Thanks for helping us celebrate our 25th anniversary year! Check out some of our photo highlights over on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/newjerseyseeds). #25yearsofseeds #njseeds25

Thanks New Jersey Monthly for highlighting our 25th Anniversary Benefit and honorees Amy Ziebarth and Soleio Cuervo! #25yearsofseeds

The SEEDS team has a lot to be proud of as we wrap up the 2017 fiscal year! Here are some of our favorite accomplishments. 😊 #25yearsofseeds

SEEDS' alumni and friends celebrated the graduation of fellow alumni from college back in 2012. #tbt #25yearsofseeds

Last summer, we asked several of our alumni to share what SEEDS means to them. Thanks to Rodrigo Araujo (Scholars '11, Fryeburg Academy '15, Rutgers University), Christine Antoine (Scholars '12, St. Paul's School '16, Brown University), Jordan Andrews (YSP '10, Montclair Kimberley Academy '17, Amherst College) and Avionne Wallce (CPP '14, Boston College) for these letters to SEEDS. #dearseeds #25yearsofseeds

"Moving 2,000 miles away after college became more of an obstacle to physically being present, but this does not separate NJ SEEDS from my heart. New Jersey SEEDS is a second home." ~ Andres Olarte

Thanks, Andres (CPP '11, University of Hartford '15) for sharing your SEEDS story with us. We're so proud to count you as one of our outstanding alumni! #25yearsofseeds #25years25stories

Did you catch our summer edition of eSeedlings yesterday? Be sure to check it out for highlights from all of our summer programs and recaps of our Alumni Day of Giving and Graduation. Issue available by clicking the link in our bio! #seedssummer #25yearsofseeds

We love this throwback photo from nearly 20 years ago! #tbt #25yearsofseeds

Just under two weeks ago, we celebrated the graduation of our Scholars and Young Scholars in the Class of 2017. Here's a look back at our graduates from 1996! #25yearsofseeds #tbt #njseedsgraduates

SEEDS' Trustee and Former Board Chair Bobbie Frankfort has been involved with us for nearly 20 years, along with her husband, Lew. Learn more about why Bobbie got involved with NJ SEEDS and why she's excited to continue to support the organization today. And thanks, Bobbie and Lew, for all of your support! #25years25stories #25yearsofseeds

Great photo of several of our students from back in 2001*! #tbt #25yearsofseeds *Thanks Joy Smith (SEEDS '95) for the update! Joy (center) was an intern with the Class of '01 and is pictured here with them one Saturday.

Thank you to all those who supported yesterday's Alumni Day of Giving! With gifts made directly to the #theSEEDSImpact Campaign, through our website, and over the phone with our volunteers, our alumni were able to raise more than $7,500 to meet their match goal! Congratulations! #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds #25yearsofseeds

Our Alumni Day of Giving isn't over yet! You can make your gift to SEEDS by midnight tonight by clicking the link in our bio. Thanks to all those who have already donated today, and special thanks to all of the amazing volunteers who came into the office today to make calls, help with social media and show support! You're the best! #25yearsofseeds #theSEEDSImpact #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds

Josh Smith (SEEDS '14) is joining our social media team! Thanks, Josh! #25yearsofseeds #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds #theseedsimpact

Next up on social media: Yvonne Mickens (SEEDS '14) and Sarenna Enright (SEEDS '18). Sarenna had so much fun with our alumni, she's sticking around for more! #theSEEDSImpact #25for25 #25yearsofseeds #whyigivetoseeds

We've got our next two students taking over social media now! Yaa Obeng and Sarenna Enright are in the College Scholars Class of 2018 and are here supporting our alumni today! #theSEEDSImpact #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds #25yearsofseeds

Just a reminder to all of our alumni: once we hit $7,500, three alumni will match this amount! Help fellow alumni support one student through SEEDS. #25yearsofseeds #theSEEDSImpact #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds

Jenny Mistry (Scholars '99) has already donated to #theseedsimpact Campaign. Thanks, Jenny for your support! #25yearsofseeds #25for25 #whyigivetoseeds - JJ

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