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Love this loop by @florian_dks

This is just getting too fun now 😀 .

Cross Tek

So, today I attended a class taught by @beeple_crap on doing everydays. This helmet /skull thing is what I made for it. He supplied some models to use. I took a sword and then tech'd it out.

Then i also took a selfie with him because fuck yeah, it's beeple!

18-2-2018 // Deployed //.
. Quick break and I will be back soon

INFLATE_STILL // Stil have a few things to fix before final rendering the animation, but i thought i'd share this still image 😁 Animation coming soon!

Spider Tank comolete

So the base mesh is done. The materials are just place holders. Gonna incorporate this dude into a master scene with the robo skeleton.

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