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10th Round: Which of these characters is your favorite? 🎬📽
•John Ruth
•Sheriff Chris Mannix
•Sanford Smithers
•Daisy Domergue
Winners 9th Round: Vincent Vega 🥇& Mr. Wolf 🥈
You may Comment here or on my Facebook Page. At the end of the Game the Best Tarantino Character will be elected and the best fans will be celebrated and tagged!

Still can't believe that she was 22..
Margot Robbie in The Wolf Of Wallstreet (2013), Martin Scorsese


Swimmers 👙 by Antoine Geiger. Happy Friday 🤘

just a beached mermaid 🐬 (couldn't find a mermaid emoji so the dolphin will do) dropping this set on my #patreon account. link in my bio to sign up today! 🌟#35mm by @alyshanett

At the beach with @samiiryan. Full set is on her Patreon. #35mm


Longwood Gardens. 2016. 1960's Nikon F Photomic / Kodak Portra 400 / Nikkor f1.4 50mm lens.
#filmisnotdead #filmphotography #35mm #kodakporta #nikonf #warmth
@nikonusa @longwoodgardens @kodak

This wasn't today; but this #sunset still deserves to be remembered. #filmisnotdead

Como eu amo morar aqui ♡♡

Missing Naomi one of the coolest people ever. #35mm #filmisnotdead

Craving a beach walk chat 🌊#35mm


I honestly have way to many pictures of this glorious human being 😍
Happy Birthday to the one and only @warwick.nowicki 🎉 🎉
Im so happy that you're in my life and I hope your having the most spectacular birthday in India! Love you long time ❤️💜❤️💜❤️

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