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Now this pup looks like it's seen some fights. Hahaha #333machines 333machines.com

Number 5 machine of the year. I'm a slow poke... thought I had more, was looking at the wrong year's pics. Haha Fight Club shader. Might have to scuff it up a bit, looks too clean in my opinion. Gonna run it this weekend... Might be for sale if I don't fall in love with it more than I already am. Still a ways to go before it's ready to be in someone elses hands. Thanks for looking. Comments and likes welcomed. #333machines 333machines.com P.S. Fight Club is the best movie ever made. If you don't think so... well, there's something wrong with you.

Getting there. Walken shader. More polishing and wrapping coils tonight. What should I put on em? My default is Christopher Walken but I might have to put something else on it. Borderlands stuff maybe? #333machines 333machines.com

Some polishing and began springs on this Walken shader. Super excited for this next set of builds. Taking my time and gonna put a lot of love and make em perfect. Won't be heart broken if no one buys them. They're gonna be so sick. #333machines 333machines.com

Number 19 of 2013...

A Walken I built months ago. Put some brass binders on it instead of some steel. Running it on my next few tattoos. If interested in it... I'll let it go for $230 shipped in US. Holla at me. Thanks for looking. #333machines 333MACHINES.COM

Got a few Walken machines on the way. A few liners and a few shaders. Nothing zazzy... just solid machines that function well. Bluing them to keep it simple. Available soon... if interested in acquiring one, hit me up. Will post as they become finished. Thank you for viewing. #333machines 333machines.com

Top drawer. NeoTat OG, diablo Swiss, Spaulding stinger, technical t-dial, eikon green machine, lefty bulldog, 333 machines victory, no name side by side, no name jackhammer Jim build. #tattoo #tattoo_machine #spaulding #eikon #diablo #coil #rorary #333machines #neotatmachines #technical

Background to go! Woo!! Getting close!

Mobile madness part 2 @robrutherford @badbrass1 @albroordie

Mobile madness part 1

Scripty magick conducted with machines by @robrutherford

Sailor Jerry/Colorado pinup action hosted by some @robrutherford machines

V frame liner. $250 Christopher Walken coil wraps

Multicolor blued, brazen mess.

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