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Alec // I feel disconnected from everything lately. I think people are on social media too much. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. You have to like and comment on peoples status to have friendships. I don’t really understand that. That’s not really what a friendship is to me. It’s not about understanding my self worth - I have plenty of self worth. I like my job, and working there. Outside of that, I don’t feel like there’s much else out there for me. // I read a lot. I drink coffee and I loiter. That’s kind of my thing I do. I sit around Lancaster drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. I tend to read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. I love National Geographic. It’s the one non-fiction things that I read. They have great stories in them. •

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💯🎵💪Spitting that real for day 18 of the #365daychallenge ! I love putting my life in my music. Comment your thoughts below and spread the word about the challenge! My bro @gallo_locknez is posting his challenge shortly!💪🎵💯 #Rello365



🎵🔥💪Have a bad cold but I had to get in this #4barfriday and day 19 of the #365daychallenge ! Comment your thoughts below! Also check my bro @gallo_locknez who's doing the challenge as well!💪🔥🎵 @4barfriday @damianlillard #Rello365 #music365

365 B&W photos of my life over 365 days. No photos of people. No explanations. Day 25 #365daychallenge #findingsam

|О "индонезия санрайз"| Древесные опилки, цветы гибискуса с малой кислинкой и мягкий вкус с ореховой сладостью в конце. Первичная терпкость трюфеля с мягким шоколадом внутри добавляет новое направление вкуса, расширяя спектр. Продолжение кофейных проб уходит в среднюю обжарку и дальше от горечи во что-то более восприимчивое на данном этапе. Надо было присмотреть ещё и на следующий раз, но пусть будет сюрпризом - новым выбором.
Разговоры об одном и том же каждый раз приобретают разные повороты сюжета, обмениваясь действиями, удивляя или заставляя восклицать громче обычного "я же говорил!" Но в целом заканчиваются на том же, что нужно оставаться при своём мнении, меньше слушать чужое, да и рассказывать о чем-то внутреннем и важном нужно поменьше. Да, делиться здорово, но что-то хочется хранить только своим, согревающим и близким, не посвящая никого.
Который раз убеждаюсь, что утро чудесным делает вовсе не чувство, что выспался - конечно, и оно, но даже им можно пренебречь, если есть вкусный завтрак, розовый рассвет, выгорающий в бледность за считанные минуты, и человек, который усиливает впечатление от всех мелочей за раз. Хоть и нужно спешить на трамвай, собирая по дороге отблески в стёклах высоток, которые солнечными зайчиками скачут в ту же сторону, но эта спешка разбавляется, что через некоторое время встретимся вновь, успеем соскучиться, да и будет что рассказать, хотя темы для разговоров всегда лежат на поверхности.
Новый день встречает отголосками вчерашнего, время так смешивается, путая часы с минутами, что сбиваются все графики - дни недели и вовсе перестали существовать. Я стараюсь не теряться в этом, с опозданием собирать мысли в тексты, что-то записывать в свободные окна, а после разбавлять подробностями. Есть вещи, ради который случается пренебрегать привычками, так получается и сейчас. Хорошего дня, друзья! С выходными!


This larger-than-life suede artpiece greets me every time I walk through the basement doors of the firm. At first I thought it was an ugly '70 relic, and now I am obsessed.

Hey, I've been posting for 263 days STRAIGHT and I still have 103 days to go. I was thinking it'd be fun to try something a little different.

I'm curious to know what's on YOUR minds! DM me or comment a question you have, a topic you'd like me to discuss, a theme or an image you'd like me to capture, ANYTHING. I don't know if anyone will be up for participating, but I thought I'd extend the offer and see if we can shake things up a bit. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for following along. 262 days STRAIGHT. It's somewhere between so long and too short.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho // November 2017

Day 274. We've had a bit of rain the last few days and I thought it might have washed my weemails away. But no, still plenty around. #maxiboy #365daychallenge #kelpiex #kelpiexbordercollie #kelpiesofinstagram #bordercolliesofinstagram #weemails

Becki // As a teenager, I was diagnosed with a lot of mental health issues. They kicked my butt. I couldn’t see a future as a kid. I went through a lot of periods where I was suicidal, it was very dark. There were so many years there where my family and support system really got me through it. As an eighteen year old, I couldn’t see myself turning nineteen. There were so many years where it was just about surviving. When I got in my twenties, I made it past that stage of surviving, and I started to focus on thriving. I just turned thirty, and the difference over the past ten years has been incredible. Two years ago I go sober. My medications are great. I go to a therapist. I’ve realized that over the past few years I have been thriving. I’m back in school and finishing my degree. I have a job that I love. A husband that I adore. I was talking to a friend of mine, she has a daughter that is suicidal - she’s in a really dark place. It has been amazing to speak to her and encourage her and show her what this can look like. She’s in this dark place and can’t see a future. I realize that 10-15 years ago, that was me. I had a friend say to me - “five years ago you never could have imagined yourself where you are now. How can you possibly see where you’re going to be in 5 more years?” That has resonated with me so much over the years. When I was 25 years old, I was doing okay - but I wasn’t doing great. I never could have imagined I’d be here. I get stressed, but I’ve learned how to deal with that. I have an incredible support system, I’m so thankful to be alive. I think my story, is killing the stigma associated with mental illness. I’m not here to pat my own back - but I am BRAVE, and I am STRONG. I see so many teenage girls and boys who are just freaking out. They’re in such dark places and can’t see their future. So my biggest thing is, if I’m quite about my story - because I’m ashamed of it. It doesn’t do any good. No one benefits from that. But if I talk about it, and say that I needed to get help. Than that can be an encouragement to others. •

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From the day he first saw one, Harvey has desperately wanted a fidget spinner. (Mom says no because she has her own opinions of fidget spinners.) In the meantime he makes his own from things around the house; Legos, pens or in this case a toy ladder. I guess he feels it’s time to take his request to the big guy. 170|365
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