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Head in the clouds Got no weight on my shoulders I should be wiser And realise that I've got #2yearsofproblem 💜

#2YearsOfProblem The biggest single from #ArianaGrande featuring #IggyAzalea

hi babes🍿
omg . How can it be 2 years already, I remember Ari doing the vintage problem countdown, it was the best thing ever, I remember just the era starting, we being like 'yaaaas queeen' and exactly 2 years ago, the most iconic song of 2014 was released, my bby has grown so much, that song will always be on my heart, and time flys so fast.... I remember when we were freaking out '1 year of problem' and now it's freaking 2..... I love the DW era more tho cause Ari seems happier, and more confident with herself and her music💞 @arianagrande I love u so much and I can't believe it's #2yearsofproblem
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#arianagrande #arianafacts #gainpost

Thanks for everything mom I thank'll always love you and never stop yourself to hear @ArianaGrande #2yearsofproblem #2YearsArianator #ArianaGrande

Đi ăn steak không bg phải tự làm cả 😪😪😪 #a #2yearsofproblem

THis was my favorite year and favorite song ever.I can't believe that this is #2yearsofproblem 💫🌌📺


Đi ăn steak không bg phải tự làm cả 😪😪😪 #a #2yearsofproblem

Sunset. Pain. #2yearsofproblem 🤐

throwback to when Iggy joined Ariana on stage during her performance the Billboard Music Awards #2YearsOfProblem

Now that I can finally upload full video of my #2YearsOfProblem edit! @arianagrande

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