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Sunday walk with the Bessie. Over the fields & far away. @myoddballs great glasses πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ•Ά#SundayWalk #cornfields #30dayswild

The Pink Arrows? A squadron of elephant hawkmoths ready for take off
#30DaysWild #Sussex #TeamMoth

Day 18: Jump in wearing just your underwear if you have to. Stick your head under the water. Splash. Cheer. Savour everything. #30dayswild

Muy sanos 😊 #happy #babe #30dayswild @marisma_eat

#30dayswild is finished and I finally get a video worth sharing 😁
#leafcutterbee #wonderwheretheygettheleaves

Struggling for a #30DaysWild idea? Why not make your own elderflower cordial? There’s tonnes of recipes on the internet – just give it a whirl! Remember, never over-pick elderflower – leave plenty for wildlife Β© Lucy McRobert

#30DaysWild #flowers #elderflower #summer #beautiful

#30dayswild - Day 20
We attempted to make Sun photos, but think the paper we bought had already been exposed. Still, we had fun collecting leaves and flowers to use

last call for anyone who would like to come and feed the robins and have a walk around a lovely nature reserve this saturday. every single person is welcome. 10.00am, close to tamworth, you will need to have access to your own transport. message/comment if you'd like to come :)


A Thursday.

Painting fungi this morning. Still trying to get the hang of using time-lapse. #technicallychallenged but #alwayslearning 😊

Amazing waterfall in Italy. They actually turn it on and off at different times in the day as it's manmade. They release the water and it comes out gradually until it's a raging torrent falling 165m. Then the sun appeared! πŸ˜€β˜€οΈπŸŒˆ worth the 4 hour hike and steep trek up the hill.
Walked another 2 hours n now I can hardly move my legs!! Another 6 hour trek tomorrow!! That's after 6 yesterday too πŸ’ͺ😡 πŸ˜…

Happy birthday to my best globetrotting partner! Beautiful Marlie, hope you're having a wonderful day, so happy to be sharing life this side of the world with you, so many miles and so many moons from our days walking in Spain. Thank you for being my dearest friend, my confidant, my exploring partner, laughing partner, beer drinking partner! We could do with some nice pics together...but in place, here's you with the world ahead! I'll see you tonight!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Autumn in a pocket.


A beautiful and blurry day with a lil slice of home

Never sure how I feel about Vancouver. Not my city. Maybe cities in general.

Strange and wonderful to be sitting in the same cafe I sat in 5 months ago as this adventure started...it feels like yesterday.

Bye for now Victoria

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