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#mondaymotivation quads are coming in 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 sorry for all the posts lately but I’m kinda obsessed with this life style #34daysout #npcbikini #nevergiveup

Taggad på tävling🙌🙌🙌 #34daysout

Smoked duck salad today 🐤🌱 1 more day to the long awaited cheat day!!! #savemyabs #eatclean #34daysout

@academiamoov geração de gigantes mais um treino no hardcore com @danilobacara, supino reto 5xMax. 40" adoto este exercício com intuito de trabalhar a força pura, apesar do excesso de carga sempre priorizando a correta execução do movimento, #34daysout #maisdensoquearocha #secomesmo #maissecoqueodesertodosaára💀 @giordaninho @gustavoalvesbatista @almirbaldez @phamarante @universofitness_slz @luckpinheiro22 @laarymendonca @cleitonfisiculturista1

There are days I feel like shit....anyone who says that every training day is perfect are big fat fucking liars....there are days everything feels heavy as fuck....but then I have to talk myself out of being a little bitch and just pick up the damn weight. #SJFitExpo #34daysout #DCSpack #nobodydoesthisshitalone

Tanning day with the monster.🌊☀😎 #34daysout

Always practice your posing💯💪🏼👌🏼 #gains #34daysout #npcclassicphysique #progress #needatan

#Planks to build the foundation after a 200 rep variety of hanging leg raises and knee tucks. Just getting it. #Fitnessislimitless #eveydaygrind #34daysout #physiquecompetitor


#mondaymotivation quads are coming in 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 sorry for all the posts lately but I’m kinda obsessed with this life style #34daysout #npcbikini #nevergiveup

All the pauses again today 💀

Hit sets of 4 sets of 4 paused deadlifts at ~255 lbs and 3 sets of 6 paused skwats at 187 (shown) then ~195.

I’m #34daysout and feeling good physically, but maybe not so much mentally. I have a tendency to overthink and get anxious about things, especially when I really care about them (like powerlifting). And I often let the stress from things I have no control over right now, like work, bleed into every other part of my life. So while my training’s been good, I haven’t always felt good about it recently.

My goal for the next almost 5 weeks is to chill out and focus on my lifts for the day and making every rep as good as possible, instead of being the control freak I am and constantly trying to push myself harder all the time when that is not exaxtlyyyyy what peaking is all about. After all, powerlifting is supposed to add happiness to my life, not stress.

(Also I couldn’t write this without saying thanks to @pbnluke for basically telling me everything I wrote above and stopping me from being a crazy person in the gym. I appreciate all the support just as much as you telling me to calm tf down when I need it 😂)

Almost died on several occasions tonight by the most random things. A deer..with horns. A speedbump. 2 dirtbags who were smoking cigarettes at the PARK and didnt like me coughing and telling them to put it out. 2 big dogs who chased me(seriously. Leash your pets if theyre big enough to do damage. I dont care how much of a sweetheart cujo is. ) an acorn and a ditch. Clearly I underestimated sunset time and the fact that i live in an area where streetlights are rare. I will be buying a crossing guard vest as well as a coal miners hat first thing in the am. Glad i made it out alive and glad i finally hit my 10 mile. #marathontraining #phillyhalf #34daysout #fitness #yesipostmyruns #thankyoutoeveryoneelsewhodoestoo #ilikeseeingit #yougivememotivation #andstrengthtocontinue #youreallsuperstars

Yesterday I attempted 100 miles. About mile 30, I went made a turn when I was supposed to go straight. I ended up literally on the border of Mississippi and Louisiana which rational Christina knows that that's possible. But I was alone and panicking. The I got a flat. I changed it but fucked it up somehow. I would ride on it a bit then walk my bike a bit. I thought there was a aid station close by but there wasn't. Luckily Sag saw me walking and helped me out. I had lost one and a half hours so I had to drop down to the half. I really feel like I failed. And I still do. But I'm going to try again next week, solo, with no time cut off stressing me out. I guess that's the only thing I can do 🤷🏼‍♀️#imfl2017 #34daysout

This chicken bruschetta I made was stupid good! The volume of this meal blows my mind, cauliflower rice for the win. 15c, 4f, 26p, 200kcal.
#cauliflowerrice #volume #healthyfood #cleaneating #iifym #lunch #bruschetta #chicken #macromagician #macrocounting #macrolife #34daysout #competitionprep #competitor #figure #leanout #yum

I'm not on a diet 👍🏼 I'm just eating according to my goals❤️💋💪🏼 #healthychoices #eatclean #beshreddedsoon #smakoun #oliveoil #veggies #knackebrot 🔜💣🔝🙌🏻 #34daysout

Took some time off because my body told me to. Came back feeling better than ever. P.S. I'm not as big as I look! 5'5 114lbs soaking wet. #flexing #skinnymini #strongthou #34daysout #preplife #pump

The corgi loaf 🐶🍞gazing into the rain thinking deep thoughts, and momma squatting 3x12 goblet squats with 35lbs. The weight has been irrelevant for many months now, movement is the important thing🤰🏻#powerliftingpregnancy #finnthecorgi #GWPL #35weekspregnant #pregnantpowerlifter #squats #34DAYSOUT

HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY! // Here's a little update on life for you guys: For those of you who don't already know, I've embarked on a journey to my first ever bodybuilding competition a few months ago. As of today, I'm one month and 4 days out from competing in the novice bikini division of Iron Man in October! The past few months for me have been full of ups and downs and learning more and more about myself everyday! It's been an incredible ride so far watching my body transform little by little. Three months ago I was so unsure if I would actually ride this thing out, but as October 7th slowly creeps up, I've never been so sure about anything! Regardless of how my physique is, or how I do, or how that day plays out, I can't explain how proud I am of myself for making it all the way. Stepping on that stage will be a big enough win for me 😌 Now it's time to really buckle down and hit it hard for the month - let the official countdown to show day BEGIN!! 🏅 #34daysout

Fit, fierce, and Fabulous 💪PM cardio complete Stairs. Benny came with me to posing practice and PM cardio 😍. Posing practice is so motivational for me to keep grinding. 😊 #anytimefitnessoswego #bfitness #npcfigure #averagefitnessenthusiast #34daysout

O segredo é ter a mente blindada 🙏💪 #blessed#blindado#34daysout

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