I Post Partum hair loss is a struggle for a lot of women. There are varying degrees from mild to severe, each case heart breaking.
I've had it with all of my girls, it was part of the reason I cut my hair so short after the twins. Trust me I regret not having as many of those memory photos now. I love helping Mama's who've experienced the same, get their hairline filled back in and their confidence back, so finally they can feel confident enough to be IN the photo with the baby 💞
If you or someone you know is struggling with Post Partum hair loss, let me know. There are ways to help that don't involve harsh chemicals.

You gotta choose your Hard! I know I did, and living in a body that was slowly killing me was WAY harder than any workout I have ever done! .
Getting back into shape or losing excess weight in the beginning is challenging and takes hard work....but HARD is a mental state you go to when you start to fear! I learned that recently in my personal development 💕🙏🏻 .
So are YOU where I was and NEEDING a change both mentally and physically? If so, I want to be in your corner, cheering you on and letting you know that YOU are worth it and worth making time for your own personal health-mind and body💕msg me, let’s chat. .
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Feet up, cup of tea in hand & almost finished ☕️ Landed safe and sound, all settled in at home with dad 💞

Off to the UK to visit with my dad & family for a bit of an extended trip. It’s important to me to go nit only to be with my dad & siblings, but also because, we are having mums headstone installed. I want to send a huge shoutout to my amazing husband @kiely1970 who is going to hold down the fort (he always does) while I’m away. I hope the kids & dogs behave 🤪

Good thing my hubby and I have long arms because OUR BABIES are growing up soooo fast! ❤️ Also good thing we have an amazing photographer who somehow captures our crazy crew in the split micro-second that everyone is looking in the same general direction 😉 📷@tessirenephoto

My last two weeks have been, without question, incredibly joy and laughter filled. The kind of bliss where every second you’re overwhelmed with gratitude. 🙏🏻The weeks have also been busy...... the schedule has been one event to the next without much quiet or down time. Work trips, birthdays, school meetings, house guests visiting and extra activities for the kids on top of an already full family schedule. This month has had me feeling like Im on a treadmill that doesn’t have a stop button. 🏃🏼‍♀️ You know what keeps me moving and energized during these times? Human connection. 👩‍❤️‍👩💑 When I walk out of a meeting, pausing everything to pray with a very dear friend who just lost everything in the hurricane that hit Florida, I’m immediately grounded in perspective. 😥 Closing my laptop at a swim meet to talk to other moms allows me to connect and understand what my fellow moms are dealing with in this phase of life. Breaking away from lunch at my desk to break bread 🥗🥖🥗with a bestie gives me laughter and grounds me in the fact that friendship are important and need nurturing. Pausing work on Friday to spend the morning at a photo 📸shoot with a friend and fellow coach who is celebrating 🎊 a lot going on in her life right now reminds me that we rise by lifting others up 🙌🏻 When we let the fast and furious world 💨 be in charge and we find ourselves saying “we are too busy”, we aren’t prioritizing the right things. ✖️Trust me, I’ve been the “I’m too busy girl” many times before 🙋🏼‍♀️and it’s when I take the lead and prioritize my real connections, I am most fulfilled. 🌟 We were created for community and to be with people. So....... Here’s to a week of face to face, voice to voice, smile to smile or in this case, back to back connection with the ones we love. 💞

Date night with @kiely1970 💞

Mother Nature’s amazing 💞 We are so blessed to have this little piece of paradise. The winter Wonderland @ the lake may have derailed some of our anniversary weekend plans, but as long as we are together it’s an amazing time anywhere with you @kiely1970 we truly are blessed

What up, Arizona🌵
Made it to our 6th state!

Enjoying a coffee in the dock. My happy place. Mother Nature has made my happy place even more beautiful in this winter wonderland 💞

Yesterday we made Halloween snack mix for Miri’s “birthday play date” and it was so easy for these little hands to help. Plus, they each got to take some home for their siblings:) Thank you @thebakermama for a great recipe! Onto another day of celebrating my 3 year old who will always be my baby😊..
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In the last week, I spent 5 days in Vegas eating like a champ, followed by a birthday yesterday with sushi 🍣 galore (yummy, but hello sodium)......a beautiful piece of ice-cream cake washed down with my favorite red wine 🍷 And guess what? I’m down 2 lbs. #truth
Next Tuesday I will officially be 🌟certified🌟 to mentor others on the nutrition plan I have been using for the past 11 months. I do not deprive myself of any food group or any treat. But I do have a plan every day I stick to and this has allowed me to live my life with educated freedom. 🙌🏻 I’m starting a new mentorship group on Monday that will run for 6 weeks. I’ll be teaching this plan and helping women learn how to fuel their bodies and change their mindset around food. 🌟The last time I ran a group like this, I had 80 women across the US doing this with me and the success stories were off the charts. 💥 Do you need some help? Send me a Note or a message 👇🏻 and I will help you learn how to have this freedom and healthy mindset too!

Sitting home alone watching the hockey game as @kiely1970 & @annaliciakiely are at the home opener game 🏒

Day 1 of A Little More Obsessed!!! Total Body Core! Lots of new moves that were actually really fun!!! I forgot though how many complex moves Autumn likes to throw in that my hips don’t like. But I’m use to modifying her workouts lol.

I was SWEATING!!! And it felt sooo good!!! I wrote in my planner all this week when I would workout. Today was suppose to be right after work-I was off at 2. Ended up leaving at 3🤦🏼‍♀️, it’s raining so traffic was a disaster, remembered I had to pick up Dylan’s inhaler; Kenzie calls me when I’m on my way home from the store that she needs picked up from a volleyball game; get home finally and one of the neighbor boys is in the house playing with dylan(this is not allowed when I’m not home!) and their in my workout area😡

Drank my pre-workout and FINALLY pushed play at 5:30.

The kids had homework to do and hadn’t had dinner yet, lol, but you know what, I honestly didn’t care, it could wait 45 minutes. I keep putting myself off each and every day and end up frustrated and disappointed.

And now I’m sitting at gymnastics watching Carly until 8:30 and then have to pick up Brooke from work at 9.

But you know what? I invested time in myself because I deserve it and nobody died!!!!
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I am thankful for family & stretchy pants, definitely stretchy pants 🤪 ate@so much food I might explode

Sooo I missed going to take pictures of this girls last homecoming yesterday😭 Dylan had a soccer game at the same time, of course! I was depending on Brooke sending me pictures last night. At 7pm I texted her asking for pics. She says “we’re still taking them”. 😳🤷🏼‍♀️ Okayyyh. Then I get an iCloud file with 4 pics from the Columbia tower. I don’t use iCloud for picture storage and have no idea how to save them to my phone this way, lol. This morning I ask for pics again and get 4 more iCloud pics🤦🏼‍♀️ They were taking pictures for like 3 hours and I get 4!?!?!? Ugh! Lesson learned here lol. #homecomingprep #3girlsandaboy #momofteenslife #northcreekhomecoming #jagnation #seniors #myfirstbornbeauty #loveher #ididherhairbtw #butcantheystaylittle #seattleskyline

These people right here are my why!! These people right here are my tribe!!! I am soooo thankful for all these amazing humans they make me who I am and make me try harder everyday. They have my back no matter how crazy I get, they encourage me & support me with everything they have & for that I am eternally grateful 💞

Yay can finally announce I have another lil nephew along the way!! Couldn’t be more excited for you two @lianahansford and Jeff, got the boy you hoped for. Here’s to a safe pregnancy and delivery.
#genderreveal #babyboy #itsaboy #nephew #3girlsandaboy

Find some time this weekend to recharge. Take a walk, read a book, date your spouse, hike a mountain, or put your feet in the sand. When you prioritize yourself so you can be your best for the ones you love, you are showing others that you value the importance of taking care of you ❤️

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