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I am learning to walk away from the love that hurt me.
That deciding to end something prematurely instead of fighting to the absolute end doesn’t mean that I’m weak. That sometimes I have to think of myself first instead of loving blindly and waiting hopelessly for someone else to.
I am learning to accept the finality of goodbye and seeing the beauty in it.
For goodbyes are lessons that build me into the strong, resilient person I am today. They are the reasons why I believe that fresh beginnings come after the most gut-wrenching losses.
So, I am learning to walk away. To move on. I’ll remind myself that as wonderful as a person you are, you’re just not the right one for me. I’ll tell myself everyday that I’m doing the right thing because for my new life to begin, I have to let you go. I’ll keep on living and continue to focus on my healing and peace of mind.
I am learning to heal my own broken heart instead of waiting for someone else to save me.
In the pit of despair, in the darkest hour, and on the verge of falling apart, I am learning to hold onto the tiny spark of hope that lies within me to never give up. I am learning to trust in my strength — that I am strong enough to survive this. I am learning to accept that ultimately at the end of the day, I’m the only one who can pull myself together and heal the hurt inside.
I am learning to have faith in the higher power and that whatever I’m going through now, there is a reason for it. I’m trusting that I’m where I am meant to be. I am learning to be patient and accept that recovery isn’t linear and there are going to be difficult days, but that I am always growing within them.
I am learning how to accept the finality of goodbye, and how to see the beauty in it.
Because walking away is the best thing I can do for myself. And slowly day by day, I am starting to see why.

Words: @corsetsandlaces
Photo: @henryjimenz

shadow play 🖤 #moodyfilm .
✴ Photo by @jt.clarkk .
✴ In frame @madeleineromann .
✴ Selected by @heycnyn

“Better when we work together” - Thank you @simrahfarrukh ; LA 🇺🇸 - based photographer for this shot of @sruthijayadevan and @shivacid via #pursuitofportraits

Selected by: @sharmeen.c

Libres, desorbitados,
con el alma encendida ,
y el corazón en llamas.

Desbocados, sintiéndolo todo ,
como si todo acabara tras la puesta de sol,
como si no quedaran mañanas ni estrellas.

Volver a inventarlas,
quemando las ganas,
desgastarnos despacio,
decirnos adiós.

Como si fuera el último café de la tierra,
en un lunes como este.

Hoy me he levantado muy @hectorges escribiendo . El puto amo escribiendo de todo instagram. ☕️ Feliz lunes!

Any girl in the world could have easily known me better


The Cure - Trust

An Instagramer's dream location...

Fall went by too fast.

If you look really hard, you can see the pain in my eyes
It was really cold


“Vertigo” - Thank you @dropfocus; Glendale, California 🇺🇸- based photographer for this shot of @kellyybell via #pursuitofportraits
Selected by: @jaegentan

Finally got around to finishing the Greece Vlog. The link is in my bio. Super stoked I managed not to crash and get another concussion 👌

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