When the light makes that bicep pump even better.. hardcore diet round 2 starting now, 225 here I come 🙌💪 #25morelbstogo #gym #gymmotivation #grind #weightloss #gympump #douchegympic

I'm finally tired of carrying around all the extra weight I gained when I was pregnant. Been eating a lot #healthier and #exercising for about a month now and already down 10lbs! #25morelbstogo #justwanttobeprepregnancyweightagain #icandoit #itmaykillmethough #outofshape

Edit- a hot woman just told me I did a full on #ChrisPratt . That made me feel gooooood!!!!!!!! Don't have too many #oldphotos of me when I was #fat and #unhappy ; this was at #thanksgiving two years ago. I can remember how #horrible I felt and how much I #hated myself. That photo may well be the heaviest I ever was in a picture.
The second photo is #today . I have actually gained maybe 5-10 lbs from the last month of being a #ladiesman (haha okay I am not some #pimp or #player but #dating was something I didnt think would happen for a long time) and, well, when you eat out a lot (not like that ya pervs), you tend to put a pound or two back on. But there is also #musclemass there, just a bit.
Anyway, that #whitetshirt I'm wearing? Its a #sizesmall and I did not wear an overshirt out in public... Fyi, #fatties tend to wear a 2nd shirt to hide fatness. I did for 20 plus years. And even though I am not at my #finalform , it's a really crazy #nsv to do something as bold as that.
#weightloss #myjourney #keepmovingforward #dontgiveup #whydowefall #inspire and #beinspired #transformation #25morelbstogo

When 5 Cyclebar and Orangetheory classes gives you confidence like Beyoncé but your shirt can’t handle all this jelly...#happyhumpday #punintended #backtoreality #25morelbstogo #excusetogoshopping #needashirtasap #endorphins #confidence #myissues

So glad I got home from the city early enough to get my work out in! #cardioday #60minsdone #nowtostretch #feelrelaxed #25morelbstogo #accountability

My comparison for September ❤ trying to pull my tummy in has been the biggest problem I've had after gaining 100 lbs with each pregnancy and never fully bouncing back. As I drop more weight my stretch marks have really came through and my skin at the bottom of my belly has started to sag 😭. My lonjas are finally starting to disappear and I'm super relieved about that.. now to work my hardest to get a six pack by the new year 🤘and rock thee fuck outta these tiger stripes 😉.. #gymprogress #dedication #workinghardeveryday #goals #25morelbstogo #getthatshitdone #momsthatlift

I took my life back, i made a decision to live a more healthier lifestyle not that I am looking to be skinny I am looking to get healthy & make better choices for me. I was always tired bones hurting & border line diabetic, when I heard those words I had to do something different. It's not easy but so worth it, it's one day at a time for me, I feel amazing I am getting my young girl figure back, and almost 50 years young in less than 3 months. Watch out WORLD I am coming through with a bang....#25MoreLbsToGo #LetsGoDW #Lifestyle

I'm tooo happy to not meet my goal! #HappyLife #25MoreLbsToGo
After seeing pictures of me before my daughter, I'm convinced that i want that weight back! Ready, set, here I go!!!

The face of almost puking 'cause I worked out so hard this morning @marinpoweryoga !! @gracelingyu kicked our butts in a hot gym today. Climbed Mt Tam Sunday, Yoga Monday, Stop, Drop and Dance Tuesday! Let's get this done! #gonnadrop10beforesummersends #todayiwill #onestepatatime #25morelbstogo #firsttimedoingafullsideplank

I was starting to scare people again in my bathing suit. 🤗🤗 So back on track it is.

Mapping out my #summerbucketlist2017 and hiking up Mt. Tam is at the top! Next week will be one year since we moved to Marin - so I think it is time! So blessed to have @jumpstartmd as my teammate + cheerleader in my #bestlifeever makeover. What else should I add to the list and who is coming with me!? @familydillon I hear they have a pancake breakfast a the top on Father's Day!! #marinlife #44isthenew22 #JumpstartMD #icanandiwill #25morelbstogo

Today, 3 years ago, I was rounding into my second day of labor and I was about to have my third baby at 42 years old. Little did I know I would end up being a tri-athlete and weight 75lbs less before my little man turned three. Cooper James has brought a fresh new outlook to my life but I HAVE MADE this choice day in and day out, every bite and oz of water, everytime I say 'no thanks' to someone's offer for something that is not on my food plan for that day. And all of my efforts are paying off. YOU can do it too! Grab your water bottle and drink up. Put on your tennis and just get out there and WALK. Try to make just one change today. YOU are worth it! (On my way to @marinpoweryoga and drinking my @arbonne fizzy stick!) #25morelbstogo #JumpstartMD #finallyweighlessthanitsaysonmydriverslisence #mybabyis3 #bestlifeever #icanandiwill

Started off the day right with an amazing hike with @susanericabarton at Deer Park. Up and back by 9:30am!! #marinlife #deerpark #saturdaymorningfreshair #25morelbstogo

For years I have HATED exercise (and maybe had a strong dislike for those who liked it) but somewhere in the last few months my switch has been flipped. Maybe because I'm feeling better both physically and mentally - maybe because I've found classes that I enjoy, maybe because I've just decided NOT TO HATE it anymore - really not sure, but now I'm better when I get a chance to feel the burn! I know, I've drank the KoolAid! And sorry to those I've mocked!! Last week my fav classes were cancelled with teachers on Spring Break, and it was crazy and very clear to me that I was missing not getting to do my 'gentle yoga' (@minamama3 it's like Bruce with hip music) and I can't wait for 'Stop, Drop and Dance' tomorrow! Thanks @marinpoweryoga for having a chubby elephant logo - the word 'power' initially scared me, but I bought into the "come as you are" slogan and here I am! If I CAN, so can you!! #justsayyouCANandyouwill #25morelbstogo #canyoubelieveit #swimbikerun

One of the biggest challenges for me in doing the triathlon was being OK with exposing myself in all its glory! A wet suit leaves very little to the imagination. So here I am...nothing to hide. Even tough I've lost more than 70lbs, my body/skin in a challenge physically and mentally. Every day I work to become more comfortable in my own skin - no matter the shape, size or weight!! Follow @stacey_noexcuses for a glimpse at my daily journey and hopefully some inspiration - that IF I CAN DO IT - so can you!! #hitsnapavalley #hitstriseries #25morelbstogo #jumpstartmd #beingactive #swimbikerun

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