Princess Nokia, Field Day, 2018 💙



Forgotten future pt 3
Experimental grade

Mackenzie Swenson | "I hope that people are reminded of the miracle that is another human, and the miracle that is their own unique vantage point. I believe that if we are willing to undergo the delicate and humble task of curious seeing, we are rewarded through the way our perception becomes more sensitive over time." More art on MINUS37.com | #mackenzieswenson #37minus #american #painter #finearts

MOSCOW MULE /@joaodearagao

Mackenzie Swenson | "I find myself drawn to visual experiences where the objects I paint capture my attention because of what they represent, and the way the abstract shapes and colors come together capture my attention aesthetically." More art on MINUS37.com | #mackenzieswenson #37minus #american #painter #finearts

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