it most certainly needs divine intervention, which is affirmation that this is a God sized dream. 👊🏻 "Don't let fear dictate your decisions. If your vision is God given, it will most definitely be beyond your ability and beyond your resources. The God who gives the vision is the same God who gives the provision." -Mark Batterson


Get out there friends and go chase YOUR 🦁 lion!

See ya, dude. 👋🏻 He’s off to find another house that doesn’t dish out consequences for poor choices. 😂 I love you, buddy. You’re always welcome home. #seeyain2minutes

It’s all a part of the journey💕 I don’t “fall off track” anymore. I don’t “diet” either. Nor do I have a “cheat meal”. These are all excuses I use to tell myself, or give, myself, because I wasn’t where I needed to be. I’ve learned it’s more important to give myself grace in this season of my life. I’m busy, very busy, with a full time job and four kids. I’m done comparing myself to other journeys because they will never be the same. Some weeks I may be able to workout every day. Some weeks I’m lucky to get in one day. And I’m allowing myself to be okay with that. I’ve always gone with the 80/20 rule. I just read in Shaun Ts book “T is for Transformation”, he does 85/15 and gives himself grace during all vacations. Your more likely to stick with it and keep it off this way. It’s taken a few years but I have gotten to that mental place in order to continue my journey. So I will eat the cake and donuts! Watch my portions! And eliminate what I need too!! Give yourself grace today!
#fastedcardio✔️ #liit #mommasneedenergytoo #fitbitversa #workingmomlifestyle #momof4 #cleaneats #soyfree #nohfcshere #portionfix #momswhoworkfulltime #3girlsandaboy #daysofgrace #itsyourjourney #eatthecake

Today marks 4 years since I became a coach. ❤️ Four years ago, I was a quiet coach 🤫 because I was shameful that I was part of a network marketing company. I was afraid of being judged by many of you and was worried that I would be pegged as someone who was pushy and icky 😫 on social media. Just like parenting, I get wiser each day and I have learned how to handle the haters better. 💯 What others think of me in real life or on social media isn't my business. 🚫 What IS my business is being authentic to who I am and what I want to represent on this platform. 🙌🏻 My transformation in the past 4 years has been a stronger physical body, a deliberate and clear message that there are women out there who need to know their purpose, the realization that many women crave community and accepting the freedom from the shame I was letting other people project on me. For me, coaching is making an impact on at least one life per day. ☝🏻
To the mom who thought her post baby body was what she had to accept and who now isn't scared to take off her cover up at the pool so she can swim with her kids......that mom? SHE is who I care about breathing belief into. ❤️ For the coach who didn't need any extra money when she said yes to coaching, but whose husband had a job change.....that coach? She was a major contributor to supporting her family 💵 in that unforeseen phase.....To the woman who now feels sexy 💃🏼 when she dates her husband because she feels strong in her body.....that woman makes me so joyful because her marriage is thriving. For the woman who didn't know who God was a year ago, but now understands she is Faithfully Fit and was created uniquely to live out a purpose.......SHE is who I will continue to pray for daily. 🙏🏻 Nope. This business isn't about shakes and sweaty selfies, although I love both of those too. 🤳🏻Coaching is about life changing, transformative stories that have blessed me abundantly. Thank you to every person out there who has let me touch your life in some way. It has been way more of a gift to me than you will ever know & I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude today. Four years has flown by & the cool thing is, we are just getting started!

New week, new goals, new vibes!!! Looking back on this weekend while I take a break from work...Left my phone at work yesterday morning so I hadn’t had a chance yet to see/share our beach day from yesterday!! The kids decided last minute they wanted a day at the beach so of course I agreed! First real beach day of the summer was just what I needed!
Not to mention we stumbled upon 70% off ALL summer and pool toys at Fred Meyer on Saturday!!!!
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The girls have a little competition here!!! Dylan has a pretty good straddle jump!!!
#schoolsoutforthesummer #carwash💦 #momof4 #pnwlife #workingmomlifestyle #3girlsandaboy #boymom

Weekie Wachee kayak trip

By the time Elsa is a senior in high school, we will have spent 8 Fourth of July’s 💥 with this set of cousins. Here’s to an ON year of every other July 4th together ❤️ Grateful for freedom 🇺🇸 today, for creating traditions with my family ❤️ and for God’s goodness. 🙏🏻

Picked this girl up from her sleepover and then ran some errands. Now that I have been working M-F the weekends have developed a bit of a natural errands schedule lol. And I LOVE that this girly always wants to go with me! She is the best little companion and keeps me highly entertained! I have to take advantage of this now before she’s too cool to hang out with me lol.
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glute/hamstring work...
front rack reverse lunges, top set 2@145, single leg RDLs 2x3@95, deficit reverse lunges with dumbbells, 4x6@45 #glutes #hamstrings #myfitnessjourney #momfitnessjourney #fit40s #fitmom #fitmomof4 #momof4 #3girlsandaboy #momstrong #chicagomom #doctormom #momswholift #momsinmedicine #womeninmedicine #strongnotskinny#momswholiftheavy

Love summer days with these cuties 💗💙💗💗 Dalton and his girls #blessed #summerdays #3girlsandaboy @rileyblack08

presenting my new washer and dryer😍 ... because it’s never fun when your dryer breaks 2 weeks after you move in🙄#momlife #momof4 #3girlsandaboy #neverendinglaundry #momofteens #momoftweens

When your sisters are having all the fun at the splash pad...

oh... just here for some late night cardio ... let me see if I can stay on that stairmaster for more than 3 minutes lol ...need to unwind after 45 hours at work the past 4 days🤪 #momfitnessjourney #myfitnessjourney #momstrong #fitmomof4 #3girlsandaboy #momofteens #momoftweens #fit40s

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