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long time no bathroom selfie lol... I feel lucky to have tested negative for both flu A and B this morning, and that it’s just a mild sinusitis. #doctormom #urgentcarelife #urgentcare #momstrong #washyourhands #momof4 #3girlsandaboy #myfitnessjourney #fit40s

Want to hear about how losing 30 lbs connected me to the most incredible women I’ve ever met? 🤔 Gods plan for me has been revealed slowly, but I know He’s provided this as a platform for me to help women hear #truth about themselves and push against the lies. You, my friend, are fearfully and wonderfully made and it’s incredible to use your healthy body to serve out your purpose! When you start on that journey and help others with their unique journey too, it’s a gift 🎁 Join me tomorrow to hear how the three of us stumbled upon coaching to see if it could fit your life too. Comment below with a 🙌🏻 and I’ll message you details!

filet hittin the spot right now during this Chicago snowstorm ❄️ olive oil cooking spray, salt, pepper, rosemary...pan fry to desired doneness #filetmignon #lowcarb #glutenfree #strongnotskinny #myfitnessjourney #fitmomof4 #momof4 #chicagomom #3girlsandaboy #doctormom #momswholift #momstrong

Road tripping with an awesome friend and 2 of our kids today .. bring on the good times 💕🙌🏻#mimpilife #roadtrip #solvingtheworldsproblems #music #laughter #memories #3girlsandaboy #poortoby

D O N E! I procrastinated for 2 hours before I did my work out this morning. Day 23/80 in the books! #happydance 💃🏼 I’m also UP 🆙 6 lbs 🆙! Do yourself a favor and move away from measuring your success by the number on the scale!
Do you feel stronger? 💪🏻 Do you have more energy? 💥 Are you wearing skinny 👖 jeans that slide on without a struggle!?? Those are wins that will fuel you and not defeat you! Focus on those victories instead!
57 more days to go!

Burned my buns and my buns only for 49 minutes with these bands. It wasn’t pretty and I probably won’t be able to sit down for later this morning, but I did better than I did last week! #winning

Who knew these bands could do so much damage!? 🔥⚡️🔥

I did my Saturday work out AGAIN on Sunday. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I just did not like my attitude on Saturday. #stinkinthinkin
So, I gave myself a do over. #grace

Best part about Sunday’s workout? I just made it fun. 🤗 I blared some 🎶 music 🎶, Brody played with blocks next to me and talked my ear off #chattiestoneofmy4, and I threw in some of my dance moves 💃........because who doesn’t ❤️ to move!? Add something different to today’s workout to make it FUN and push aside the fact your tired from staying up too late last night. #greatgame #ihaveNOTwatchedthisisus #nospoilers

Approach your fitness by remembering that you GET to workout. You don’t have to workout! 🙏🏻 Practicing gratitude changes everything. Xx

Makes my day when I get to FaceTime with my beautiful nieces and nephew! They are getting so big!!! #3girlsandaboy #lovethem #isitsummeryet

It’s the first day of Feb and I’ve had some time to think back 🤔 to January and assess how I’m tracking toward how I want to live 2018. ⭐️ My verdict? ⁉️⁉️ I’m changing a few things.
January was a tad long in my opinion. It felt like there were 78 days in the month and although there were a lot of highs, I’m drawing a line in the sand. ✍🏻 1. I’m going to keep my hustle holy. I need more quiet time. Period. 🙏
2. More face time with the women I work with, the women who mentor me, my friends, my neighbors and all in between. People fill my well. ❤️
3. I’m on the struggle bus with my fitness because the program I’m doing is Haaaard. But this feels good. Hard is fueling me and strengthens me from the inside out. I’m not stopping. ⭐️ I met a new woman in my Insanity class that reminded me, based on her life story, that we can accomplish what’s important to us despite our circumstances. We can tweak as we go and it’s never to late to start! 💯 If January wasn’t the month you tackled your New Years resolutions, then start over this month!
I’m adding 5 new women to my virtual Fit Family this week. Only 5. The group is amazing and I dig my heels in for some inspiration and I find it there every time. You won’t believe what some people do in order to keep their eyes on their life goals. It’s way more about life than fitness, but we sweat a lot in there too. 😅💪🏻 Anyone.
Any phase of your journey is welcome.
Comment below and we will talk this weekend to see if this is right for you. You just have to be at your starting point.
I’m ready to make Feb the new January. How about you?

This photo is from last summer when we visited one of my favs, Dunstanburgh Castle! We loved exploring and climbing the ruins... a whole different type of play structure! And the views of the North Sea from this bluff is pretty spectacular! Sharing a little bit of mid-week joy! You can check out my blog post on English castle adventures - link in bio ☝️. #englishcastles #travelengland #dunstanburghcastle

Bright yellow headband on a hairnet, that is the latest fashion statement for my girl! She has a passion for hair accessories and has a heart to serve others. I pray that as she and our kids continue to grow their hearts with a passion for serving others. “Don’t let us become weary in doing good. Let us serve others in love.” Galatians 5 & 6

#prayerrequest #givingtuesday #givingheart #blessings

He may kill me for posting this but I think it’s key to point out that I need a jolt of inspiration sometimes too. 💥

Elsa had an out of town swim 🏊‍♂️ meet this weekend and we decided to divide and conquer. I took the Saturday swim shift and Stefan took the Sunday shift. He had over an hour to kill before the meet started, so he found a high school, streamed his cardio routine from his phone and got it done. 🤜🏻🤛🏻 There are no excuses when you can stream from anywhere.
I needed this picture Stefan texted me yesterday. I’m proud I’ve gone 2 weeks of waking up at 4am ⏰ and pushing play on longer workouts. I’m pumped that my nutrition 🥗 has been 95% on point. But I’m tired. 😴 These workouts are challenging and my body is still in shock 😱 mode. I haven’t experienced that surge of energy you get when you’re in a good routine and I’m waiting for it. Impatiently waiting for it.
He’s doing it when it’s not convenient. My challengers are doing it and they’re tired too. And when I’m surrounded by people who still do it, even when they don’t FEEL like it, it’s pretty inspiring.
Action BEFORE emotion, friends. If we did whatever we felt like doing, we would never do hard things. ❌ So pick your hard this week and work right through it. You’ll inspire others in the process! ✴️

We walked into NYU with smiles and laughter and 2.5hrs later we welcomed this absolute little legend #firstson #toughmama #3girlsandaboy #nameiscoming

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