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Start Date August 1st 2017. End Date August 31st 2017. I consumed massive Herbalife Products, I ate Clean all 30 days (no cheat meals) , I worked out daily & most days 2x a day (fitcamp & gym) 👌🏻💪🏻🤙🏻 I will continue this 30 Day New Results Train to get even leaner. .
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Blown away with my results using #Monat #30dayresults #healthyhair

Another Pro Athlete/Fitness Franchise Owner
Another killer 30 Day Results!!!!!! Everyone thinks we have it all figured out but just small changes to pH balance the body and tweak your nutritional habits can make the biggest changes in results.
As always Bobby doesn't know how to do anything half Ass..... he crushed his 30 day's both feet in and his results speak for themselves!!!!!
@powerpedalelite @casonbeatty @elevate_la @christyjakubczak

⭐️ I have always had to pencil in my brows and use lengthening mascara to have any kind of eyelashes. ⭐️ 30 days of Eye Wonder and what a difference 🔥🔥🔥 #healthybrowsandlashes #eyewonder #30dayresults #gorgeouseyes #ihavebrowsagain

Trust the process, kick the excuses, and stay consistent!!! #30daychallenge #30dayresults #JAWSFIT #WeDontQuit

I'm often asked from men can you use my Hair Skin and Nail supplements for beard growth! YESSSS. #30DayResults #BeardGang #BeardGrowth #Bearded

"😭😭😭😭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😭😭😭 omg! Literally about to cry studying for college finals and this just made my day!! Also i have had so many compliments on the success of the program. Im just so appreciative of you guys!❤️ thanks so much! More than anything to Maddi for her positive enthusiastic personality that helped motivate me! I cant wait to keep continuing the program and see the results!!! So happy to have done it with all of you!!!!"-Jordin 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So incredibly proud of Jordin! She did amazing during our challenge and she kicked butt!! Her attitude and enthusiasm was amazing to see! She's in love with her products and going to be even more in love when her prize arrives🙏🏽🤗. Congratulations girl!!! Can't wait to see your level ten results! 👏🏼💚 Looking for results? Contact me now to get started on a simple plan that WILL work for ANYONE who wants it enough to be committed. If you are that person who is ready for a #SeriousChange Text me right now to start your program! 📲775-741-5013
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Im over the moon for this momma!! Baby boy brought some tiger stripes and she wanted to help them heal and look at these 30 day results!!!! I can't wait to see how her 90 challenge pictures look!!! Get yours today!! 40% off all products!! Message me for details!! #holywow #stretchmarks #healingandfading #90daychallenge #30dayresults 💚💚 green4laura.com


It's a beautiful start to my 30th day on this paleo, shin-dig. I feel great and I'm excited to share with you my results. It's crazy to think how far I have come in just 30 days! Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss my 30 day results! Link is in my bio, yo! #sunrise #30dayresults #becomingfit #fitnessjourney #wintheday #morningworkout #whathaveyoudonetoday #paleo

Blown away with my results using #Monat #30dayresults #healthyhair

Just finished our 30 day challenge and about to start another one tomorrow!!! See what happens when you put the time and effort into something, no matter what distractions get in your way!!! It seems like whenever things try to hold me back, I still managed to use that as motivation and keep striving for greatness!!! Let's get it!!! #Herbalife
Very proud of my results!!! If you are looking to have some amazing results, weather it's losing weight gaining muscle or having more energy in your life contact DM me, (406)546-0357 or https://www.GoHerbalife.com/camasmcclure/en-US

Not my normal “transformation” Tuesday type of post, but I’ve been reflecting a lot on where I’m at, where I’ve come from and where I want to go.
- - - -
The girl in the top left was me, ten years ago. Single, college student, trying to figure out what’s an athlete to do when you stop playing sports. New freedom let to a totally unbalanced need for control. I struggled with perfectionism from what I ate, how much I worked out, what my room looked like, my homework assignments and my image. It was exhausting and I felt so empty.
- - - -
Fast forward 10 years and while almost nothing in my life looks like I thought it would, boy is it FULL.
- - - -
I’ve found that the more we try to control and obsess, the less there is to enjoy. The more we come undone, the more beautifully we can be rebuilt. The more open we are to change, the better the view in the journey.
- - - -
I’m so thankful to be able to look back and see all the hardship and trials and know that none of it is wasted and it’s all led me to where I am today. To a life that seeks to serve others and come alongside them in their own journey. To a family that calls me wife, Mama, friend. To a community that pushes me to grow and dream and fail forward.
- - - -
a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance

Literally tastes like hot chocolate!!
This flavor comes in the LIMITTED EDITION 3 COMBO PACK along with pumpkin spice and banana caramel!



Hi friends!
I've been dreaming and planning on how I can create a space for women to engage with each other on important topics, and receive the benefits of what happens when we join together collectively, to process, listen, and grow.
This is a space where I hope to provide helpful resources and live discussion from professionals on topics like (but not limited to): faith, marriage, motherhood, parenting, divorce, postpartum, work-home balance, hormones, life seasons, depression, anxiety, wellness, nutrition, counseling, co-parenting, family dynamics, learning to dream again, dating, overcoming fear and doubt, and anything else we find of value within the group.
Together I hope we can create a space where you'd feel SEEN, HEARD, LOVED, and VALUED. Together I hope we can create a space where you would be poured into so that you can then return the favor and pour into the lives of those you encounter in your day to day.
In order to SEE change, we need to RECEIVE change and then BE the change. This is a place where I hope to process WITH YOU, and create space FOR YOU. Just as you we are, together.
Please comment below with your email or feel free to tag any women you feel would be blessed by this community of women! This offering is on FB and you’ll be added there 😍❤️

When you see yourself and realize you won’t lose your gains just because you’ve been sick a few days 😂👌🏻🍑 Rest•Relax•Recover

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