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Hahahaha yessss this is how much i love this movie! So much, that i demanded to watch it in 3D IMAX!! Becoz the hubby’s not a fan of 3D, i get the lovely opportunity to pull my cuzzie along with me 😬 Thank you for entertaining me! Hope you enjoyed the movie, though you have been bombarded by your boss during the movie 😅 Now i cant wait for it’s Blueray to be released!!

Day 278: #365grateful Had to post twice today- because I am so so #grateful that my dear friend Amanda came over to help me eliminate more than 2/3rds of my clothes. I emptied out ever piece and she nixed or “allowed me to keep.”. Most of the old clothes she said “were tired” and to get rid of them. Feel so much lighter! @thanks girlfriend! #grateful #365awesome2018

Day 278: #365grateful @happyfathersday to you @paulg_22 ! Love you madly and so appreciate that our two muskrats have a dad who does so much and cares so much. #luckykids #luckyme #happyfathersday #grateful #365awesome2018

Blessed to have these men in my life. They challenge me to love & help me believe in love.
Behind the father label, each men has a story to tell of how they were able to overcome obstacles & achieve victories.
I've seen them laugh & cry but never surrendered or prideful.
Because they have hope of the future, I can entrust my life & my son's life in their hands.

Thank you Joel, Dad & Suegro for giving your best for your family to have the best.

Love you💓

Day 634: Grateful for a beautiful day in one of my favourite places on earth, an incredibly slow recovery run, and finally a Father’s Day supper with @shawn.parsons who really loved his @ferniebrewingco growlers. 😉 Grateful for two fathers today that are really important to me, both amazing - my partner @shawn.parsons, fantastic Dad,step-dad, dog-dad extraordinaire, and Liam’s Dad @fastnewt who is one heck of a father - I am so thankful to coparent our young man with him! #365grateful #restday #randr #myhappyplace #ferniestoke #icepacksandworldcup #fathersday #lovetheseguys #slowsunday #sundaysbelike💤 #backtoworktomorrow

A bike ride with all four kids ending with a trip to Starbucks?!?! You would have thought it was Mother’s Day! .
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These two...light up my life! Happy Father’s Day ❤️ #4monthsold #365grateful #thenarrows

I’ve (finally) been reading the Harry Potter books. Today the clever caps on these dock posts reminded me of the castle turrets of Hogwarts. Suddenly paddleboarding became a lot more fun. #sup #suplife #harrypotter #hogwarts #iread #readingiscool #getoutside #lovethislife #365grateful

Father's Day Saturday trip to Busch Gardens. #attitudeofgratitude #noticegoodness #365grateful #grands #vrrmmvrrmm 🐎🎢🦅🌞🚂🐦

Project 365 Grateful- Day 168
I'm grateful we got to celebrate Father's Day together. #bolante #family #sisters #reunitedanditfeelssogood #grateful #365grateful #ARB365in2018

How many times a day do you find yourself resisting or complaining about doing a 'chore' or something you don't feel like doing?

I can't think of the number of times I used to whinge when my Mum would ask me to take the dog for a walk. I viewed it as a chore instead of a joy. He wanted to stop and smell the roses. As a teenager and into my early 20's, I definitely didn't want to do that, so I didn't view walking him as a fun part of my day.
You don't know what you've lost until its gone.
You never know when life will throw you a massive curve ball. When the things you take for granted can no longer be done. When you think that it can't happen to you, when really, all but for the Grace of God it can happen to anyone.
Cherish the small moments. Find the joy. Because for me, when I was 24 and could no longer walk, was reliant on a wheelchair and walking sticks, all I wanted to do was walk my dog #yepthereistheirony

We've had Horus for nearly 9 years now. And for the first 8 years of his life I couldn't walk him. You can bet your ass that I find infinite gratitude in walking him now. 🙌🙌 #forevergrateful #guillainbarresyndrome
P.S. for anyone who has seen photos of Horus over the past couple of days in my stories, yep the bucket (aka satellite dish) still reigns, I gave him a little bucket-break for his walk. His eye is healing really well 💕

Most excellent birthday, complete with wonderful vegan cake!!! #60thbirthday #sixtyisthenewthirty #365grateful

"Papa WHOA!!! How did you build that?!" I love building legos with my sons completely from our imaginations, and even more so, I just simply and entirely love and am grateful everyday in every way to be their Papa. It's the best thing! #365grateful #legos #masterbuilder #happyfathersday #thebestthing #love