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Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Berbeda beda tapi tetap satu jua 💕💕❤👭👭 #3207

embracing the new workplace location with a chicken, edamame, freekeh and kale salad and a hearty dose of vitamin D ☀️ #3207

На Ларе: 🦋новая рубашка-распашонка в полоску со структурными рукавами (6900₽) 🔎#3207 🦋джинсы с высокой посадкой, темные "Монтана" (6900₽) 🔎#9009
В наличии:
🛍ТЦ МЕТРОПОЛИС, Ленинградское шоссе, 16А (3 этаж, над магазином Victoria's Secret) 📞+7(965)433-30-13 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
🛍ТРЦ ОКЕАНИЯ, Кутузовский проспект, 57 (2 этаж, напротив фонтана и магазина H&M) 💦💦💦
🛍БУТИК LN family ул.Пушечная, 3 📞 +7-903-218-81-92 💗💗💗
💻📱Заказ на сайте LN-family.com (доставка на следующий день) 📲 По телефону или в What's App +7 (985) 776-87-80
Доставка по всему миру 🌍✈️
🇬🇧Shop online www.LN-family.com (switch to English) we ship worldwide ✈️
💳📦For all inquiries, please contact us (call or What's App) +7 (985) 776-87-80
Worldwide delivery 🌍
#LNfashion #LNfamily

- 2 months of PTP ✔
- Passing IPPT ✔ (sadly still not gold cos I suck 😓😣)
- GAC and HG ✔
- BTP ✔
- BCCT ✔
- 6D5N Field Camp + SIT Test ✔
- CQB ✔
- BIC ✔
- SOC ✔
- 4km, 6km, 8km, 12km, 16km route marches ✔
- 24km route march 🔜
- Graduation Parade 🔜

It's been about 4 months of hell (and welfare), 7 days of SOL (because of my stupidity and another's lack of giving a chance and indescribable lol). All in all, BMT has reinforced my understanding of leadership and the military; it is without a doubt that what I've gained over the past 7 years - through taking up leadership positions in ANDSSNCC and the LSCT Society - cannot compare to what I have gained over these 4 months.
Graduating from Ulysses Company is already an achievement in itself. Seeing other companies having it better than us has always made me question the rationale of why we do things the way we do things. And with the final days in Tekong fast approaching, I believe I have finally realised the reasons to our commanders' unforgiving and tumultuous trainings - the test of one's mental cognition to push beyond the boundaries of what we can even conceive. Possibilities are endless, it just comes down to our own focus and our own hunger to move towards our own personal goals.

It's about 2 more weeks to POP. And despite honestly hating some of the mannerisms of Ulysses Company, I have to say I gained more from it than I could ever imagine. I am now proud to say that I am a Ulysses warrior. #13moredaystoPOP #ulysses #3207 #0315

Coupla hard bastards ⚓️ #3207

Having fun at CBC in D.C.! Come see us at booth #3207! #craftbeer #brewlife #craftbrewersconference #welovebeer

Sunlight on dwarf palm 💚☀️🌿 Thanks so much for the hand delivered love girls Ps. That pot is 🙌@feelingsmooth 😘😘😘 #portmelbourne #3207 #feelingsmooth


What? Everyone likes a facial the benefits are incredible- Friday night prep for the weekend #friday #fridaynightprep #masques #skin #3207port


This was a beautiful look created for a Birthday Celebration! Make sure to book an appointment in for your next Special Occasion 🙌🏼 • #feelingsmooth #loveyourskin @janeiredale_australia #janeiredale

Японский бисер фирмы TOHO, смесь форм и размеров. Цена указана за 10 грамм. При оформлении заказа для удобства указаны артикулы!
1. #FLY-03 – 1180 тенге
2. #FLY-05 – 1180 тенге
3. #FLY-06 – 1260 тенге
4. #FLY-10 – 1145 тенге
5. #FLY-11 – 1370 тенге
6. #3201 – 1920 тенге
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26. #3229 – 890 тенге
#cactuskrg #cactuskrgmixToho #миксы #бусины #бисер #рукоделие #япония

this Friday and Saturday night Honey dee loukoumades will be at our pop up location, in Port Melbourne.
our enticing favourites will be there , honey walnuts and cinnamon, caramel with Murray River Salt, and nutella of course..... so pop down to Bay street Port Melbourne, and enjoy your night with so many food places to have dinner at, then come and say hello to the loukoumades truck
#loukoumades #greekdonuts #doughnuts #honeypuffs #greeksweets #desserts #baystreet #portmelbourne #melbourne #foodtruck #foodbus #foodtram #3207 #3207port #honey #caramel #saltedcaramel #nutella #nutelladoughnuts #nutelladonuts #murrayriversalt #baystreet

❌ Perfume! ❌ It’s something we spray without thinking about! BUT what we dont know is the ingredients contained cause us to become oh-so-sensitive to sunlight! 🌞 Meaning your skin is more likely to suffer from sunburn, leading to wrinkles, pigmentation & possibly even skin cancer! 😬 The best advice is spraying it onto your clothing or even your hair, to still smell beautiful without harming your skin! 🌺🌸🌼 Pigmentation is hard to treat as it forms deeper in your skin & becomes worse with more sun exposure once its there, prevention is the best way to avoid pigmentation & wearing an SPF everyday! #feelingsmooth #pigmentation #perfume

Trænger dine syver stole til nyt liv?? Så kom forbi værkstedet eller giv os et kald😃 lige nu kører vi en super kampagne på at få betrukket syverstole i læder👍👏 #syver #3107 #3207 #arnejacobsen #upholstery #møbelpolstring #møbelpolstrer #design #danskdesign #danskhåndværk #danishhandmade #handmade #læder #syverstole #fuldpolstret #sort #cognac #stel #nyt #billige #kvalitet

🙌🏼 Looking gorgeous in our Sunescape Maui Tan, did you know we have been voted in the top 10 for Best Spraytans in Melbourne? 🌞🌴 It’s not too late for an appointment tonight 😜 #feelingsmooth
#Repost @zana_pali (@get_repost)
Thank god for the long weekend!! Thank you to @luxbrowsandlashes for my amazing eyebrows 🙊 I love them! Thank you to @feelingsmooth for my spray tan. Going dancing tonight with the hubby! #datenight

Meanwhile at Corte. New opening hours in time for the warm weather. We are open Tuesday through to Sunday and we have Happy hour errday. #corteportmelbourne #corterestaurantportmelbourne #corterestaurant #melbourne #melbournespringtime #whatsonmelbourne #whatsonmelbourne2017 #3207 #nickcharles #thehornets

❌ Irritating and unsightly ingrown hairs can occur on any part of the body following hair removal, they begin when dead skin cells accumulate where hair remeoval has occured and form a papule while the skin heals 😩 Hair growing in the area then gets trapped under the papule and is prevented from exiting the skin properly creating an ingrown hair. If left untreated, ingrown hairs can result in pain, itching, tenderness and in some cases, infection and permanent scarring. Combat ingrown hairs with Bump Eraser! Scientifically proven 👌🏼 #feelingsmooth #waxing

Is your face race ready? 🏇🏇🏇Double the hydration in 1 dual treatment Hyaluronic infusion💧 + masque💦
Making your dream of healthy skin a reality 💦
#caulfield #Flemington #Dualtreatments #benefits #hyaluronicacid #races #raceface #glow #shine #happy #midweekbliss

I don't even have a dog but I can't wait for this! 🐶🐕🐩
Come long to the Port Melbourne Howl-o-ween Paw Parade on Sunday 29 October from 11am-3pm in Rouse Street. Dress in your Halloween best as there are lots of prizes to be won! Parade starts at midday 👻🎃
For more details and to register visit 3207port.com.au 👌👌 run by the amazing people at @3207port and proudly supporting the @lostdogshome .
This is why Port Melbourne is the best place in Melbourne!

That moment when lunch can't really get any better.
Perfect weather, fresh seafood, fantastic company and the best view in Port Melbourne.

embracing the new workplace location with a chicken, edamame, freekeh and kale salad and a hearty dose of vitamin D ☀️ #3207

💚💚This is one of our best sellers!! Everyone should have a Green Juice Balm! This 100% natural barrier repair balm will help soften, soothe and condition the skin anywhere and is safe to use on anyone from 4 weeks old 🙌🏼 This super concentrated skin fix is your emergency go to, leaving an all natural healthy moisture glow, without have to eat 8 cups of brocolli! This pure plant oil balm is pregnancy safe and nut free, and has a million purposes.. dry hands, cuticles, elbows - green juice! Dry feet, dry hair, dry lips? Green juice! 💚💚💚💚💚 #feelingsmooth #greenjuice

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