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You stay attached to the wrong person when you wait for them to change. They won’t change for you, they can only change for themselves.
You stay attached to the wrong person when you think there is no one out there better for you. When you don’t believe that you will be able to find someone you can love just as much who will be able to  give you what you need without breaking your heart.

You stay attached to the wrong person when you limit yourself to one place. The world is huge, but often, we limit ourselves to the city we live in or our circle of friends and that’s how we end up exaggerating our feelings towards someone because they’re the best we could find in this city or this group, but there are a lot of people elsewhere who would be so much better for you. So don’t settle for someone because of their geographical proximity.

You stay attached to the wrong person when you try to convince yourself that they’re right for you. You hold on to threads of hope that you two belong together, that you both need each other, that you are the perfect match. These assumptions are not backed by actions or logical reasons. They’re all fantasies or maybe your heart tricking you into believing they’re the one because you desperately want to prove yourself right and prove that all this is not just a figment of your imagination.

You stay attached to the wrong person when you keep following their updates and their news, when you keep looking at their pictures and seeing how much fun they’re having without you. Block them if you must, do anything that stops you from staying addicted to them when they’re no longer part of your life.

You stay attached to the wrong person when you lie to yourself about what you want. When you tell yourself that you don’t want more, that you’re okay with making all the moves, that you’re okay with minimal effort and shallow conversations. When you lie to yourself that you don’t want dates and butterflies and nights full of romance. When you settle for hours when you want forever.

You stay attached to the wrong person when they change everything you knew about love and you still accept it.

Words: @ranianaim
Photo: @jesseherzog

“Contemporary” - Thank you @sophielinberard ; New Orleans, Louisiana 🇺🇸 -based photographer for this
shot of @rapcabaret via #pursuitofportraits
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you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

when I finally got sober, i felt 10 years older but fuck it, it was something to do 💛 @wwallice at my studio

So I did a thing and went pink. 🤷🏼‍♀️💕 Thank you @jayhooverhair for making my hair everything I wanted 😍

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"We are on a journey not to be perfect, but to be whole."


Ekspresi pusing milih takjil tp buka masi jauh 😂
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Hoje vai uma foto minha mesmo só pra agradecer a Deus por ter me dado mais um ano. Deus é top! 🎂🎈🎉

Find yourself when you travel alone 👣

so you're not shooting in auto? #royalbeephoto #thewifey

MY GUY JUST DROPPED HIS SONG AWESOME W/ @kehlani bro ily 🍓💎 #stxrytellers

I'm not perfect.
This place is a record of my confidences and anxieties.
Life and art.
Or whatever.🌺


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