💅Nails by My
📸Photo/Video by @juliannnexo 📍Get your nails done like this at Kim’s Nails Spa! Request My or make an appointment with her on @kimnailsx
💌Kim’s Nails Spa is another location of ours across the street from Covernails

Доброе утро четверга!😉
Совсем скоро выходные, а это значит, надо усердно поработать, чтобы потом классно отдыхать!😍👍☀️
С Вам ❤, а с нас - красивый дизайн!
📸За фото спасибо @olehouse_cnd_khab

Good Morning Thursday! 😉
Soon, the weekend, and this means that we must work hard to later relax!
With you, and with us a beautiful design!
📸Thanks @olehouse_cnd_khab for the foto

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