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This video does not do it justice.. finally put a new exhaust on bae! 😍😈

I feel so loved having my #392fam be there to support me & see how I'm holding up. Most of my close friends don't even know how I feel but everyone at Finishline is there for me maybe more than others but I appreciate it a lot. Big thanks to the wifey dulce & the bae brit😘 you guys keep me on my 2 feet. You guys always in my IMs making sure is good with me! & despite all the misunderstanding my manager plays a big role in my life for putting all the pressure and challenges in my life to better myself to prove to everyone I am capable of being a great person and manager! Thanks D! & thanks to E too he always makes sure I'm 100% good. All my managers all believe in me & that's a big thing in my eyes. Even tho things aren't near where I want them to be I'm happy to have support thru it all. Sometimes I wish I would have support from certain people but that just shows me how much they care. Happy to have old friends back in my life! Thru all the bullshit still got them on my side. Feels great to have great things coming my way. Excited for the future. I'll see who is actually real with me to be here thru the bad & celebrate with me thru the best #IMGOINGTOMAKEIT #WORK #SCHOOL #HOUSEWIFE #OUTHEREGRINDING #LOVEYOUBRIT&DULCE #LOVEYOUZULY #LOVEYOUJENNI #LOVEYOUKIM #LOVEMY392Fam #illmakemomaaaproud #FUTUREDOCTOR #DR.CONROY & special thanks to Brodie! Really cool guy believed in me also showed me the life I needed to live. Hope one day to have as much energy & happiness that he has! Thanks Brodie 😁😁✊🏽


Is that a... Is that a Chrysler 3000? SRT Would be the first 2nd gen I've seen with Hellcat engine. I would've played around more with what I would've done with that hood. Not diggin that hood scoop. Nonetheless you can't go wrong on a Chrysler 300 with a Hellcat engine Nice! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― Video cred: @mopar.red #chrysler #chrysler300srt #srt #srt8 #hemi #392fam #300fam #moparornocar #moparfam #srtfam #dodge #hellcat #americanmuscle #300srt #moparnation #wearemopar #modernmuscle #carlifestyle #california #losangeles #hellcat300

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