I’m told that I can sometimes “nerd out” a little too much. This one seemed fitting. 😳🤐🤓
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📆- 11 Weeks between pics
📊- Too many performance PR’s to mention in one post.
⚖️- 6lbs HEAVIER on the scale.
🚨- Oh is that a 6 pack starting to show as well?!
🏆- Amazing what can happen when you follow a individualized plan from a proven system.
We help our athletes get more from life by getting more from their body. Let us know when you’re ready to start.

The video says it all. #belikebob

Individualized coaching that centers around the athletes goals, needs, and lifestyle. It works.

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Your content should resonate the promise you gave to your audience. We promise content creation in luxury settings usually very difficult to obtain, and we keep to our promise!

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Shoot for private jet stewardess company...some companies like things so corporate. Ready to do some more energetic and lively shoots📸🎉 #toocorporate #businessphotography #privatejet

#Repost @miggysalgado with @get_repost
Let’s make this the setting for your next photoshoot📸#privatejet #luxuryshoot #luxurycontent

Open the door and enter into your new life. It will be as beautiful as you make it!🔥🔥🔥

Diamonds and Champagne are always a great combination. 3OG is here to make sure that it is your 💎 that seizes the moment.

You don’t need to present what you have achieved. Let it build up behind you and everyone will see it towering over.

Think of your brand as your reputation. If the content your pushing is shit, working with you will be associated with shit results. Elevate yourself and watch everything around you elevate with you.

Your face is your brand...make sure to place it front and center.

The big picture is nice, but sometimes you should...

...take a step back and observe the pieces.

Your brand can be anything, make sure to keep it elevated.

6 days into this new @evolutionathleticsnc cycle - 100% compliance. I might be on a roll folks.

Deads @ 495 | ESD: 4:19

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Pünktlich zum Frühlingsauftakt gibt es den neuen Logo-Hoodie von Closed im Oversize-Look in vielen frischen Farben: Orange Lava, Light Champagne, Navy, Grey Melange und Flamingo Pink. Anziehen und wohlfühlen.
Ihr wollt mehr erfahren? Dann schaut hier: https://www.baltz.de/magazine/
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My friends are cooler than yours are......
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