Let's talk about a very touchy subject for me. 12(6) category firearms. PROHIBITED CLASS.
These are firearms considered "too dangerous" for any legitimate Canadian Firearm owners to possess, if they didn't own one prior to 1995. The arguments made by the lawmakers at the time were that these firearms were the preferred weapons of criminals; small, cheaply made, inaccurate, unreliable, prone to detonation and have no value "monetary or historical". Nothing could be further from the truth, and the fact that Lugers, Colts and many other vintage firearms carried by fantastic figures in history happen to fall into this category make it even more shameful that they are destroyed upon the owners passing. They cannot be sold except to other collectors of the same category, and represent one of the greatest mistakes the Canadian Firearm community continues to let go unchallenged. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy and appreciate these fine pieces of firearm history. Challenging and fun to shoot, these firearms fit even the smallest of ladies hands and recoil impulse is completely manageable. If you see a Canadian Gun Vault member at your local range, don't be afraid to ask to try one. They are nothing short of totally awesome. Write your member of parliament about revisions to the firearms act Canadians!!! 👍👍👍👍LETS TAKE BACK SOME GROUND and stop the senseless destruction of history. #coolpistol #firearmphotography #gunporn 126class guns #mouseguns #gunartphotography #rangeday #prohibitedclassweapons #25acppistols #32acppistols #coltpistols #vestpocketpistols #1906vestpocket #smallfirearms #weaponsreloaded #customguncase #sexyguncase #customriflecase#canadiangunlawshavetochange

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