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56/365 - My favourite gym.
Just a couple of quick clips I shot at the incredible @themonkeyvault this evening. Looking forward to getting some proper training done here tomorrow!
#365videochallenge #FS700 #slowmotion #parkour #monkeyvault

6/365 - Swings in Sweden.

As always an incredible day at the @airwipp academy. We were here in collaboration with @themotusprojects to celebrate the reopening of the gym and it turned out great. I wanted to make this edit a bit better but technically it's already past midnight here so I feel like I'm late!
Music - Stunner by Scroobius Pip

#365videochallenge #fs700 #parkour #freerunning

88/365 - Studio Sessions.
Late again! Sorry, busy watching epic shit unfold.
#365videochallenge #RCA #Storror #Roofcultureasia

101/365 - Reading rooftops.
This was meant to go up last night but hotel wifi is poor as usual.
Shot this a while ago on a pretty damp day with @kieparkour for Android Wear.
#365videochallenge #parkour #freerunning #androidwear #freerun

74/365 - Helpful hangovers!
Spent this morning working off the inevitable Air Wipp Afterparty hangover by helping out with the deconstruction of the course before we had to head to the airport.
Im horribly sleep deprived & trying to put into words how incredible the Air Wipp team is hurting my brain but seriously, they absolutely kill it. A huge thanks to @zyrken & @filipljungberg for being amazing & thank you to everyone else I got hang out with over the last week!
#365videochallenge #AirWippChallenge #AirWipp #Parkour #Freerunning

32/365 - A trip down memory lane.
Spent an hour or so at the house I grew up in so decided to get the drone up and see some of its land from the skies. Flying over the fields and woodland brought back countless memories of childhood adventures, dog walks & parties.
Music - Taking Over by The King Blues.
#365videochallenge #dji #phantom3

81/365 - Laundry day.
Not going to lie, the desire to create some fancy Instagram video when I have a tonne of other work to do really isn’t that high but I appreciate the fact I have to do it so I just have to try & be as creative as I can.
Music by Cecilia Lindh
#365videochallenge #Sonyfs700

Pretty relaxing day for Jan 1 2017

21/365 - Sandy Sundays.
So I'm an hour late with this daily video... whoops! Spent the day filming ridiculous movement in London and 250GB of footage took way longer to transfer than I expected.
I'd kind of forgotten to shoot for this due to the fact I was filming all day anyway. Then I realised the stuff I was filming can't be seen for a few months so I had to very quickly grab a few shots of @luke.brewman & @kelan.brewman just before we left!
Music - Let the drummer kick by Citizen Cope.
#365videochallenge #FS700 #southbank #london


Monday morning at costco...so busy, why? Thought I was beating the crowds.

#costco #somanypeople #365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Opened Plug. 🔌 插头 chātóu.
Advent Calendar IRL Day 11: I opened the plug of the computer and was filming the parts and putting them back together, forgive me if you expected I completely open the plug, I wish I could if I got some sponsors get me a new one afterwards 😂.#365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #11thofdecember

Good Morning An Opened 3. 3️⃣ 三 sān.
Advent Calendar IRL Day 10: Checking an opened 3, p.s I didn't open it , I'm just checking on it 😉#365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #10thofdecember

Good Morning Road Opened by the Sun. 🌝太阳 tàiyáng, 🛣 路 lù.
Advent Calendar IRL Day 9: Haven't seen the sun this shining for days, this morning I opened the curtains and saw there is something shining outside, it looked like someone opened the road and found gold underground 🥇😉#365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #9thofdecember

Let's mistletoe...got a cute new holiday pillow...feelin goofy

#letsmistletoe #feelingoofy #mistletoe #holidaypillow #365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Opening a Dream. 🎐梦 mèng.
Advent Calendar IRL Day 8: Opening a remnant dream from last night. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #8thofdecember

Good Morning Digital File Opening. 📂文件 wénjiàn.
Advent Calendar IRL Day 7: Trying very hard to open a digital file. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #7thofdecember

Good Morning Cookie Opening. 🍪饼干 bǐnggān. Advent Calendar IRL Day 6: Opening a cookie dramatically. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #6thofdecember

Good Morning You-Opening-a-Gift. 🎁礼物 lǐwù. Advent Calendar IRL Day 5: You Opening a gift. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #5thofdecember

Dinner success tonight..Steak, Fries, salad, with Garlic butter.

#365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Opened Tea Bag. 🖖开 kāi, 🍃茶 chá, 💼包 bāo. Advent Calendar IRL Day 4: Opening a tea bag. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #4thofdecember #teabag

Good Morning Yellow-Box-on-the-Bridge. 💛黄色 huángsè, 📦 盒子 hézi, 🌉桥 qiáo. Advent Calendar IRL Day 3: Opening a big yellow box on a bridge I was crossing. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #3rdofdecember

Swain Bryant Holiday Ale Fest...didn’t make it downtown but made our own.

#holidayalefest #holidaybeer #365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Some-Food-I-Never-Tried-Before. 💁‍♂️没吃过的食物 🍴méichīguò de shíwù. Advent Calendar IRL Day 2: Opening Schuddebuikjes. #2ndofdecember #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL #schuddebuikjes

Good Morning December 🌟✋️😊 1️⃣2️⃣ 十二月 shíèr yuè. December is a special month in western world, so we have a new challenge for this month: Everyday I will open something I have never opened before just like what people do with the Advent Calendar. This morning is the first morning I moved to this new place and I found there are lots of books here so Lu picked two books for me to open and by then end when camera was running I opened this one for no reason 😉, Enjoy. Advent Calendar IRL Day 1: opening a new book picked by love. #1stofdecember #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #adventcalendarIRL

Good Morning/Evening a Trip-Arranged-by-itself. 🛫🛬🚆自定的旅行 zìdìng de lǚxíng. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #lateforareason : On the train when I was about to get out, this lady sitting next to me told me" My English is bad but I just overheard you on the phone saying that you lost your passport and missed your flight. I'm deeply sorry, but still have a good day!". Since this morning I took 2 train rides and multiple subway rides with 4 bags, went through two cities, an airport, two train stations and finally I got my passport back, now I'm rewarding myself with fried chicken and coke, the guy working there just casually offered me free French fries. Well it's indeed a magic day. What's next?

Good Morning Turning. ↪️转弯 zhuǎnwān. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Wind Man. 💨 风 fēng, 👨🏻男 nán. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Tissue Box. 🗳纸巾盒 zhǐjīn hé. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Flower Eye Ball. 🌹👁☄️花眼球 huā yǎnqiú. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Tree lighting!!! 🎄
Holiday season officially under way!
#ohchristmastree🎄 #365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Dinosaurs. 🐾恐龙 kǒnglóng. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Window-Playing. 🤹‍♂️玩 wán, 🖼窗 chuāng. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Homemade salted caramel sauce....
I have some back posts to do to catch up from our epic trip but time to get back at it!
#saltedcaramel #homemadefood #thanksgivingprep #365videochallenge #yearofcreativehabits #yearofcontentcreation2017

Good Morning Morning and One Car. 🕖晨 chén; 🚙 车 chē. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Lines and curves. ➖〰➖线 xiàn, 曲线 qūxiàn. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning On the way to go to school ☀️😎✋🏻

Good Morning Shining Star. ✨⭐️闪亮的星 shǎnliàngde xīng. I captured a star with my tea cup and I'm gonna drink it with my tea. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning Having fears is like having some spices in our life, without those life will be tasteless, so it's okay to be scared of getting older, my friend, we all are.

Good Morning Window Opening. ✋️💠开窗 kāi chuāng. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Searching the Angle. 🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 找角度 zhǎo jiǎodù. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning #selfiefail

Good Morning Parking. 🅿️ 停车 tíngchē.#365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Good Morning Airport. 🛫飞机场 fēijīchǎng. #365daysofgoodmorning #chaoneselearning

Since 18th of October 2017, I started to do a video challenge for 365 days, every morning I make one fresh video (5" to 60") and post it before noon. I start my day with this project and it is a Good Morning to myself and to the people who just happen to see it. A Good Morning is always a nice start of a day, and I start my day with giving a curious look at some daily objects or some extra focus on something in my everyday life. No more than 60", just simply looking at something might have been around me for a while, but I never give it even a 60" gaze.
At the same time I put the key words of the morning in simplified Chinese (my mother tongue) along with English, so that people who are interested in learning Chinese, especially the characters, can learn one or two words with my short videos.


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