Sunrise reaches the backyard of our neighbor Gloria. Gloria and I regularly greet one another, exchange family news. Some of the news yesterday afternoon means prayer is needed. #2708arsenal

This morning for a moment the light of sunrise in our alley #2708arsenal #backyard

This morning’s fast moving thunderstorm over #2708arsenal backyard. The backup group for my sermon final prep. Gail’s butterfly garden survived winter well.

@saramariejohnson should be encouraged by the increasing green on our butchered trees #bradfordpear #2708arsenal #backyard

Gail has been anxious this winter about the plants of our butterfly garden. Was it too cold? Was it too dry? This cold evening of spring beginning signs of returning green life. #2708arsenal backyard #spring #stlouistemplecorps

This morning after my run I noticed this set of insulators on an abandoned pole in our alley. Immediate association: Alvin, my Dad’s cousin who collected these and other abandoned and discarded bits and pieces of obsolete technology. Copper wire. Scrap metal. He was a scrapper. All of it neatly sorted in coffee cans on work shed shelves. I remembered Alvin. #apokatastasispanton #2708arsenal #scrap

I am still a boy at heart exhilarated by the first snow #psalm103v5 #2708arsenal #itllmelt

Things shaping up for welcoming far flung family. #advent #2708arsenal

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